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With Barracuda Your Journey Is Secured


More than 200,000 global customers trust Barracuda to safeguard their employees, data, and applications from a wide range of threats. Barracuda provides easy, comprehensive and affordable solutions for email protection, application and cloud security, network security and data protection. The company is continually innovating to deliver tomorrow’s security technology, today.

Barracuda works with more than 5,000 channel partners worldwide. The Barracuda Partner Program encompasses a number of rich program offerings, benefits and services to help its partners enhance their businesses with a powerful, easy-to-use product portfolio. The company is always looking to grow with channel partners committed to providing customers with world-class products, service and support. “Barracuda is the most approachable company, hands down. From the CEO to the support team, everyone cares,” said Derek del Barrio, Solid Border.

Application Threat Intelligence

Real-time attacks need real-time responses. Barracuda’s Active Threat Intelligence collects threat data from a large, worldwide network of sensors and customer traffic. The data is processed using Machine Learning in near real-time and pushed out to connected units immediately, allowing for rapid detection of new threats and attackers.

The Barracuda Active Threat Intelligence contains multiple components. Barracuda Vulnerability Manager and Remediation Service provide scanning and remediation capabilities. Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection is a cloud-sandbox that scans and identifies Advanced Persistent Threats in file uploads. Barracuda Active Threat Intelligence also holds the cloud Machine Learning layer for Advanced Bot Protection and the Auto Configuration Engine. Auto Configuration Engine is a service that reviews all the application traffic from connected units and provides application-specific configuration recommendations, reducing time and effort associated with admin overhead.

Beyond this, hackers are creating sophisticated bots that can mimic human app users to carry out devastating attacks. The challenge is not only to distinguish between legitimate and malicious bots, but also to sort real human users from the most advanced bots. Barracuda Advanced Bot Protection uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in the cloud to continually improve its ability to spot and block bad bots and human-mimicking “low and slow” bots — while allowing legitimate human and bot traffic to proceed with minimal impact.

Protect Against DDoS

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks continue to be a serious threat to businesses of all kinds. By making apps unusable or inaccessible for legitimate users, they can effectively shut down business operations for a prolonged period of time, which can be immensely costly.

Barracuda application security solutions include powerful, full-spectrum DDoS protection. Covering Layer-3 to Layer-7 traffic, and blocking both volumetric and application-based DDoS attacks, this capability ensures that the business-critical applications remain available, accessible, and effective, without the interruptions that DDoS attacks seek to create.

Control Who Can See What

In addition to defending against a variety of cyber threats, it is also critical to ensure that only authorized personnel can access application backends and data. Barracuda application security keeps data from falling into the wrong hands by integrating with AD, LDAP, and RADIUS, giving granular control over which users and groups can access what data. Barracuda WAF solutions can secure all the services that rely on AD FS. SAML support provides a seamless single-sign-on (SSO) experience across on-prem and cloud applications. Two-factor authentication further enhances security and integrates with popular services such as RSA SecureID, SMS PASSCODE, Duo, and others.

Email Protection Guaranteed

91% of cyber-attacks start with an email. Email attacks are complex, but getting protected is simple with Barracuda. The company’s comprehensive approach to email protection gives the best possible protection from virtually all email threat types.

Barracuda Total Email Protection is a complete solution. It is easy to deploy and use, eliminating the hassles and risks associated with implementing standalone and disparate email security solutions. It includes an award-winning 24/7 support — no chat bots or long phone queues. Total email protection requires multiple layers of defense. Most email protection solutions consist only of an email gateway that can filter some types of emails from reaching the mail server. Unfortunately, gateway-only solutions can’t stop threats from internal email accounts that may have been compromised. Barracuda combines gateway defense with inbox protection and user security awareness.

Barracuda has been recognized as a leading email security provider for the past 17 years. Over 200,000 organizations trust Barracuda for cyber-security.

The Leader Upfront

BJ Jenkins, President and CEO

BJ joined Barracuda Networks in November 2012 and has presided over many landmark moments in its history. His leadership was integral to the company’s IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, as well as the strategic acquisitions of SignNow, Intronis, Sonian and PhishLine. Under the ownership of private equity investment firm Thoma Bravo, LLC, his vision continues to inspire the business in its ambition to be a trusted and continuous partner in organizations journey to defend against cyberattacks.

BJ graduated from the University of Illinois in engineering and went on to earn his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

“The comprehensive approach to email protection gives the best possible protection from virtually all email threat types.”

“Barracuda provides easy, comprehensive and affordable solutions for email protection, application and cloud security, network security and data protection.”