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Bringing Together Data Engineering, Advanced Analytics, Proprietary AI Accelerators and Consulting Expertise to Drive Business Actions for Digital Enterprises: BRIDGEi2i


BRIDGEi2i is a trusted partner to enterprises globally for driving actions for digital transformation outcomes. Clients choose BRIDGEi2i for its ability to provide contextual AI-powered analytics solutions to solve complex business problems and deliver digital transformation outcomes.

The company obsesses about “Value to Customer”, be it a data engineering project or a full-scale multi-year transformation engagement. It specializes in asset-based consulting and works with a structured approach to solving complex business problems that deploy contextual solutions powered by its proprietary AI accelerators. Using this AI-based analytics helps enterprises drive wider consumption of insights and faster and more accurate decisions across the board, thereby enabling faster time to value.

Its asset-based consulting approach covers the entire spectrum, right from data engineering to machine learning based insight generation to actionability through AI accelerators deployment and finally contextualization of the solution to the business.

AI-Powered Business Actions: The Key to Accelerating Transformation

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in investments in data ecosystems, analytics capabilities and tools. However, the organization-wide adoption, last mile consumption and actionability of insights continues to be a cause of concern for executives, adding more complexities and delays to the transformation roadmap.

With new data formats, evolving data ecosystems, and mainstreaming of AI technologies, the intersection of Data Science and AI-powered analytics systems present a whole new gamut of opportunities for digital enterprises. BRIDGEi2i’s AI accelerators simplify and democratize consumption of insights and recommend the right business actions, enabling faster and more accurate decision making across the enterprise.

Watch TowerTM

Traditional business KPI dashboards, while aiming to be comprehensive, are a cluttered and static view of business drivers. BRIDGEi2i’s AI powered watchtower leverages proprietary self learning algorithms for mapping metrics relationships, correlation and anomaly detection to deliver real-time actionable insights and proactive alerts on key business metrics.

Monitor KPIS-BRIDGEi2i’s watchtower uses advanced analytics techniques and proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide real-time monitoring of key business KPIs. One can add a voice assistant to the mix, and have their key metrics read out.

Signal & Alert -BRIDGEi2i’s watchtower takes real-time monitoring to the next level with intelligent alerts. Alerts offer a better predictability on business performance and the advantage of taking corrective action at the right time.


Recommendation systems have a huge role to play in driving revenue growth, enhancing customer experience and improving process effectiveness. BRIDGEi2i’s best in class recommendation engine helps enterprises allocate resources better, recommend the right products to the right customers at the right time and prescribe the next best action for decision making, both for stakeholders and customers.

Prescribe next best action - With the power of contextual recommendation engines, businesses have the ability to transform process effectiveness, suggest best product mixes for cross-selling, allocate the right deals to the right sales rep, and recommend significant pricing actions for better profitability.

Personalize experiences - Recommender provides the power to enhance customer experience by adding value to every customer interaction across channels through contextual recommendations, be it the right product or right offer at the right time.


A large part of Digital Transformation is about operational effectiveness: creating better efficiencies with resources and making legacy processes more effective, either through automation or re-engineering. BRIDGEi2i’s AI-powered optimization accelerator helps businesses simulate and test scenarios for better forecasting and planning, optimal spend allocation and effective utilization of resources.

Optimize Resources - With increasing competition and pressure on bottom lines, there is an increasing focus on resource optimization. Optimization accelerator helps businesses analyze spend patterns and find the right allocation mix for the best RoI. This could also extend to the optimal lead assignment to sales reps for better conversion.

Forecasting & Planning - BRIDGEi2i’s Optimization accelerator brings much needed predictability to business functions like sales and supply chain. Demand Forecasting helps supply chain organizations optimize inventory and improve store level assortment planning. On the sales side, forecasting enables better revenue visibility and therefore the right sales allocation strategy.


With rapid advances in machine learning and conversational AI Technologies, artificially intelligent solutions for enterprises are getting more sophisticated. Chatbots and voice assistants are now able to learn from interactions and are being trained to mimic human behavior, giving birth to a whole new universe of use cases. BRIDGEi2i’s converse accelerator in conjunction with watchtower, recommender and optimizer, offers a whole gamut of applications for enterprises to enhance worker enablement and customer experience.

Chatbots - Chatbots integrated with the insights layer drives better consumption of insights and the adoption of analytics.

Voice Assistants - Intelligent voice assistants can act as additional, augmentative resources for organizations by leveraging conversational technology, and AI-enabled, cloud-based processing power that enables wider consumption of insights for decision making.

Rich Experiences - Adding Virtual reality or Augmented reality to the insight layer takes enablement to the next level. Combining conversational AI or VR / AR with gamification frameworks brings a fresh approach to analytics consumption and process effectiveness

The Leadership

Prithvijit Roy

Prithvijit leads BRIDGEi2i with a special focus on sales, marketing and strategy. He is one of the co-founders of BRIDGEi2i.

With 19 years of experience in the analytics industry, Prithvijit founded BRIDGEi2i in May, 2011. Prior to this, he was responsible for setting up the analytics shared services organization for Hewlett Packard (HP) across multiple global locations supporting all HP businesses and functions around the world. Having grown the team of analytics consultants from scratch to strength of 1,200 in six years, he left HP to pursue his dream of setting up BRIDGEi2i. Prithvijit also brings with him the rich experience of being part of the leadership team in building GE’s Analytics Center of Expertise in India. Prior to this Prithvijit worked in NIPFP and TERI.
Prithvijit has been a frequent speaker at international industry forums and has several publications in reputed journals. He holds a Masters in Quantitative Economics from the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta and New Delhi.

“Our AI accelerators simplify and democratize consumption of insights and recommend the right business actions, enabling faster and more accurate decision making across the enterprise.”