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You Are Few Clicks Away From Having a Fully Automated, Cutting-Edge Business Phone System That Offers Exceptional Features: VirtualPBX


Founded in 1997, VirtualPBX were the first hosted PBX provider and through persistent innovation, they continue to be the best.”

 Headquartered in San Jose, California as a communications service provider pioneer VirtualPBX phone services give small and medium growing businesses a professional, fully automated call answering and routing solution that can be up and running in a matter of minutes. The Company thrives internally and externally on the mentality of support. Internally, it works to preserve an environment of trust, care, and encouragement; recognizing and motivating the individual and team efforts that push the needle forward. Externally, their primary focus is always on customers.

VirtualPBX helps customers forget the hassles and costs of buying and maintaining their own company PBX hardware. With business VoIP, employees, whether in one location or far-flung, can focus on serving customers. The Company provides the advanced features and responsiveness that give organizations a competitive edge. Understanding the demands of ever-changing business needs VirtualPBX works daily to create and maintain effective, reliable, and personalized telephony solutions to keep its wide range of customers on the cutting edge of connectivity at an affordable cost.

VirtualPBX product offerings

The following are few of the products offered by VirtualPBX-

VoIP Plans and Prices –

VirtualPBX has a rare combination of technology that can accommodate everything from multi-national enterprise call centers with Office Plans all the way to the single entrepreneur who is ready to bring the next big idea to the world with Dash Plans and Dash Unlimited Plans. VirtualPBX is a one-stop unified communications solution for modern small and medium businesses.

PBX Parachute – PBX Parachute is a remote backup business telephone system that automatically provides instant failover protection in the event of an emergency or other outage. Acting as a hot standby PBX, it can mirror primary phone system and take over if the on-site PBX fails. With a remote backup failover system, customers will never be out of business when disaster strikes.

VirtualPBX Softphone App – Smartphones turn into a fully-featured VoIP PBX softphone with the VirtualPBX Softphone App enabling customers to make and receive calls over their data connection, through VirtualPBX system. Outbound calls will use business Caller ID and not the personal number. All of the great features of VirtualPBX business telephone systems are included with every call – including call recording, centralized voicemail, direct extension dialing, and much more.

VoIP Phones & Devices – Certified VoIP phones are available for purchase through VirtualPBX – pre-configured and ready to use. They can be mixed and matched with conference room phones to optimize system, and customers can use landlines or VoIP cell phones instead of or in addition to any VoIP phone.

Great Benefits at low Cost
VirtualPBX fits businesses, whether moving the entire phone system to the VirtualPBX Office or connecting the growing team on the go with VirtualPBX Dash, choosing VirtualPBX will shower benefits such as seamless scalability, irrespective of the number of employees, robust feature set, beyond local telephone services, no hardware to maintain or upgrade, 99.999% reliability and transparent status published online. Moving to a cloud phone PBX system lowers business communication costs by as much a 40%-80% over traditional phone costs. With VirtualPBX Office and Dash Plans, those saving increase through the use of VoIP, distributing work force easily with a range of flexible billing options.

More Flexibility, Your Way
The VirtualPBX team has built in options and controls for every feature they offer. Customers can use default settings or tweak the system to meet their individual needs. The Company also offers different levels of control, from simple users, to departmental managers, to systems administrators so that the right people can control the right things.

Customers Tell Their Stories
“The service is excellent; it has helped us grow to our business by allowing us to communicate more effectively with each other internally and with our clients while we are travelling” – Dale Yeager, Seraph Security consulting and training

“VirtualPBX has allowed by company to easily expand into remote locations and start offering telecommuting offerings to my

employees. Customers continue to call the same number and the employees and departments they are looking for are easily reachable” – Steven Pivnick, Binary Tree

Know the Key Executive
Paul Hammond, CEO and President – As the chief business visionary at VirtualPBX, Paul has helped take the company from a cool side-project to a market leader. With over 30 years of strategic, operational, sales and marketing management experience, Paul has successfully guided companies such as

Silicon Vision, Specialix, Siemens/Pyramid and most notably BEA Systems. As the Vice President of Business Development and Alliances for their ECI Division, Paul helped BEA achieve $1 billion in annual revenue faster than any other software company.

He currently sits on the Board of Directors for VirtualPBX and in addition to being a Board advisor to Yardarm Technologies. He has previously held a board seat at CASA, a non-profit child advocacy group in Northern California, as well as a role on the Advisors Board for West Valley Business School and Cast Iron Systems, an integration appliance company funded by Sequoia Capital and Norwest Ventures. Paul holds an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Corporate Decision Making from Kingston University of London, England.

“We at VirtualPBX believe you never get a second chance to make a good first impression when it comes to serving your customers.”