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A Healthcare Software Company designed specifically for Aesthetic Medical Practices: patientNOW

“PatientNOW can increase practice efficiency and productivity alongside patient retention and referrals – resulting in increased practice revenue.” American Society of Plastic Surgeons January/February 2015 Plastic Surgery News

Founded in 2004, patientNOW is a patient engagement, EMR and practice management healthcare software platform designed by plastic surgeons specifically for aesthetic medical practices. patientNOW is an automated software platform that can help your practice go paperless, increase the professionalism of your practice through increased efficiencies, provide automated follow-up processes that will capture more prospective patients, decrease no-shows and increase surgical procedures and client referrals resulting in increased revenue.

The patientNOW Advantage
patientNOW is designed to get clients in front of their patients and develop a relationship that leads to patient loyalty and retention. The company’s software systems will free clients and their staff from manual, paper-based tasking and save them time. Their practice will become paperless, be more efficient, provide a more professional and personal patient experience. There will be no more hassles with paper charts. Customers will instead have the convenience of an electronic medical record where it is easy to find notes, pertinent information, charts, photos, etc. with an easy tap on a tablet. The Company helps in managing the patient experience from inquiry through their procedure of interest. Access to comprehensive reporting will let clients know where their business is at and enable them to identify what procedures, treatments and products drive their practice revenue.

patientNOW Product Portfolio
The patientNOW software package is a platform that combines all the needs of a plastic surgery practice from a complete certified electronic medical record (EMR), to practicemanagement and a dynamic patient engagement system all automated so as to free up staff and doctors from manual tasking and increase profitability through these efficiencies. The software at patientNOW is unlike any other that has been used before. It has been designed specifically with aesthetic medical practices in mind and was developed with the help of a certified plastic surgeon to make sure that the Company covered all needs of practices. Since its initial development, the software has been enhanced through input by hundreds of aesthetic surgeons with new functionality that benefits the physician, the staff and most importantly the patient. As an example the Company developed a two way texting service that captures text communications to and from patients into their medical record creating an auditable trail. The texting service includes processes that help the practice manage medical liability and HIPAA compliance as well. patientNOW puts the client’s needs at the forefront of their software development and functionality.

PAR™: The patientNOW Difference PAR™, or Patient Acquisition and Retention, is the patient experience engine at the heart of its software platform solution. This fully integrated solution (PAR™) grows per patient revenue and overall practice revenue. PAR™ tracks every patient from the first phone call, through consultation to procedures, and then clinical follow up after the procedure. This is crucial for the success of an aesthetic based medical practice. When used correctly, practices can realize a 20-30% increase in annual revenue.

Nearly 40 percent of initial inquiries to a plastic surgery practice will not book an appointment. PAR™ does all the work for you, and can be configured for additional follow-up based on preferences that you can set for each patient. PAR™ automatically manages the patient life cycle and creates a better experience for them from inquiry to advocacy. When a prospective patient calls into a practice about a procedure of interest, PAR™ automatically responds immediately with a branded and customized email that can provide detail on the procedure, credential the physician and practice. Additional follow up emails with more information can be provided to the prospective patient until they schedule a consultation. After a consult, the PAR™ system will continue to provide customized emails that provide information to the prospect that compliments, educates and excites the patient about their procedure. The system can provide automated clinical follow up after a procedure that can include setting up surgical follow up appointment emails that the patient can respond to and confirm through their email or text as well as annual surgical follow up appointment.

Increasing patient “touches” can complement your practice and increase you patient retention. Simple birthday emails personalize the patient experience. Botox appointment reminder emails are appreciated by patients who want to keep their appointments every 90 days and don’t have to worry that they will forget when they know their doctor won’t. Promotional email or texts for products or practice events are appreciated by patients interested in those products and they will “bring a friend” when incentivized through an awards program which patientNOW incorporates into the platform.

Staying in touch with patients has never been easier or more rewarding. From first contact you can decrease no-shows, increase consultations, increase conversions to procedures and increase patient retention. Through automated patient touches you will experience patient loyalty and most importantly increase your patient referrals which will drive more revenue.

patientNOW is recognized as one of the fastest growing aesthetic software solutions because of their ability to provide a cost effective, fully encompassing and dynamic solution that directly enhances the revenue stream to the practice. The patientNOW software System has garnered the endorsement by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as some of the industry’s top physicians and practices.

“Because of patientNOW my retention rate for Botox patients has climbed to 75%.” –Dr. Peter Capazzi, Stillwater Plastic Surgery

“For me, patientNOW has proven to be user-friendly and cost-effective. patientNOW’s price point was very attractive, compared to other systems that were 3 to 5 times as expensive. And by improving everything from medical documentation to patient marketing, retention, and safety, it’s really streamlined our practice.” – Gregory Alouf, MD, Alouf Aesthetics

Meet the CEO and Founder – Jerry Jacobson
Jerry Jacobson is an experienced business leader with 20 years devoted to the areas of software development and systems integration. Jerry developed patientNOW with the help of a plastic surgeon board-certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). They spent more than two years working together in the development of a design that is truly made to work for aesthetic medical practices. He is the founder of aiText – delivering intelligent document identification to county government clerks and recorders and Prosero Technologies, a leading document management system integration firm focused on county government and healthcare.

“Our automated workflow will complement your practice and help you provide an Exceptional Patient Experience.”