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10 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2017

A Leading International Provider of Enterprise-Class, Cloud-Enabled Hosting, Managed Applications and Services: Navisite

thesiliconreview-sumeet-sabharwal-group-vice-president-general-manager-navisite-17Navisite LLC, a part of Spectrum Enterprise, provides a full suite of reliable and scalable managed services, including Application, Cloud Desktop, Cloud Infrastructure and Hosting services for organizations looking to outsource IT infrastructures to help lower their capital and operational costs. Enterprise customers depend on Navisite for customized solutions, delivered through an international footprint of state-of-the-art data centers. 

Throughout Navisite’s decades-long history of hosted, managed, and cloud services, clients have benefitted from access to a powerful team of technology experts. Its assembly of Account Managers, Client Managers and Technical Client Managers enable Navisite to develop and to support complex solutions, uniquely tailored to target the specific needs of its clients. Navisite stands by, and stands out for, its ability to personalize services to accommodate distinct operations standards and technical requirements, and to work toward client goals for compliance and governance. 

What Makes Navisite Unique?

Navisite is committed to operational and service excellence. By partnering with you to understand your business objectives, Navisite can deliver customized IT solutions tailored to your current business requirements and in support of your future growth objectives.

Navisite invokes the ideal that each client deserves world-class service and support. Whether the organization is an independent self-service cloud client or leveraging a fully-managed solution set, Navisite works to ensure critical KPIs and business goals are addressed, seeking to deliver actionable results. While Navisite’s services represent some of the newest and most proven technology solutions for businesses, they are far from standardized, commoditized, boxed services. This enables Navisite clients to fit the services and solutions to their individual business and program needs, minimizing the potential for compromise and concession.

Navisite Surpasses the Competition by: 

  • Leading-edge, high-performance, enterprise-class NaviCloud®platform
  • State-of-the-art, world-class, SSAE 16 certified data center facilities
  • Unique access to Spectrum Enterprise’s network infrastructure
  • A diverse suite of elastic, scalable and feature-rich “as-a-service” offerings
  • Superior client service backed by powerful Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Distinct breadth and depth of managed services skills and experience
  • Highly customizable, tailored solutions to support complex environments
  • Flexible, dynamic, responsive and entrepreneurial culture

Navisite - The Cloud Master

The company provides managed applications, managed services and managed cloud solutions for companies worldwide. With Navisite, you can reduce capital and operational costs by outsourcing IT infrastructure to Navisite’s highly experienced team of IT specialists. 

Navisite’s Cloud Solutions Enable You To: 

  • Leverage the efficiencies of a scalable, virtualized infrastructure to reduce capital costs and avoid the cost of IT resource underutilization.
  • Increase time-to-value by getting rid of long procurement cycles and ensuring projects move quickly from staging to production.
  • Improve disaster recovery (DR) preparedness with cloud solutions that have DR integrated into all services.
  • Improve reliability and availability with cloud solutions that are backed by 24/7/365 client support and industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs). 

Outline of Navisite’s Cloud Solutions 

  • Managed cloud infrastructure services: Navisite offers several Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions, including a managed VMware cloud, which can help to maximize the benefits of a flexible, elastic cloud or hybrid environment, while also improving visibility, reliability, functionality and security.
  • Cloud desktop services: Navisite’s Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions enable organizations to simplify desktop administration and improve mobile management by providing enterprise-class virtual desktop experiences in the cloud that can be accessed from virtually any device and any location.
  • Application services: Navisite’s managed application services provide complete end-to-end functional and technical support of business-critical applications, helping to save time, money and manpower by handling resource-intensive IT processes including installation, management, updates, patches and enterprise roll-out.
  • Hosting services: Navisite hosting services for colocation and managed storage, servers, databases, security and more allow IT staff to focus on end-users and spend less time on routine tasks. 

In The Words of the Customers!!

“We have been very pleased with the move of our colocation services to Navisite. We have found them to be exceptionally customer focused, presenting us with a very economical solution.” - Alex Harrington Chief Executive Officer, SNAP Interactive 

“The way Navisite structures its pricing is great. It’s a pay-as-you-use model, instead of some other big providers [where] you pay whether or not you use the capacity available.” - Chris Hinch, Lead Network Engineer, Gregory Technologies 

“Since the implementation we have built a great relationship with Navisite. They are always quick to respond to our needs and really understand our business. As we have started to expand our business even further we look to Navisite to help us increase and scale our web service capacity and performance.” - David Wyatt, Social Media and Communications Manager, Virgin Wines

Meet the Staggering Figure 

Sumeet Sabharwal, Group Vice President and General Manager: Sabharwal is responsible for managing the overall performance of the Navisite business and directing its evolution. Prior to this, Sabharwal held the position of Group Vice President, Business Services Strategy where he was responsible for long-term strategy, planning, strategic partnerships, and corporate development activities aimed at sustaining Spectrum Enterprise’s aggressive growth in Business Services. 

Sabharwal came to Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum Enterprise) via the acquisition of Navisite in 2011 where he was Senior Vice President, SMB and Global Delivery. Sabharwal joined Navisite in 2004 and was responsible for leading various aspects of the business including SMB, indirect channels, and global operations. He holds a double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Cornell University. 

“Our state-of-the-art data centers, and unique access to Spectrum Enterprise’s network infrastructure, allow us to provide industry-leading service—even in the most complex of IT environments.”