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“We are an engineering integration firm, providing innovative solutions in the field of power and automation”: Automatix


“We link customer requirements and automation technologies with facilities enable the company to provide technically challenging solutions.”

Automatix’s team is always ready to support the customer with the best of breed technologies, tailored to its customer needs and requirements. With its diversified experience, its shareholders and team members are focused on their mission to EXCEL in serving their customers.

The company is headquartered in Beirut-Lebanon, and its operations cover the MENA region including Iraq, the GCC mainly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the African continent specially Egypt, Republic of Congo, Guinea.

The company holds partnerships with the leading players:

- Qatr Al Wadq Contracting  and Trading - Iraq: This partnership with QAW- a leader in electromechanical contracting in the Iraqi market was officially launched on May 2013, through a press conference at Hilton  Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel. The positive feedback and results of this cooperation started rapidly.

- MAZCO (Mohammad Al Zoabi Est) - KSA: MAZCO is a leading Saudi firm in the construction and HR business. This partnership facilitates the expansion of both firms in the Saudi market, and resulted several pre-qualifications with the major Saudi and worldwide scale firms.

- QC Energy - Qatar: Qatari Canadian Energy is a leading Firm in Qatar providing energy solutions from generation to UPS systems.

More in bulk about the infrastructure of the company

The enterprise integrates networked and redundant high-end control system to monitor and control critical Infrastructures. From field level to control station, trusted communication, high availability, reliable information, fast interaction and user-friendliness are guaranteed in every situation. Profitability, efficiency and security are thus always harmoniously balanced.

Critical infrastructures, such as electricity generation plants, transportation systems, airports and tunnels are large distributed complexes. Plant operators must continuously monitor and control many different sections of the plant to ensure its proper operation. This remote command and control has been made feasible due to the development of command and control networks and systems designed to support such processes.

Building Automation

In a world of increasing demand on energy and diminishing energy resources, in a world of need for high productivity, precision and comfort and an equal need for low production costs, in a world where energy conservation and efficiency is no more a luxury, but a policy forced by worldwide organizations and governments, architectural ingenuity and construction excellence prove to be wanting if not combined with smart policies to maximize your building efficiency and protect your equipment from early aging due to extensive use. In such a world, any building can be viewed as one big machine - a machine that needs to be automated efficiently and maintained wisely.

Venture under Siemens

The company offers all of these assets through providing you with a cutting-edge technology based on SIEMENS platform. SIEMENS is a global leader in building automation solutions which sets high standards for maximizing building efficiency from top to bottom. SIEMENS BMS platform covers a wide range of supervisory systems, automation stations and field devices which suit your different applications, whether being simple or highly complicated. This platform provides a comprehensive range of equipment designed for a large number of applications in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and access control. Thanks to this wide range of components, AutomatiX systems are highly flexible and adaptable to tackle other multi-level solutions and to work with 3rd-party protocols including but not limited to KNX.

AutomatiX tailor-made solutions like heat recovery systems, demand ventilation systems, remote monitoring of your premises, and user-friendly supervisory and operating systems aim at providing you with what you need - the way you need it, and therefore to cut down unneeded expenses without compromising your comfort. AutomatiX building management system is the definite choice for an efficient, comfortable, sustainable and green building. Make the right decision!

Recent endeavors

Beirut City Center VOX Cinemas, Majid Al Foutaim

Supply of the Electrical Distribution System including the MDBs, DBs and MCCs to the BCC VOX Cinemas Chain in Lebanon. The system complies to the IEC 61439 and based on SIEMENS and Rittal.

Hilton Grand Habtoor, BMS Renovation

Renovation of Hilton - Al Habtoor Grand and Le Mall BMS system through the migration to the latest platform from SIEMENS BMS targeting the accomplishment of green solution with the required ecency to meet the LEED requirements.

UN Headquarters Expansion, Beirut Central District

Electrical Distribution Cabinets & Surge Pro-tection System for the UN headquarters expansion in Beirut District Center through its two phases in coordination with G4S in Lebanon.

UNIFIL Naquora, Main Data Center

As approved supplier in Telecommunication and BMS for the United Nations, AutomatiX provided implementation of the main data center of the UNIFIL facilities including the redundant chillers, climate control and monitoring. Turnkey solution with Rittal RiMATRIX.

Al Abbas Holy Shrine, Building Management System

Complete Building Managent System for the historical monument, Al Abbas Holy Shrine in Karbala, Iraq. Based on SIEMENS platform, a full automation and control system for over than 3,000 control IOs.

“Let us join our efforts to build the technology of tomorrow and deliver the best place to live for the generation to come.”

Elias A. Bachaalany, CEO, AutomatiX Group

“We enable customers to achieve their business objectives by providing innovative environment-friendly solutions.”