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YOOBIC – Empowering organizations through digitally optimized communication, training, and process management


Digital communication involves an organization's online communication efforts. Today, most organizations use a wide range of online channels from their website to mobile chat to blogs—to connect with current and prospective customers, employees, and other stakeholders. They need digital marketing professionals who have a keen understanding of leveraging this convergence of technology and messaging to their advantage. Digital communications professionals are responsible for everything, from creating online brand assets to building an engaged social media audience. Digital communication provides a seamless experience to customers and stakeholders by eliminating the need for time-consuming face-to-face interactions. Automation makes it easier for customers to reach out to organizations at a convenient and non-disruptive time. Digital communication also helps build an enhanced relationship with stakeholders at various levels, leading to real-time communication more effectively.

YOOBIC is one such firm that enables companies with a deskless workforce to empower their employees through digitally optimized communication, training, and process management. The company's solution is enforced in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, warehousing, construction, and more to empower their employees through digitally optimized communication, training, and process management. The YOOBIC platform gives the desk-less workforce all the tools they need to be happy and productive, in the palm of their hands.

Astonishing solutions and services furnished by YOOBIC

Task Management: Streamline all your processes, gain full visibility into task execution, and empower your deskless workforce to be more productive with YOOBIC. Give your deskless workforce everything they need to be more efficient, in the palm of their hands. Stop juggling paper forms, excel sheets, and emails. Use one intuitive app to manage your visit and audit checklists, assign action plans, and automate pass/fail scores to save time and keep all your sites performing. YOOBIC digitizes tasks for frontline teams, everything from checklists and audits to standard operating procedures. You gain a real-time overview of operational execution so you can quickly analyze compliance and take action faster. Make it easy for your deskless workforce to execute tasks accurately and on time. From standard operating procedures to promotional and merchandising execution, YOOBIC enables you to gain visibility and ensure task completion across your site.

With a unified platform for task management, you are better able to analyze data and take action. With the possibility to connect with other systems, the YOOBIC real-time analytic dashboards give you a clear overview of what's happening in the field, while enabling you to measure performance and identify trends. Easily receive and resolve requests from your frontline teams (maintenance, equipment, damages, etc.) through a virtual helpdesk to focus on what matters. Analyze the root cause of all requests to eradicate costs and put in place long term fixes.

Mobile Learning: Today's workforce is expecting training to be modern and engaging. Boost your deskless employees' skills by providing them with a mobile training platform they'll love using. YOOBIC's SCORM compatible solution enables you to import, create, and distribute microlearning content efficiently. Motivate employees with rewards and easily analyze the results of your training programs. Give your employees the power to develop their skills whenever they want with a collaborative, gamified mobile learning platform. YOOBIC's easy-to-use learning management platform helps design, import, and distribute SCORM training content in minutes and automatically translate courses with the multi-language tool if needed. It also assigns courses to employees and alerts them through push notifications when new content is available. YOOBIC is made to motivate your employees to learn more. Create incentivized challenges to foster healthy competition and reward top performers.

Employee Communication: Increase employee retention and motivation by connecting them all. With YOOBIC, you can easily reach your workforce, facilitate collaboration, and listen to everyone's feedback through a unified employee communication platform built for today's modern workforce. Stop using disparate communication channels to connect with your workforce. Reach your employees immediately through one-to-one messaging. Create group chats or video calls to facilitate more productive conversation and collaboration

Fabrice, Co-founder, and Chief Executive Officer

"We set out to create an all-in-one platform that provides companies with a way to bridge the gap through digitally optimized communication, training, and process management."