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“Bringing together creativity, innovation and business.”: Neumatic Digital


Founded in 2007, Neumatic Digital is a Francisco based creative agency and video production company.

An award-winning San Francisco creative agency & video production company, Neumatic Digital focuses on crafting compelling marketing and brand messages over various platforms. Specializing in 2D and 3D animation, virtual reality experiences, branding development and website design, they collaborate with business owners, advertisers, and marketers to take complex concepts and transform them into compelling visual stories.

Built on the idea that ‘authentic, compelling storytelling is the key to marketing success’, Neumatic Digital embraces new technologies and techniques while remaining true to the elemental tenants of a story structure. As a company they are quick and nimble, pulling from a large net of design, programming and video production talent and this scalability allows them to accommodate clients large and small and to tailor budgets to their specific needs. Since their inception in 2007, the company constantly strives to meet their client’s specific needs and goals and work to collaborate closely with their in-house teams.

…and this how they work

At the start of any project they listen closely to client’s needs and very well analyze business opportunities, the competitive landscape and immerse themselves in the client’s brand.

In this phase they begin the strategy and planning process. Insights from the discovery and research phase help them to solidify the path to their client’s goals. And also identify which media platforms to pursue and develop creative treatments and designs for social media campaigns, websites, and video projects.

This is when the planning phase is put into action. Web design is put into development. Creative strategy is translated into video production and brand development. Content is refined and honed until the moment of launch. They monitor and manage the production phase to meet milestones and budgets.

Once production is complete the testing and deployment begins. Websites are tested across all platforms and browsers. Videos are placed on social media sites and embedded on websites. Social Media Campaigns are launched. Then at last they begin watching analytics in order to optimize for maximum views.

Neumatic Digital’s Unique Capabilities

Video Production
They specialize in producing high quality animated and live-action videos that entertain and inform.

Web Design
They develop customized responsive websites built around the user and optimized for search.

They assist you in finding and building an identity that represents the essence of your company.

Social Media Marketing
Develop an efficient digital campaign that will get your company seen by your target audience.

Clients Speak
“Neumatic was able to translate two-dimensional engineering drawings of our complicated hydrogen production system, into a superbly executed animation that we use virtually every day to show the public how the system works. Their ability to graphically explain the technically complex with simple, understandable, and beautifully illustrated animated images is uncanny. They were able to give us exactly what we wanted, on time and within an affordable budget. They’re impressive.”
− Jaimie Levin, Director of Environmental Technology, AC Transit.

“Neumatic did a great job creating several videos for us- everything was done better than expected, on time and within budget. They were very easy to work with and the final videos turned out to e super. We plan to work with them on other video projects and strongly recommend them”– Hal Stegar, VP Marketing Funambol.

Knowing the Master Minds

Ben Leonardi, Founder/Creative Director- Ben has been working in design and film since graduating from the design school of the University of Cape Town. Over the past twenty years he has worked with various large agencies and production houses in the UK, Africa, and East & West Coasts of the United States. His obsession with form and design has led him from print design, 3D animation, to brand strategy and development. His sensitivity to shape and form has proved to serve his clients well. He constantly strives to utilize the most cutting edge technology to achieve his creative goals. He is an award winning creative that can execute media effective campaigns from start to finish. He has since crossed over from the digital world to the material world with a new venture into industrial design. He designed and built the workstation desks that fill their studio, and several robotic devices. His expertise include Creative Strategy, Brand Design, UI/UX Design, Website Design and 3D Animation.

Kate Martin, Executive Producer/Director- Kate has always been a storyteller. From performing self-written plays in her parent’s kitchen to earning her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University in Theater Production and an MFA in Film Production from University of Miami she has always believed in the power of a well-told story.

Her career has taken her all over the world, from marketing at an Off-West End theater company in London to managing audience engagement on a television show in South Africa to production assisting on large music videos in Miami. She has since produced large stills and video projects for companies like Symantec, Adidas, eBay, University of Phoenix and Ernst and Young. She specializes in story and script development ensuring that the message remains clear and entertaining throughout. With each project she manages the project deadlines and budget to bring the final elements together on time and in budget.

Her expertise includes Script Writing, Video Editing, Budgeting and Project Management, Casting and Talent Negotiation and Directing and Crew Management.

“We offer a wide range of services from marketing videos and websites, to brand development and social media marketing.”