30 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2021

Wandera – Providing a zero trust cloud security solution to protect the new way of working


Businesses today operate much differently than they did just a few short years ago. Employees, devices, even applications are no longer locked away inside of the corporate perimeter. They’re on the web and on the go. Providing security for a new breed of anytime, anywhere workers and cloud-based applications requires a novel approach. Organizations are increasingly turning away from solutions that secure the perimeter and then trust everything inside and are instead moving to a zero trust security model to protect sensitive resources and data.

Wandera is one such firm that provides a zero trust cloud security solution to protect the modern workplace. It enables zero-trust access to all your applications, secure your data and devices against cyber threats and help you apply policies to filter internet access and reduce risk exposure. The company believes in making security simple. This is why it has created a unified offering, managed through a single console and supported by the broadest range of ecosystem integrations.

Wandera is recognized as a leader by analyst firms including Gartner and IDC. Today, the company works with thousands of customers that are serviced through fast and scalable global network. It also has received multiple industry awards, including three consecutive ‘Mobile Security Solution of the Year’ awards by Computing Security and ‘Best Mobile Security Solution’ by SC Magazine. Wandera is headquartered in San Francisco and London.

Next-Generation Enterprise Security Services and Solutions Offered

Wandera Private Access: It is a Zero Trust Network Access solution, delivered in the cloud, deployed in minutes. Flexibility for your teams to work anytime, anywhere, on all platforms, on any managed or BYOD device. Restrict access from unsecured or infected devices. Increase visibility into application access in real-time and identify shadow IT. Its identity-centric security model ensures that only authorized users can connect to business applications. Policy enforcement is consistent across data centers, clouds, and SaaS applications. The application-based microtunnels connect users only to the applications they are specifically authorized to access. Microtunnels are used to enforce least privilege access and prevent lateral network movement. Risk-aware access policies enhance security by preventing access from users and devices that may be compromised.

Application Access: Wandera Private Access uses a cloud-based software-defined perimeter (SDP) architecture that creates secure, isolated connections to applications hosted on-premise or in the cloud. SDP allows policies and permission to be created and enforced in real-time. Application assignment can be tailored at the user-level. Tunnels are only established to specific applications based on that individual’s permissions. Integration with directory services allows for rapid deployment and management of policies. Data is protected from the application edge to endpoint preventing third-parties from deciphering corporate information.

Wandera Hotspot Protect: It provides in-network content filtering for all devices — both business and personal that connects to your mobile hotspots. Users can block cyberattack, control and limit data usage, and increase user productivity by filtering out unwanted content. Multiple devices can connect to a single hotspot, giving businesses one connection to manage instead of many. Wandera provides protection against threats on the network, like phishing and malicious downloads. Mobile hotspots allow workers, partners and customers to connect to the internet easily from anywhere. It prevents high bandwidth activities such as social media and streaming.

Wandera Security Suite: Cloud-hosted secure remote access – enable simple, secure, and fast Zero Trust Network Access to any type of corporate resource. Eliminate the broad discoverability and reachability of data and apps. One can prevent non-business data use from impacting productivity, causing bill shock and increasing legal risk. Control how, when, and where your data is used. Enforce acceptable use, eliminate shadow IT, and optimize data utilization in the cloud. It protects against all cyber threats, from device vulnerabilities to phishing to malicious or risky apps, with multi-level cloud and endpoint security.

The Formidable Leader

Eldar Tuvey, co-founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Wandera. He is responsible for driving the company’s strategic direction and growth. Prior to co-founding Wandera, Mr. Tuvey co-founded and served as CEO of ScanSafe. He started his career at Goldman Sachs and completed his MBA at INSEAD.

“We believe in making security simple. This is why we created a unified offering, managed through a single console and supported by the broadest range of ecosystem integrations.”