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A One Stop Source for Your Business Solutions Needs: BNG Team

“Nestled away in Fargo, North Dakota, BNG Team is passionately devoted to developing new ideas that solve payments issues for their customers, with the end goal of helping them grow their businesses.”

BNG Team is a business solutions company that provides small and medium sized businesses, as well as enterprise-level clients, a comprehensive line of merchant service solutions to ultimately improve collections. These services include credit card processing, point-of-sale systems, premium website development and marketing services, and a payments software that serves the IT channel. BNG offers these solutions for all types of businesses such as retailers, bars and restaurants, service-based companies, wireless merchants, telecom providers, E-Commerce shops, manufacturers, and the IT industry.

The company started out in payments processing, offering small and medium sized businesses the ability to accept credit card and ACH payments, and then morphed into much more. In 2010 BNG acquired Outsourced Solutions, and formed BNG Technologies, which is a point-of-sale hardware and software company that helps bars and restaurants with point-of-sale systems. It then started BNG Design, which is a premium website and marketing firm. And lastly BNG developed an automated payments software-as-a-service called ConnectBooster, which helps service-based Information Technology (IT) companies automate their invoicing processes. These four brands are the foundation of who and what BNG currently represent.

BNG Team is positioned as an up and coming provider of business solutions in the SMB and Enterprise segment, presenting a compelling case as to why companies should use their solutions. BNG easily differentiates themselves because of their subject-matter-knowledge in specific vertical and markets, coupled with over a decade of building long term business relationships, in an industry that normally has high attrition rates and poor customer service.

“Our ultimate goal is to help businesses find the best solutions that fit their needs. At BNG Team, we’re driven by the objective of helping companies both large and small get paid quickly and efficiently, so they can scale and grow,” says Brady Nash, CEO.

BNG’s Business Solutions
BNG Team, through their four distinct brands, offers the SMB segment the ability to collect payments from either ACH or credit cards. The benefit is that these businesses save time and money through automation efficiencies which are provided by BNG’s innovative and premium solutions. They are as follows:

BNG Payment Gateway – this is an online processing gateway custom built for BNG customers. It has features and functionality that are years ahead of competing gateways. The BNG Payment Gateway can be used in almost any type of business scenario, complete with integrations into third party software applications and E-Commerce shopping carts. To learn more about BNG Payments Gateway, visit

Point-Of-Sale Solutions – offers a total point-of-sale (POS) restaurant software solution that can be easily tailored for use in any sort of food service establishment, from fine dining and table service restaurants to quick service, pizza delivery and take-out establishments, as well as bars and clubs. To learn more about BNG’s POS solutions, visit

ConnectBooster – is a software-as-a-service (Saas) that helps IT service companies increase and improve their collections through the automation of their collections processes. ConnectBooster completely eliminates the manual tasks normally associated with billing through integrations with multiple CRM and accounting platforms, such as ConnectWise, Autotask, Tigerpaw Software, QuickBooks and Great Plains accounting. To learn more about ConnectBooster visit

BNG Design – is a leading website design and marketing firm. BNG Design’s goal is to passionately serve and strengthen businesses through ingenuity and creativity, challenging the status quo of the web and digital marketing industry. BNG Design’s mission is to provide premium website and inbound marketing solutions to businesses, using the best tactics and strategy that get the best outcomes and return-on-investment. To learn more, visit

Clientele Target Area
BNG’s clientele focus is based on the solution. While the SMB segment is the primary target audience for most of the BNG solutions, enterprise level clients are becoming more the norm, especially with the payments processing services. BNG’s ideal clients and customers are those inside service-based industries, like IT providers, companies that manage online shopping carts/E-Commerce, restaurants and bars, manufacturers, etc. for its clientele.

Client Testimonials
“The billing strategy that ConnectBooster gives to your I.T. business, in their Saas solution, is hands down the best one. Not to mention the automation through integrations with PSA tools, like Autotask, help make your accounting-life simpler. And simpler is definitely something we can all use more of.” – Jay McBain, CEO, ChannelEyes

“With merchant services, there are a number of things we looked for. Customer services was important to us, as was the overall level of support from a provider. Prior to BNG, we worked with our local bank for service and support, and this didn’t meet our expectations. BNG was able to reduce our costs and provide us better customer service. BNG works hard to earn our business, each and every day.” – Mike Marcil, CEO, Energy Media Group

“The motto of BNG Design was laid back, yet direct in areas they needed to be. BNG Design was personable, easy to talk to, and know what they’re talking about. You want to work with someone who understands your needs; someone who understands our industry.” – Brenda Clifton, Director of Marketing, ByteSpeed

“Pizza is huge everywhere you go. It’s a popular food, and popular online search term, so it’s hard to stay up in the search rankings on the first or second page of Google, and that was huge for us to be able to improve that with BNG Design’s help.”
– Mary Brown, Marketing Director, Spicy Pie

“When I look at our competition, I think we are a step above them in our E-Commerce and website design. That’s important to me, that we have a great website, thanks to BNG Design.” – John Keller, Owner, Hercules Bulk and Tow Ropes

The Road Ahead
The future looks very bright for BNG Team, as they continue to grow. Not only are they adding new employees every quarter, but the revenue growth continues to climb as well. The ownership at BNG are going to be laser focused on the road ahead which is leading to both direct and indirect models of customer acquisition, through various partnerships and integrations with CRMs, ERPs, and other software partners.

“We take care of every merchant as if they were our largest. That is what sets us apart in this industry and ensures our continued success.”

Meet the Leadership Team

Brady Nash, CEO – Brady leads BNG’s overall company direction where he spends most of his time setting the company mission and vision, building new revenue streams, and bridging new partnerships. Brady’s time is focused on making sure that the departments of all the BNG brands are aligned, and working together to achieve the company’s goals. Brady began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18, and is dedicated to serving all of BNG’s customers and employee’s.

Ryan Goodman, President – Ryan spends his time overseeing and building ConnectBooster, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of BNG Team. Ryan’s role as president of ConnectBooster is to develop partnerships which drive revenue through integrations into platforms like ConnectWise, Autotask, QuickBooks, and Great Plains accounting. Prior to BNG, Ryan was a partner in a construction company, and aspired to become an architect. Ryan began his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 24.

Tyler Buechler, Vice President – Tyler directs the operations of the BNG Team office by implementing new processes and systems. Tyler works with the office staff and the sales team with the goal of improving operations and sales. Tyler helped start BNG with his partners, Brady and Ryan, in 2005 at the age of 24.