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Cellpay, a Telecom Utility Services Firm, is Crawling its Way to Global Reach

thesiliconreview-peter-jasani-ceo-cellpay-18Remarkable progress in telecommunications technology has had and will continue to have, an enormous impact on telecommunications manufacturing and service industries. In particular, digital technology that integrates transmission, switching, processing, and retrieval of information provides opportunities to merge various service modes into an integrated whole. This digitalization, merging the communications and computation functions, has been made possible by dramatic advances in device and material technology, including integrated circuits and optical fibers. As the role of digital processing increases, systems and services become more intelligent and labour-saving on the one hand, and more software-intensive on the other.

In view of the above mentioned, we are thrilled to present Cellpay, a unique platform that provides a way for wireless dealers to streamline refills and product sales on and offline. Platform Online – A website that enables dealers to sell refills and additional wireless products/accessories online with an interface similar toeBay or Amazon. Phone – An automated phone system that gives customers the ability to call or text to purchase a prepaid refill. Phone Validator –

Zero mistakes; we verify your customer’s phone number to make sure it belongs to the carrier selected.

The firm was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Stafford, Texas.

Interview Excerpt: Peter Jasani, CEO & Founder

Why was the company set up?

We have been in the prepaid wireless business for the last 15 years and we have learned that customer retention is a big problem for our existing retail locations. Cell phone customers typically don’t always choose to come back to the store to refill their cell phone minutes as they have multiple other ways to refill their cards such as online, over the phone and other retailers carrying the similar product. This is always a big issue with our retailers as they cannot keep the same customer to keep coming back to their store. So to tackle this problem, we have developed an ingenious platform – – where the store owner can have their own website, pay by phone and text to pay solution. Now, the retailer can give their own website to the consumer hence saving lost revenues from online or phone purchases.

With our online e-commerce portal customer does not need to remember their username, password or to create an account. They can simply enter their phone number, select a plan to refill and pay. Minutes are redeemed instantaneously.

What challenges did you face in your initial years? What can your peers learn from it?

Our biggest challenge was to develop a system which can enable a consumer to make payments through multiple platforms such as online, phone IVR and walk in, and be able to track all sales and profitability of those stores. This was solved by developing a complete new platform – and making this available to our retailer and distributor network. Our second challenge was to educate our retailers to this new platform and having them communicated with their customers about the availability of these multiple payment platforms. Also, payment processing was a big challenge which we settled through our payment processing partners and our bank.

What were the grounds on which you have expanded your company and its offerings over the years?

At different stages, there were different grounds. There were times when we hit the gas and grew quickly, then had to slow down to adjust the product and hit the gas again. It was a touch and go for a while. The key is to manage the growth at the edge of comfort.

To start a venture you just need guts or the right level of crazy. You should be well-organized to properly adjust and improve where needed while taking criticism the right way and continue to be excited about what you are doing, believe in it and continue to sell.

Building a culture of sustainability inside an organization is very important to maintain reputation in the global market. How is it true for your company?

We are a leader in the prepaid industry. We operate this business with great pride and treat and listen to our customers’ complaints and enhancements, and work on those with the highest priority. This level of customer service is vested very deeply in all of our employees and managers – the customer always comes first.

Our reputation is built on our ability to provide the best customer service and our ability to listen to our retailers and distributors for a new feature or product enhancements. We have also been very quick in adding a new product or pushing our enhancements in a short period of time.

What are the biggest assets to your organization? What would they be and why?

To work together successfully, employees should be trained to recognize the value of accepting new ideas and trusting opinions from all members. Teams learn to focus on what they can create together from different backgrounds, skill sets and personalities.

We strive to provide an environment where learning is prized, and not just the action of learning but the measured application of new methods, new technologies, etc. We also want people to share their knowledge, by sharing they undergo a deeper level of learning themselves.

Do you have any new products ready to be/getting ready to be launched?

Yes, we are in the process of launching International Top Up, SIM Card activation and gift card sales. We are considering blockchain technology and possibly launch our own ICO. We are also in the process of rolling out our self-service fully automated re-up Kiosk.

As a follow-up question on sustainability, where do you see your company a couple of years from now?

Currently, we are working on partnering up and offering our technology to other companies. Our plan is to continue to grow our services, revenue and geographic presence around the globe.

The Brain Behind the Picture

Peter Jasani, CEO & Founder: Peter is an industry leader with over 15 years of experiences in IT and Telecom industries. He is a successful entrepreneur holding key executive positions for multiple ventures such as Cellpay, Zprepay Inc, and Prepaid Stop Inc. His background includes Business Development, Business Operations, Project Management, Vendor Management, Product Development, and Distribution and Channel Sales Management in mobile money ecosystems and its integration into existing economies.