10 Fastest growing Google solution providers 2016

Atria Media Group – A Full Service Digital Marketing Specialist

“We don’t just focus on getting traffic to your website, but the kind that makes you money.”

Atria Media was founded by a small business expert who has seen firsthand the day to day struggles that businesses experience. The most common pain among small businesses is the problem of getting a constant stream of new customers. The company has figured out the best ways to find, attract and convert new business through online marketing channels. It is always looking at the market and adapting the ever changing landscape in order to grow internally, and pass that knowledge onto the clients.

“Our team is comprised of a non traditional distributed workforce. We keep our core team in our central offices near the silicone slopes of Utah, but utilize the best talent throughout the world in order to quickly deliver quality results while maintaining a consistent and pleasant experience for our clients.”

“We pride ourselves on delivering on what we promise and have nurtured a culture where each team takes the success of their clients personally. When our clients succeed we share in the positive experience and know that each of us contributed and celebrate these moments.”

“The primary reason for our fast growth is because we provide results that can be tracked to our client’s bottom line. Our client’s know if they spend $1 with us they will get x dollars in return. We also don’t contract our clients as proof that we work hard every month to ensure that we work hard for our clients,” says Evan Van Dyke

Specialized Services

Get To the Top of Search Engines with National SEO: As a business owner you know how limited your time is with everything you need to do like managing inventory, employees, your customers’ experience and more. You also know how overwhelming it can be properly implement an SEO strategy. With all the competition out there why even bother?

You want a strong presence online to stay ahead of your competition and to grow your business. If you’re not showing up at the top of Google; your competitors are. Partnering with Atria Media will get you access to a group of the industry’s most tenured veterans. Its team of experts can help client’s National SEO rankings increase, bringing more traffic to the website that results in more business. “We know what a good strategy looks like, we know the tricks, and we know how to make you money,” the team says.

Google Adwords
Management: More than likely you’ve tried running Adwords or Bing Ads yourself…and lost money. So why are you looking at our services? You know your competitors are getting business from online traffic. You just need help. Your business can get great returns with the right team with the right strategy. Partnering with Atria Media will get you access to a group of the industry’s most tenured veterans. Atria’s team has been working in Adwords since the beginning days
of PPC.

Whether sales are being done in the store or over the phone, the company utilizes a combination conversion tracking methods to ensure the traffic sent to the site is making money. “If you aren’t measuring your traffic in terms of ROI, you are missing out on valuable data that can turn your online marketing efforts from negative to positive,” the experts say.

The Happy Customers
“I have been using Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter for several years now, but after Atria Media took a look at my accounts as part of a comprehensive audit, I realized there were some major areas I had overlooked. They helped me develop a bidding strategy for keywords that had an immediate impact on ROI… Perhaps most importantly, they are true professionals and very easy to communicate with, and are always quick to respond to my questions and follow up messages. You definitely should give Atria Media a chance to help you optimize your accounts — it will pay for itself in weeks, if not days.” – Chris Kartalia, Owner- MG Bright

“We should have done this a long time ago. I am glad we hooked up with you guys instead of the other people that have wanted us to join with them. I just felt you guys would do a better job and help us grow.” – Lynn Barlow, Owner- Kathy Quilts Block Rockit

“Our biggest asset is our people and processes. Our people are unique in that they are specialized in their craft and we use processes to tie all of our specialists together to provide a superior service to our clients at an affordable rate.”

Knowing the Key Executive

Evan Van Dyke, Founder and CEO: Evan graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelors of Science in Technical Sales. While working in the telecommunications industry for about 5 years he found a love for digital marketing and shifted careers to learn pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing from some of the industry’s leading agencies. While working for these digital marketing agencies he saw there were solvable problems that would improve client results and transparency so he founded Atria Media Group.