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10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2015

CloudRay Inc: Providing Insight Driven Healthcare IT Solutions to Businesses Globally

Are you a part of or running a Healthcare organization, Health Insurance or a Healthcare IT provider? And are you in need of Healthcare IT experts to assist you in developing and customizing applications or integration with other Electronic Health Records or Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) ? Then look no further than CloudRay’s customizable Solutions!

Venkat Nadipelly’s brainchild CloudRay leverages the Healthcare IT solutions and services necessary to address its client’s organizational needs. Deeply committed to quality assurance as part of its specialization in Healthcare, CloudRay’s product range consisting of Remote Patient Monitoring System, Health Data Acquisition System and ContextWare and specialized and exclusive implementation services such as ‘Healthcare Application Development’ and ‘Healthcare Integration’ to ‘Healthcare IT QA’, ‘Mobile Health Applications’ and ‘Healthcare Analytics’, can be tailored to accommodate the most complex client requirements.

The fierce competitor in today’s power-play dominated market
“We are in the frontline with a huge pool of talented healthcare IT experts to cater our clients’ needs. Our proprietary Talent Management System helps us hiring the sufficient number of experts required to cater to client needs within a short period of time”, says CEO, Venkat Nadipelly.

With the ongoing mandated digitization of Healthcare globally, the seven year old New Jersey headquartered company prides itself on partnering with Hospital Networks, Medical Devices Development firms, Healthcare Insurance companies and Pharmaceutical companies.

Going a step further to build long-lasting client relations
To be competitive in the global marketplace, the CloudRay team has been innovative in its products and services in a cost-effective manner. They use social media extensively to locate the right talent besides the proprietary Talent Management System, to hire required experts within a short period of time to help accomplish its client’s IT needs. And these IT experts are not just well equipped with the necessary equipment and experience required to complete projects on time, but are also easily approachable, making it easy for clients to access them right on time and get expert advice and guidance on choosing the right tools which can save a lot of money and time for the clients and their customers. From Maimonides Medical Center, Aetna, HighFive Health and Wolters Kluwer, to Bioreference Laboratories, Daichi Sankyo and North Memorial Medical Center amongst others, CloudRay has become a favorite amongst one and all!

“At CloudRay, we not only provide Healthcare IT professional and consulting services in the Healthcare Application Development, Integration, Testing and Analytics domains, but also believe in maintaining good and lasting relations with our clients. As a team we have learnt so much about client needs while working on development of various products and integrating with customer applications. Unlike most of our competitors, we focus on providing the best Healthcare IT solutions with a keen eye on our Client’s ROI, our approach and strategies are aimed at reducing overall costs while still maintaining QUALITY services and that is what I feel sets us apart from our peer competitors”, adds Venkat.

The Journey so far Initially operating in the Healthcare IT application development and Testing domain, CloudRay opened up to exploring Integration Services, with the advent of the 2010 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act that encouraged Electronic Health Records & then Meaningful Use various stages and witnessing the EHR-MU being initiated and led by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). The CloudRay team soon realized that there is a real need of healthcare IT experts to develop and integrate healthcare applications and has kept expanding its territorial operations, ever since. Today, the company has a successful offshore development center in Hyderabad, India from where it develops as well as serves customizable and affordable onsite, onshore, offshore or combined modeled solutions for clients, without compromising on quality.

Compared to what CloudRay was in its initial years back in 2008, it has improved as a team immensely. “Not that we haven’t faced difficulties, but we have always shaped our strengths to overcome our flaws in times of difficulties. For example, we still often face tough times due to the lack of experienced specialized Healthcare IT resources in the market for our client’s special IT needs, but that does not mean we break down. We put our minds together and the team soon comes up with an alternative. And perhaps that would turn out to be a better solution than what we would have expected from the other resources in the long run, we never know!” adds Venkat.

As of now, CloudRay serves the Healthcare Application Development, Integration, Testing and Analytics needs of clients in the US. But having noticed for a long time that a lot of hospitals do not have any Information Systems in place for patient data and hospital management in Africa and Asia, there are plans of expand operations in those regions soon. Additionally, the company is also planning to design and develop its own Hospital Management Information System modules like appointment scheduling, Patient portal, Inventory Management, Bed Allotment, Prescription Management, Accounting etc, very soon.

Knowing the key executive
Venkat Nadipelly, CEO A graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation from Kakatiya University, Venkat has worked in various IT companies and also founded an IT consulting services company which was bought over in 2008 and cofounded a Medical device integration company prior to founding CloudRay. He posses expertise skills in Healthcare IT, Technology Consulting, Software Development, Project Management, IT Outsourcing alongside having hands on expertise in EHR, Healthcare Integration, Application Testing, Healthcare Analytics, Business Intelligence. At CloudRay Inc, he is chiefly responsible for conducting major business operations.

Client Testimonials

  • “We currently utilize CloudRay IT services for our various HIPAA compliant, secure healthcare applications development & testing. CloudRay handles all of our healthcare information integration development using a combination of offshore & onshore resources. CloudRay has on short notice, provided us with industry leading resources with a high degree of technical expertise.We definitely plan on continuing to use CloudRay’s services”. – Keith Streckenbach, CEO, HighFive Health
  • “I worked with Neeru Jhingan at CloudRay, and they provided excellent UX designers for us atvery competitive rates. Neeru is a pleasure to work with and is very focused on finding the right talent for each role”. – Alfred L. Kahn Director, Customer Experience, Wolters Kluwer