10 Fastest Growing ERP Companies 2016

Accusol Technologies Pvt Ltd: one of the leading providers of configurable ERP software solutions to clientele globally

silicon-review-mohan-motianiEstablished in 2007, Accusol is one of the rapidly growing CRM and ERP development companies in India. Over the time Accusol has developed generic ERP, CRM, POS and custom business software solutions, which have helped organizations overcome their business challenges, to post spectacular results.

Their extensive experience in CRM and ERP development has made Accusol a market leader that successfully fulfills different business software development needs of its domestic and international clients, who come from different industry verticals like Manufacturing, Retail, Processing, Cement, Chemical, Hospitality and Tourism, Education, Mining and Construction, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, etc.

Accusol has head office and development center in Ahmedabad, which are well supported by office in Delhi. The company also has international office located in USA that handles all its international operations.

The ERP Specialist
Accusol is one of the leading providers of configurable ERP software solutions that help organizations to align their workflow processes and root out existing redundancies in the system. The company offers various generic ERP solutions to its clients who come from different industry verticals.

Their ERP software solutions have helped many of their clients overcome their business challenges in cost-effective manner. They deliver configurable solutions that a perfect fit in client business and offer comprehensive ERP services right from customization to integration with robust post-sales back-up, to become your one-stop ERP solution provider. Following are their solutions:

AccuERP- Web based ERP software solution for large organizations that seek seamless integration and management of diverse organizational functions on a single platform with objective to reduce total cost of ownership to give their businesses competitive edge

eLiteERP- Windows based ERP solution for SMEs, who want to switch from manual to automated management of their organization in cost-effective manner


  • Provide greater visibility and transparency across enterprise to enable your business stakeholders take right decisions at right time
  • Create central management hub within organization for efficient administration of all organizational work flow processes
  • Replace diverse systems within organization with well lubricated and uniform work flow mechanism
    Standardize global operations and achieve quality benchmarks
  • Out-of-Box solutions that get client business up and running at lower operating costs
  • Add value to client organization by infusing industry-specific capabilities
  • Improve forecasting and reduce or eliminate losses to increase profitability

Knowing the Thought Leader
Mohan Motiani, CEO: At Accusol, Mohan is responsible for carrying major business operations. Prior to his role at Accusol, he has worked in companies such as Infosys, Deloitte Consulting. Mohan is an alumnus of Sardar Patel University

Territory of Clientele
Accusol provides world class ERP and CRM solutions to its clients. It has zealously served different SMEs with its configurable and customized business software solutions in the past and continues to do so in the present. Their solutions have helped clients increase their core business competency and achieve rapid return on their investment. Some of the sectors to whom they have served solution includes: Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Mining, Textiles, Shipping, Retail, Trading Houses, Real Estate, Steel, Hospitality, FMCG, Food Processing.

Client Testimonials
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Accusol Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for their contribution in stream lining our business functionalities. We have been using eLiteERP for past months and its output has been extremely satisfying. The team has been extremely supportive throughout the implementation. We wish them good luck for more such endeavors” – Director, Pfeda Synthetics Pvt. Ltd.

“I would personally recommend Accusol’s eLiteERP as the apt solution for Micro sized enterprise. With all the modules getting covered in one solution, the stream lining of different branches has been a cake walk. Accusol team has been very supportive and patient while understanding our requirements and I look forward to a long term association” – Director, ARC Autotech Pvt. Ltd.

At Accusol, they imbibe following core values in daily work place practices so that their business solutions meet or exceed their clients’ expectations:

  • Customer-Centric Approach – Commit themselves to serving clients with outstanding solutions/services in time-bound, confidential, cost-efficient manner
  • Complete Collaboration – They see their clients as an extension of organization and inculcate spirit of cooperation to work towards fulfillment of their goals.
  • Team Spirit – They consider their employees are their family members bound together by common objective to achieve excellence in their work sphere and help Accusol achieve its set goals.
  • Personal Growth – Employees are valuable asset of organization and at Accusol, they ensure that they grow on professional and personal levels, and contribute zealously to the betterment of the organization and its clients.
  • Excellence and Efficiency – They value their clients’ investment of their time and money with them and reciprocate it with their excellent output that enhances their core business efficiency.

Plans for the days ahead
Accusol is completely focused on delivering world class business software solutions to its clients. Constant innovation is their buzzword, they also embrace their latest technological platforms to build cutting-edge ERP, POS and CRM solutions, which help their clients realize their goals in cost-efficient manner. Their vision is to become leading and preferred provider in India of business software solutions for SMEs and this drives them ahead to absorb latest technological advancements in work practices. Their goal is to build and deliver mission critical IT solutions for SME segment, which empowers them to enhance their core business competency.

“We do not limit our expertise to implementation of above mentioned solutions but extend way beyond them to development and integration of out-of-box ERP applications to help your organization overcome operational, management and performance challenges in cost-effective manner.”