10 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2017

Atlantic Metro Communications: Helping businesses become agile and secure with customized IT infrastructure

thesiliconreview-matthew-lombardi-ceo-atlantic-metro-communications-17While the adoption of new technologies has delivered many benefits to businesses around the world, it has created new problems for IT executives who struggle to staff, manage, and support them. While organizations grow, they face the additional challenge of providing more computing power, adding more bandwidth, and administering required security and upgrades. To address these issues, businesses have begun to turn to cloud-based solutions that allow them to

scale their IT infrastructure as they grow. Atlantic Metro Communications has gone one step further by integrating cloud hosting with its colocation services and nationwide network backbone. By combining  these services, Atlantic Metro can deliver  more secure, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers - all with the 24/7 support of its team of system and network engineers. 

Moreover, Atlantic Metro’s cloud solutions deliver a greater degree of security. Its two Network Operations Centers immediately notify customers of any incidents and work with them to resolve problems promptly. Additionally, Atlantic Metro ensures complete data protection by immediately transitioning hosted applications and services to any of its available servers via its quick and automatic failover mechanism. Security can be further supplemented using its comprehensive business continuity and cloud backup services.

Atlantic Metro was established to provide services to medium to large businesses needing an infrastructure partner with the ability to deliver tightly integrated Colocation/Data Center Hosting and Network Connectivity solutions. These solutions are customized to achieve key targets around latency, uptime, and overall performance. Its reduced time to market and standardization of services maximizes operating efficiency and reduces infrastructure costs. “We deliver the architecture, deployment, and support framework to make your cloud hosting a successful investment.” 

Making resources available in real-time on demand

Atlantic Metro delivers enterprise-grade private and hybrid cloud solutions with expert technical support through telephone, email, and online chat. It simplifies cloud hosting for its customers so they can experience the wide array of benefits from cloud hosting. The company provides a managed service platform more consistent than in-house IT infrastructure. As clients don’t have to invest in hardware, data center space, utilities, and resources, they can reduce IT infrastructure costs significantly. As an Infrastructure as a Service provider, Atlantic Metro provides its clients with the utmost flexibility without any fork-lift upgrades and unpredictable back-end costs. Its fully orchestrated technology platform supports dynamic provisioning for future business development. Its IaaS solution provides scalable infrastructure for the deployment of applications and storage of data. 

Outsourcing computing needs with colocation

Atlantic Metro offers a combination of hosted colocation and cloud services with connectivity across the nation, delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction. It allows businesses to rent space for servers and other computing hardware, in addition to its cloud services. With over 20 colocation facilities, it provides space, cooling, power, bandwidth, physical and network security, while its customers provide the servers and equipment. 

Atlantic Metro’s Internet Data Centers are built to a N+1 standard so there are no single points of failure that could impact the main infrastructure or its failover. The company’s colocation facilities feature Network Operations Centers, security and monitoring, sophisticated fire suppression systems, and redundant power sources ─ all backed up with industry leading SLA’s. 

Dedicated business network connectivity

Atlantic Metro offers a variety of metropolitan transport options, including Ethernet transport, private wavelengths and built-to-spec dark fiber deployments. Its diverse geographic Points-of-Presence provide seamless, direct, private and high-speed access to its network backbone, delivering reliable, secure connectivity to the client’s business. 

Knowing the CEO, Matthew Lombardi: 

As Chief Executive Officer, Matthew is responsible for Atlantic Metro’s day-to-day-operations, as well as leading the company’s growth and development of managed technology services. He is dedicated to helping Atlantic Metro’s customers succeed, overcome IT challenges, and enable their business growth with technology. Matthew is responsible for creating and expanding strategic partnerships and relationships, as well as overseeing the company’s technical and business strategy alongside founders Stephen Klenert and James Cornman. 

Matthew is an established business leader with over 25 years of industry experience. Prior to joining Atlantic Metro in 2011, Matthew spent 15 years as the Vice President of Information Technology at Toys“R”Us and was instrumental in the

development and implementation of the company’s e-commerce platform. He has held influential leadership roles as the President and COO at Planet Technology Solutions, President at Vytek Wireless Solutions, Chairman and CEO at Sentinel Business Systems, and Senior Vice President at DecisionPoint Systems. Matthew has had a successful career developing and leading profitable IT organizations; he now works with Atlantic Metro to achieve the same success. 

“Atlantic Metro is committed to helping customers minimize risk, lower costs, and reduce time to market. Our goal is to provide secure IT infrastructure solutions with the highest level of customer care.”