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A partner of choice in enabling innovative information technology solutions: Inventec Systems

silicon-review-vaibhav-shinde“We do more than just consulting. We Platform.”

Inventec is an Information Technology Platforming and Consulting organization focussing on business & technology solutions and services to enable small, mid and large organizations to enhance business performance, achieve faster time-to-market, increase productivity and improve customer service with their business and technology solutions. Traditional approaches bring predictability to a business or process but does not necessarily bring about differentiation or spawn innovation. There is a need for information technology partners and vendors to be able to weave innovation with traditional practices in order to drive business value to its customers. Inventec represents the need for innovations and inventions in conceptualizing, defining, managing and executing information technology solutions in today’s complex ecosystems with dynamically evolving business drivers, technology advances and user expectations.

Inventec has been founded as a result of a growing requirement for senior, experienced and successful professionals, who are solely focused on delivering quality programme outcomes for their partners and clients. It is a coming together of skilled professionals in various domains including technology, business as well as programme management, who are instrumental in the successful delivery of the business outcomes. Inventec believes and endeavours to have close partnerships with its clients, to anticipate and understand their needs and provide optimal solutions and services to meet their business challenges.

Reliable Technology Solutions

The team is committed to solve business challenges from strategy to execution. What sets them apart is that, in the process of achieving the objectives, they show clients how to get there. They work closely with the customers and partners at every step of the way to test conclusions and assess the feasibility of answers. At the same time, they build their skills so they can make lasting change in their organization’s performance.

Their work does not stop after the project. But they stay connected to the customers because they believe deeply in doing what’s best for them—not just today, but throughout the relationship with them. Inventec provides a range of services, to its customers and partners, grouped as:

Platforming services

Inventec introduces the Platforming approach which IT organizations can leverage to execute tangible business outcomes from all their strategic investments with a higher agility and better success rates. With the Platforming principle being “plan long and execute short”, businesses can achieve faster evaluation and adoption of their long term plans while continuing to achieve short term goals. Some of the highlights of Inventec’s Platforming Services are:

  • Synergy of Strategic investments with tactical projects to drive long term change
  • Productizing ‘existing assets’ and ‘project investments’ into a transformational outcome
  • Business Architecture, Strategy and Applications Management
  • IT Portfolio Analysis to identify non-performing assets and roadmap planning
  • Proof-of-Concept and Conceptualization of Enterprise solutions
  • Solution architecture and Technology Adoption and Uplift

Product Development

Product companies, sometimes, struggle with maintaining the balance between research, innovation and business-as-usual releases of products, thereby looking outwards to reliable and experienced partners that can help augment their capacity to help meet the market demands. Inventec offers offering provides extensive design and development services for products, including, product architecture and design, new product development, legacy product re-engineering, product testing and documentation. They provide Product Development Services to meet the growing need of Product companies to lookout for partners to support:

  • Design, Architecture and Development Services for Products
  • Outsourced Product Development services providing quicker turnaround and reduced development
  • Dedicated teams provide the required flexibility and control over product architecture
  • Reliable and Experienced quality testing services

Application Development

Outsourcing and offshoring of business and information technology processes is an important way to reduce cost and increase speed, flexibility and revenues.

Inventec helps its customers evaluate whether a process should be outsourced or offshored by examining a number of factors of their specific organization, such as whether a process can be executed remotely and what level of collaboration is needed to complete a process.

Also, they offer a global delivery model supporting distributed delivery so that effort is balanced between the client and delivery teams around the globe, resulting in delivering application development seamlessly and cost-effectively. They deliver quality development services for:

  • Bespoke application development including resource augmentation, offshoring, near-shoring of projects
  • Customization for off-the-shelf products in Banking, CRM, E-Commerce and ERP domains
  • Re-engineering and Migration services for existing assets

Meet the Master

Vaibhav Shinde, MD: Vaibhav manages Key Client Relationships and drives the Business Strategy, he has More than 15 years of experience in definition, planning and rollout of complex and enterprise solutions for the banking-finance and warehouse –distribution-retail domains. Vaibhav is experienced in executing complete life cycle of projects including business development, solution definition, product development, solution delivery and support. Throughout his carrier, he has significant contributions in conceptualization, architecture, development and implementation of solutions in leading organizations like Oracle Financial Services, Cap Gemini and CMC. Vaibhav holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Mumbai.

“At Inventec, we believe in driving transformational outcomes for our customer with the right use of business expertise and technology solutions.”