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30 Fastest Growing companies in Asia 2016

CarIQ: The ultimate solution provider for all your car needs


“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best”. – St. Jerome

Founded in the yearin 2013, people at CarIQ engage themselves in mnaking cars smarter by connecting them to the cloud and allowing the car and its driver to make decisions based on real time data. CarIQ’s patent pending platform consisting of hardware and cloud based platform, work together to collect data from the car such as engine performance, location details and safety devices. It connects this data in real time on the cloud for applications to make use of it.

With CarIQ ‘Discover’, ‘Engage’ and ‘Get Rewarded’

Discover – Sure, you love your car! But how well do you know about your car?
With CarIQ discover intricate details like the condition of your car, recommended tyre pressure, and more info specific to your car, as CarIQ’s app helps you find all the relevant information you need in your fingertips.

Engage – Engage with workshops, assistance providers, fellow CarIQ’ians all from one place. Create trips that are sharable on social networks, report problems while on the cruise, view your drive averages and daily summaries. Engaging with your car and others who are associated with your car is now fun, engaging and hassle-free.

Get Rewarded – By accumulating miles and showing it off is a bragging right in itself. One will be rewarded for almost everything they do on the CarIQ app?
Show off the drive history, interesting statistics and badges earned for achievements!

The CarIQ’s amazing Platform
CarIQ’s robust platform is capable of handling and analyzing tens of thousands of vehicles simultaneously. It uses the latest in cloud technologies and has been put together after over a year of R&D

The Killer Features of CarIQ
Daily summaries and Reporting lets you know in-depth analysis of your own driving habits. Visualize your data – Rash driving, idling, hard accelerations, locations of your infractions at all.

With CarIQ Keep track of your servicing and get timely reminders.Generate trips sharable on social media profiles. View and report events like accidents or roadblocks when out on the roads.

Find the closest fuel pumps and get realtime rates of fuel right in the app.

Due for Insurance renewal? Need help getting the best quotes in the industry? The CarIQ app is here to assist you with that too!

INSURANCE RENEWALS – CarIQ helps in finding the best and lowest quotes in the industry. Enquire from the “Insurance” tab within the app.

WORKSHOP TIEUPS – Dealing with workshops is no more a pain! One can even view and pay bills via the CarIQ app if Garage is a part of the GarageConnect program.

SERVICE INTEGRATIONS – Be it social sharing or publishing trips to the world, CarIQ provides seamless integrations. More third party service integrations are underway.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE – CarIQ PRO subscriptions come with a free pan-India roadside assistance package.

Knowing the Masters

Sagar Apte, Founder at CarIQ – A specialist in Product Management, Product Marketing and Business Analytics, Sagar posses years of experience in his domain of expertise. An alumnus of XLRI, Sagar has worked in companies such as PubMatic, Symantec and Ensim Corporation, prior founding CarIQ.

Deepak Thomas, Co-founder, Director Of Product – An holder of R&R Award of Excellence (Infosys) and Innovation & Impact Award – Demand Portal Team – PubMatic, Q3 2012, Deepak handles product, design and digital marketing at CarIQ. An alumnus of University of Kerala, prior to co-founding CarIQ he has done freelancing and worked in companies such as PubMatic and Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Hrishikesh Nene, CTO – Carrying over 20 years of experience mostly on Products in their initial (pre 1.0) phase in CAD/PDM/PLM/Storage domains, Nene is proficient in all aspects of Software Product Development. A specialist in Object Oriented philosophy, C++, Java, C# languages and DB related technologies in Enterprise domain, CAD, PDM, PLM, Storage, Rapid scripting, Productivity Consultant and coach his main strength is Designing High Quality Object Oriented software.

Passionate about improving individual and team Productivity stress-free, he likes to design/script/code innovative software products, programs, designs and automations.

An alumnus of IIT, Bombay, prior to CarIQ Hrishikesh has worked at companies like PTC and Symphony Services.

CarIQ’s Updates

Jan 12, 2016
80 millionth data packet – The 80 millionth data packet hits their server. A small testimonial to the robust cloud platform and architecture here at CarIQ. Turns 3

Jan 11, 2016
CarIQ Turns 3

Dec 17, 2015
1 lac simultaneous vehicles – CarIQ Platform has had a major milestone achievement today. The new architecture can scale to handle upto 1 lakh (100K) simultaneous vehicles, running off the robust Azure Cloud

Oct 20, 2015
Nasscom Emerge 50 – CarIQ is one of 2015 NASSCOM EMERGE 50 – An Award given to India’s Most Innovative, Emerging IT Product Companies

Oct 14, 2014
Gennext Accelerator – CarIQ becomes a part of the GenNext Accelerator program hosted by Microsoft and Reliance. Team CarIQ learned and experienced a lot about startups and its nuances during the accelerator program.

Jan 11, 2013
CarIQ INC – CarIQ is born from a dream where everyday commute becomes predictable and easy through smarter cars.

Features of CarIQ’s free App

With the free CarIQ app, one will have access to most of CarIQ’s
features. Download and get started!

  • Record trips via your smartphone
  • Get details about your car
  • Servicing schedule and reminders
  • View and report crowdsourced events
  • Get expert opinions for your car-related queries
  • Get the best quotes in the industry for Insurance
  • Get information about the nearest fuel pumps (with realtime rates)
  • FREE account

“The data keeps making the platform smarter and ultimately helps you with your car’s predictive maintenance”