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Vujà Dé Digital – Offering innovative digital strategies, plans, and solutions that tangibly create meaningful business impact


As you look for new ways to market your business, you may hear people tell you about the importance of digital marketing. Whether you are an application development firm or an application service provider, digital marketing is one of the fields that can benefit you immensely in promotion of your business. In comparison to conventional marketing channels, digital marketing or online marketing comes with a vast range of benefits. Digital marketing has the potential to provide a considerable return on your small investments. This type of marketing campaigns on social networking platforms cost you a little but gives you huge rewards in the form of ROI in comparison to traditional advertising methods.

Vujà Dé Digital is one such firm that has invested heavily into understanding the digital analytics and media ecosystem, aligning with best-in-class partners to execute and ultimately collecting and utilizing data that show a real and true business impact and return. Its results are proven, and methodology is clearly galvanized. Today Vujà Dé Digtal represents their newest vision in digital consulting and innovative business growth initiatives for an intimate and exclusive list of supported partners. The firm uses extensively on all client agreements going out for signature and negotiating all contracts with outside vendors to ensure the agency and its client’s best interest are always a top priority.

The most advanced and reliable digital marketing solutions offered by Vujà Dé Digital

Programmatic Advertising: It involves the use of software, it does not equate to the complete automation of the ad buying process. With programmatic advertising, intelligent humans have more time for strategy development, targeting, and optimization of ads that are executed through ad placement software. An array of Programmatic advertising options exists across a wide range of digital channels; including display, mobile, video, connected TV, and social. While programmatic advertising software has allowed more sophisticated targeting and ad placement options, the complexity of programmatic advertising has become more sophisticated over time.

Vujà Dé Digital Programmatic Advertising Services have been built to harness the true potential and value of programmatic media buying. While many media buying agencies take advantage of the efficiency of automation, the firm takes advantage of the power of data and scale. This means that they leverage the access that programmatic offers to find just the right audiences, deliver ads in just the right environments, and measure the impact that has on meaningful business results. The foundation is laid and comes to life in the onboarding process. This is where it uncovers the various segmentations; it can apply to a campaign setup and ongoing campaign optimizations. Because the company’s focus is on performance to hit business objectives, this allows them to identify and scale the best performing components within any campaign.

Display Advertising: Vujà Dé Digital’s Programmatic Display Advertising offers the ability to deliver ads to highly targeted audiences across a variety of ad formats. It can leverage Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, and even Connected TV and In-App inventory. The firm provides a comprehensive and platform agnostic programmatic managed service and uses a sophisticated approach of layering in audience data with inventory, while structuring campaigns in granular subsets that yield more data that can be used to refine and optimized for the highest returns. The company’s approach to Programmatic Display Advertising is a much more hands on, heavy lifting approach, but allows the firm to take full advantage of programmatic technology to drive better performance.

Programmatic Connected TV Advertising: It is the use of software to buy digital advertising for video content and programming for Connected TV devices. Connected TV (CTV); refers to any TV that can be connected to the internet and access content beyond what is available from a cable provider. CTV includes ads bought programmatically and shown on computer/mobile streaming or over-the-top (OTT) devices. The Vujà Dé Digital Programmatic Television Advertising team are hands on and constantly evaluating and adjusting the inventory, the bids, and the audiences being served. Automation is the enemy of Programmatic Television or CTV Advertising. Programmatic Television or CTV Advertising needs attention and expertise to truly yield the best results. Vujà Dé Digital also believes that Programmatic Television or CTV Advertising should be held to strict measurement and attribution standards in line with any other digital channel. It likes to focus on “view through” engagement as a touchpoint in the user journey.

The pre-eminent leader

Todd Juneau is the Co-founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Vujà Dé Digtal. Digital has been a part of his professional career since its early inception. Mr. Todd ventured into various agency and client-side roles and eventually embarked on his first agency start-up with his now partner and co-founder Kelly Maguire. Today Vujà Dé Digtal represents their newest vision in digital consulting and innovative business growth initiatives for an intimate and exclusive list of supported partners.

“We secure media that works and focus on the highest quality, most targeted, and strongest impact media.”