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An Opulent Shopping Environment That Is Luxuriously Special: Paris Gallery LLC


Over the years, Dubai has transformed itself in an incredible way becoming one of the most successful cities in the world. With a unique way of defining luxury and what it stands for, Dubai has created a name for itself.

Started out in 1996 to fulfill the dream to offer luxury products to a growing multicultural society in the comfort of a luxurious environment, Paris Gallery, the flagship brand of the Paris Gallery Group of Companies is one of the leading luxury retailers in the region.

Based in Dubai, Paris Gallery offers a premium collection of over 650 international brands across several product categories. It is a one-stop destination in the region for authentic perfumes, cosmetics and a diverse range of beauty needs with over 3 million sq. ft. of luxurious shopping space and 50 boutique stores in prime retail locations in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, and Azerbaijan. With its retail division consisting of Watch Gallery, fashion boutiques ETRO and Salvatore Ferragamo, its distribution channels are Al Fahim Enterprises, Gulf Beauty International, and Time Bridge.

A Name Synonymous With Luxury

Mutual interests bring people and organizations together and being a bricks-and-clicks business with decades of physical presence and face-to-face customer experience, Paris Gallery has succeeded through a different strategy that combines high levels of sales assistance by its dedicated and trained staff, specialized merchandise, and a shopping environment that is viewed by its consumers as luxuriously special.

With nearly two decades of expertise of keeping customers’ interests at its core, Paris Gallery’s opulent shopping environments, innovative retail concepts, service standards and its signature Arabic hospitality practices help the brand stand out as an unequivocal shopping and gifting destination in the Middle East. With the skyrocketing popularity over the years, Paris Gallery has become the first choice for prestigious and luxury brands looking for luxurious space to showcase their products.

“When brands partner with us, they gain a strong market share, build a loyal customer base, and grow their overall business.”

Success sans Challenges Is a Myth

The retail sector in Dubai is apparently facing several challenges which include the evolving customer, omnichannel integration, and training or recruiting staff. Currently, it’s no longer the brands that are in charge of new products and trends, rather it’s the customer who dictates what products enter the market. Consumers are becoming sophisticated and demanding a greater variety of products; both of high quality and that are delivered across many channels. Also, with online stores entering the industry, it’s getting challenging for retailers to retain loyal customers and gain new ones. To stay relevant, retailers are working day in and out to expand outside brick and mortar and be available through multiple selling channels.

No business has ever succeeded without struggling, and Paris Gallery is no exception; the company had to overcome hurdles too. But, in spite of several industrial challenges, the big challenge for Paris Gallery was to prevent family issues from meddling with the business. At such times, with emotions at play, quality of decision-making suffers, which leads to confusion, instability, opposition to structure and systems, and resistance to change. But, with proper governance with the implementation of right policies, Paris Gallery has always made sure that family and business stays at their own respective places without intruding which has made all the difference.

“The biggest challenge comes from within; it’s always from the people who were comfortable with the business practices of that time because they could do anything they wanted without being accountable.”

Customer Centricity at Its Best

Paris Gallery has the philosophy to go above and beyond in providing stellar customer service through well-trained personnel and a well-positioned network of stores. It develops solutions for its customers based on market research, segmentation and the data that the company has from its years of retailing experience.

For Paris Gallery, its core values are in its commitment to keep “Customers first”, its ability to “make it happen”, being consistently “progressive” and “partnering for success.” Collaborating with the best brands to retain the trust and the loyalty of its customers, for the clients, Paris Gallery is all about integrity, success, reputation, customer satisfaction and delight, quality products and services.

“We serve many customer segments, and we have a good understanding of the market, which helps us build creative marketing and selling strategies that help brands occupy a pole position in the market.”

Bright Future En Route

Looking into the future, Paris Gallery sees the business making many inroads into markets beyond the GCC -- through its franchise business model. The company is optimistic about the future and has already laid out plans, waiting just for the right conditions to launch in certain cities.

In the GCC, Paris Gallery hopes to double the number of luxury stores it has today to cater to the rising demand. The company also hope to be dominating every GCC market with its bricks and clicks business model.

Greet the Kingpin

Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al Fahim, CEO of Paris Gallery Group of Companies: Mohammed is a member of the Al Fahim family, the founders, and owners of Paris Gallery Group of Companies that now operates a network of retail stores and distribution channels throughout the UAE and GCC countries.

A graduate in business administration from Kentucky USA, Mohammed was appointed as CEO of the Group in 2006. Prior to Paris Gallery, he directed the Group’s operations in Saudi Arabia and played a key role in establishing its Saudi Arabian businesses spearheading various initiatives and campaigns resulting in record growth.

Mr. Mohammed’s areas of focus include shaping company culture, human capital management, product and service innovation, financial strategy, and business expansion. Under his guidance, the company maintains a strong focus on innovation, efficiency and superior service, and has a long-standing commitment to transparency.

“We strive to make our customers feel at home when visiting our stores. We want them to feel welcome and warm for just being at Paris Gallery and it has been experienced by generations of customers.”