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10 Fastest Growing Startup Companies 2016

Airwoot: An intelligent customer experience platform using natural language processing

india thesiliconreview saurabh arora airwoot

“The world's most intelligent social customer support helpdesk. Ever.”

Airwoot is an intelligent customer experience platform which uses natural language processing and machine learning to automatically identify customers who need engagement and help brands reduce response time, uncover business insights behind conversations, know the customers like never before and increase customer satisfaction. Airwoot is used by many of the top consumer internet companies of India to manage social media customer experience. The 2012 founded company has the pleasure of helping businesses achieve:  6x faster response time,  2.5x rise in customer engagement,  90%+ accuracy in automatically detecting spam,  1 out of 5 social media crisis situations proactively averted, 26% increase in customer satisfaction,  Frictionless integration with any existing customer systems and CRM

The company helps brands to engage with their users on social media. They aggregate user activities from various channels. But they are smarter, as they separate noise from actionable user activities. So, as a brand you have your priorities set and straightaway you can focus on solving problems. Airwoot technology enables brands to deliver pro-active, real-time customer support and engagement through social media channels, Facebook and Twitter, at scale. 

At Airwoot, they are proud of how they have contributed to this movement.

  • Introduced a high-speed ticketing interface that uses Kanban to track issue progress. It’s not uncommon for major brands to have 10,000 users on an average interacting with them on twitter everyday. The high-speed interface helped them to consistently clock response times under 2 minutes and responding 98% of customers.
  • Built an agent performance dashboard from the ground up. It looks like focusing on individual performance and then stacking them up against top performers in the team brought out the best in them. Psychology matters.
  • Most importantly, they developed a state of art noise-cancellation technology that leverages deep learning to filter the noise from social media.
  • A tiny pie (4px radius) as a fully aware service level meter fondly named violation dot. 
  • A smart auto-routing that puts your ticket routing into autopilot. 
  • A virility score that alerts you before a conversation goes out of control. 

Automagic Helpdesk

Airwoot uses machine learning to automatically identify your customers who need your help in real-time.

Never miss a conversation

The challenge with social media is the sheer volume of conversations and the need to respond in real time. As a socially devoted brand you will want to ensure you are always listening in on all social chatter in real time and are able to identify actionable conversations that require your attention right away. Airwoot lets you achieve both.

Know your customers like never before

The thing about quick response time is that you need to know as much as there is to know about your customers so that you are equipped to help address their queries and grievances. Airwoot lets capture customer information provided during social conversations and also allows you to access to knowledge that captured explicitly and implicitly.

Know before it happens

Knowing in advance is a powerful advantage for anyone. For socially devoted brands, the advance knowledge of what is most likely about to happen provides valuable lead time to ensure that customer experience and brand value continue to remain high. Airwoot’s predictive algorithms do exactly that, and continue to learn ways to improve based on usage.

Collaborate with your team

Airwoot allows to achieve higher standards of customer care. These higher standards are not possible without amazing team work. Using Airwoot one can collaborate with your team seamlessly. Not only can you reach out to fellow social media team members in real time you can also reach out to extended team members within your organization for further support.

Realtime and structured insights

Set milestones and checkpoints to ensure that your social customer goals are on track. With Airwoot's social goals tracking you one can set service-levels for response and resolution times of your customers' issues.

Knowing the Leader

Saurabh Arora, Founder & CEO – “I believe that we are in the era of internet for customers and social media plays an important role in connecting billions across the globe. I realized that there exists a huge gap in technology that would allow brands to deeply engage with their customers on social media and that was the trigger to build Airwoot: a company that brings artificial intelligence together with customer intelligence to drive customer delight.”

“I see a world where the brands have the power to engage with their customers on social media to the “power of one” and getting to know them like never before.”-
He added

Customer satisfaction is their priority

“Leading Brands Trust Airwoot's Technology”

  • Airwoot helped Jabong identify influencers and increase influencer engagement by 3xwithin a short span of time.

  • Makemytrip achieved 2.5x increase in polarity conversion of sentiments thanks to effective responses enabled by Airwoot's customer-centric helpdesk.

  • Airwoot's preemptive crisis alerts helped Jet Airways avert 60% of potential viral crisis situations on social media.

  • Airwoot helped Zovi proactively engage with customers on their website using facebook integration and achieve a 10% increase in conversion rate.

  • Airwoot has helped Snapdeal achieve 6x faster average response time round the clock on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Paytm has been able to manage upto 10x spike in conversation volume with same team size and no compromise on response times.

 “We are reinventing the customer experience by transforming the way brands interact with their customers on social media.”