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30 Entrepreneurs of the Year 2017

A Value Driven Software Services Company Tudip Technologies

thesiliconreview-dipti-agrawal-ceo-cofounder-tudip-technologies-2017We are agile. We are responsive. We solve problems. And we solve them really well.

Tudip began on 5th of April 2010, with a team of 4 people and today they are over 250 engineers, growing every year at the rate of 100%, both in terms of revenue and head-count. The company was founded by two National Institute of Technology Durgapur (NIT) engineers, and first generation entrepreneurs. The company has a glorious history of growing at a high pace despite the market fluctuations and recession.

Tudip provides software development services, primarily in web, mobile, IOT, DevOps and QA automation space. The company offers flexible, customized, personalized and cost-effective outsourcing solutions and ensures the utmost confidentiality of sensitive business data and on-time and on-budget delivery. The Tudip team desires to venture into newer technologies and unexplored domains. They have carved a niche as MVP Experts with over 250 successful products deliveries till date, helping their clients become successful in their domains.

Headquartered at Pune, India with additional office in Campbell, California, the company delivers excellence in terms of dedicated and business-centric web solutions incorporated with innovation and expertise as the tools to achieve business goals. Tudip’s high quality, cost effective, reliable and scalable services have helped it in building an enduring relationship with its clients and customers. With steady focus on all the new edge technologies like ReactJS, ReactNative, AngularJS, MVC 6, MEAN, PHP 7 etc. we are additionally pushing for more exciting work in IOT, Mobile, AR/VR space along with cloud enabled technologies.

Let’s pick the brains of the founders of Tudip, Dipti Agrawal and Tushar Apshankar

What are the challenges you faced in your early years?

Hiring better talent continues to be the biggest hurdle in the IT business. We have done our bit by pushing for more vibrant technical ecosystem in India with our flagship TechStar event but we still feel that we can contribute a lot more by attracting and harvesting better talent that is available across the India.

Can you brief us about your Market Landscape?

We have been growing rapidly in the IOT and Mobile space along with constant flow of web application development. We firmly believe that technological consolidation, with IOT, sensors and cloud infrastructure interfacing with mobiles, is going to be the future and integral part of the new edge application development going forward. As we have been closely involved in this new edge development efforts for last couple of years, we are better poised to make a strong impact, while other companies struggle to grasp this paradigm shift.

Discuss about your target clients. How has the overall client experience been?

US and Europe serves as home for most of our clients. However, we have a clientele base touching 6 continents of the world. Few renowned customers of Tudip are Google, Adobe, LinkedIn and NPMJS. Some well-known startups Tudip is helping are Livongo, Datos IO, and Innit etc.

We have been able to retain most of our clients for years now and as our existing clients have been referring us to newer clients so we think we are doing a decent work. We stood by our clients even when the chips were down, this helped us immensely in winning the trust and continued partnership with our clients.

Google remains our fairy tale success story till date. We started with only one developer with QwikLabs, which got acquired by Google in 2016 and as a result we started working with Google and experienced unprecedented growth through this engagement.

What sets Tudip apart from its competitors?

We are very adaptable. We believe every client is different and every client’s needs are different. We work in sync with clients’ vision and their working preference. Our relatively small size makes it easier for us to adapt to newer technologies. Apart from this, we have an incredibly young and hardworking workforce that is being mentored by developers who have tremendous coding experience and have iterated through entire agile product development life cycle multiple times. Any developer who worked with us for a couple of years, can give developer having double the experience, from any other company, a run for his money with his ability to comprehend complex problem, delineate clear implementation plan and then deliver a market ready product. This is also a testament to the thought provoking problems that we have been solving and the vibrant technical ecosystem that we have successfully developed at Tudip.

How do you formulate the future roadmap of the company?

We learn from our past experiences. Technologies that seem hot today can be seen being pushed to oblivion in absolutely no time. For example, surge in ReactNative based mobile application development made us rethink our entire hiring strategy along with what type of people we want to work with, going forward. Probably the biggest take away is, you need people, who can shuffle across the technologies, a lot more now, than ever in the past.

Kudos to the Founding Duo

Dipti Agrawal, CEO and Co-founder: a first time entrepreneur with innate sense of business, great desire and proven track record of providing value to clients with her out of the box thinking.

Tushar Apshankar, CTO and Co-founder: again a first time entrepreneur, who remains a coder at heart and firmly believes that India has a lot more to offer by delivering cutting edge technological solutions to game changing ideas, instead of being just a back office staff for the giants of the world.

“Tudip can help you in making your small idea big, a big product bigger, and for those who are already in place we can manage you quite well, try asking Google.”