2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

A Pioneer in the Brand Value Management Industry: Adgistics

“With offices in London, UK and Chicago, USA, Adgistics is a marketing technology solution provider that views every aspect of an organization’s business system through the lens of the brand.”

We need to stay cognizant of the challenges facing marketers today as they conceive new ways to aggregate and curate content, whilst simultaneously managing campaigns and maintaining a strong brand value identity. However, we also need to be aware that we ‘operate’ in a rapidly changing digital landscape where marketers must re-think the roles their Brands play in the lives of their customers, and how they bring those roles to life across platforms and touch points. As such, Adgistics is constantly striving to demonstrate our desire and credentials to those marketers that we can help them deliver upon those challenges.

Adgistics was founded in 1999 to enable internet-based capabilities for the marketing and communications supply chain. Working initially in the storage and distribution of marketing assets and collateral, the company’s solutions platform, the Brand Centre®, has evolved inline with the changing demands of brand management and the challenges marketers face.

“At Adgistics, we want our technologies to be a facilitator in how brands intend to ‘interface’ with their users. We do this through continual innovation, understanding of our clients and market challenges; and by championing the notion of a branded and personalised user experience even for B2B applications,” says Joe Jarrett, CEO.

“We believe that a company’s brand extends beyond marketing communications. It is a management asset and business system that provides a common language across the multiple specialties in a business. It can be optimally managed through a Brand Centre to create growth, profit, sustainability and long-term value,” added Joe.

The Brand Centre Suite
The Brand Centre is a suite of networked technologies that enable companies to optimize and support some or all major marketing operations activities and processes. Whilst it has been developed on solid, proven marketing asset management and business process management, it also matches specific functionality to individual enterprise needs, and recognizes that these needs evolve. By doing this, Adgistics ensures optimum uptake, operational efficiency, improved productivity, organisation-wide transparency and contribution to building brand advocacy.

Client Base
Adgistics solutions are used by brands of all types and nature; from small to medium sized businesses, to large corporate enterprises. In the last 12 – 24 months, the company has seen a lot of traction from brands in the Financial / Banking, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors where the volatility in both their respective market conditions and public perception have caused these sectors in particular to consider the best methods to make brand coherent, effective and consistently expressed on a global stage, whilst taking into account they operate in heavily regulated industries. A number of Adgistics’ larger clients cannot be disclosed due to the nature of the Confidentiality Agreements between the companies. Given that restriction, in terms of solution feature set and functionality, Adgistics larger clients are Brown Forman, Voya, Ford Europe, and one of the world’s largest companies in each of the Finance, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors.

Here’s what clients have to say about Adgistics..
“Managing a complex, diverse and widespread brand is perplexing and difficult, which makes the Adgistics Brand Centre an ideal solution for our team. It enables us to ensure consistent application of the Rotary brand, to easily create, share and manage materials and campaigns and to save on production costs. Since its launch the Brand Centre has made an immense impact on the brand.” – Joseph Lorenzo, Public Relations Specialist, Rotary

“Our old system had no branding. It was important to feel the brand experience and when changing from one brand to another, that brand experience changes. So now for Jack Daniel’s, it’s in the JD colours, it has JD imagery but when you move to Southern Comfort, the colours change, the images change, it’s a fully branded experience.” – Shelly Schippert, Studio & Technology Manager, Brown-Forman

Given that the challenges faced by marketers today is ‘universal’ in nature and ever evolving, we cannot be tied down to or focus on any particular geography or territory. To that end, Adgistics is territory / geography agnostic because of its solutions’ cloud-based architecture and the company has deployed and currently still support solutions on both a national, multi-national or global scale.

Future Focus Areas
One of Adgistics’ great successes has been to make brand techniques that were once the exclusive territory of multi-billion dollar companies available and practicable, through a unique combination of technology and human services, to small and medium sized businesses around the world.“We see a role for ourselves ‘sitting in the middle’ of all of our client’s Martech solutions and publication channels, so as to provide a 360° view of all the aggregated marketing content and processes. And we achieve this through our ongoing pioneering work with some of the world’s largest and most well known brands. One of these is our focus around customer experience (CX) and how our clients are now recognising that CX can be a driver of both business differentiation and profitability,” says Joe.

Knowing the Mastermind

Joe Jarrett, CEO Joe joined Adgistics in April 2010, he has extensive experience in building start-ups or early stage technology companies in the brand management, advertising and marketing sectors before expanding the ‘footprint’ internationally. Under his leadership, Adgistics has grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of brand and marketing technology solutions.

“ We operate in the ‘world of Branding’ and how Brands utilise technology to help them serve their customers better continues to evolve at a rapid pace.”