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AnesthesiaOS focuses on the mobility of the patient care experience and not the mobility of a particular device

“With a flexible, open architecture, AnesthesiaOS™ seamlessly interfaces with the healthcare facilities enterprise EHR allowing for bi-directional transfer of critical patient information and globalization of data throughout the ecosystem.”

There are essentially 4 approaches for seeking out an Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS). The first type of user wants an AIMS that’s a part of the enterprise Electronic Health Record (EHR). The second type of user wants an AIMS that is essentially tethered to the anesthesia machines and patient monitors. The third type of user wants an AIMS that is included as a part on the operating room management system. The fourth type of user wants an AIMS solution that can be used as an enterprise wide deployable solution. Because providers used a decentralized approach in the past, there are various equipment and EHRs that are used in both hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. To truly provide that enterprise wide solution that advances the cause of eliminating data silos, an AIMS can’t necessarily be tethered to any particular anesthesia machine or monitor or any EHR. Developed by anesthesiologists, AnesthesiaOS is a cloud-based, modular EHR formulated for speed, intuitiveness and mobility. It is uniquely designed as the only multi-platform that enhances the provider’s workflow and transforms point-of-care clinical documentation through effortless data capture via iPad, Windows Surface Pro or any web-enabled device.

AnesthesiaOS is designed for those providers that are seeking a solution that provides a standard way of charting an anesthesia record, regardless of the equipment and/or EHR that is used. The company believes that the combination of a high quality user experience, mobility, business intelligence, machine learning and real-time predictive analytics equals the solution of the future. One of the primary differentiators between AnesthesiaOS and others is that the company has always focused on the mobility of the patient care experience and not the mobility of a particular device.

The multi-platform AIMsystem
AnesthesiaOS’ unique design improves the quality and accuracy of anesthesia records while still allowing providers to focus more on patient care and safety, quality assurance, compliance, risk management, and business intelligence.

Given its functionality, AnesthesiaOS can be utilized across platforms implemented by hospital systems, hospitals, surgery centers, pain management centers, dentist offices and doctor offices.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Won the Dell/Intel Healthcare Innovation Award in May 2014.
  • Selected as Solution of Choice for Allscripts TouchWorks facilities in October 2014.
  • Certified Dell Partner in December 2014.
  • Selected as AIMS Solution for Dell’s Community Hospital Program in January 2015.
  • Nominated for Microsoft Innovation of the Year in February 2015.
  • Announced Partnership with Dell and Microsoft to bring predictive analytics and machine learning to the operating room in February 2015.
  • Selected by CIOReview as one of the TOP 50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers for 2015

Territory of Clientele
AnesthesiaOS caters very strongly to those anesthesia groups and practice management companies that service multiple facilities. The company captures and provides both consolidated and longitudinal views for those groups. Hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, practice management and private anesthesia groups leverage AnesthesiaOS and its robust business intelligence to improve healthcare efficiency and effectiveness in such areas as provider productivity, quality of care delivery, revenue generation, cost containment and risk management.

Future Outlook
The future in the space in which AnesthesiaOS operates will center on predictive analytics and machine learning. The company’s focus is to provide that solution of tomorrow, today. The vision for AnesthesiaOS is to advance medicine by creating a smarter workflow — a workflow that allows for an enterprise-wide deployable solution. That solution would provide meaningful data, surgical risk assessment tools to standardize care, which are essential to improving the quality of care and improving outcomes.

Knowing the Mastermind

Christopher Ray, Founder and CTO
Christopher has over 12 years of clinical anesthesia experience. His dissatisfaction with the anesthesia information management systems (AIMS) offerings at the time was largely due to the fact that most AIMS on the market were created by computer programmers and coders, not anesthesiologists. The designers of those products unknowing forced providers to place process and documentation over patient care because they were not knowledgeable about the sensitive workflow of anesthesia providers. The programmers and coders albeit well intentioned, created complex platforms that did not consider the software ergonomics required in the practice of anesthesiology. Frustrated with the AIMS offerings, Dr. Ray had a brainchild that would become known as AnesthesiaOS. The process was not easy, as he spent four years designing, developing and perfecting a robust and comprehensive AIMS platform that is very simple to use, accurate in terms of properly documenting an anesthesia case, and security compliant. In short, AnesthesiaOS is based on Dr. Ray’s twelve plus years of clinical experience, his understanding of the needs of health care practitioners, and the some 30,000 anesthesia cases that he has handled, to create a one of a kind, and soon to be best in class AIMS that is years ahead of the competition.