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Dedicated to professional and stringent risk management and compliance services: MITIGATE Compliance & Risk Management Ltd.

thesiliconreview-idan-levy-ceo-mitigate-compliance-risk-management-ltd-2017The dynamic and complex businesses of today are causing organizations to consider more formalized processes for enterprise compliance and risk management. As companies adapt to the demands from the digital era, tougher regulations, the rising cost of compliance, and greater business complexity, risk management is at the forefront of business strategy. Firms need effective and structured oversight to rapidly identify and manage risks and avoid any adverse consequences across the enterprise. This is where MitigateCRM comes in to help organizations deal with complex legal, business regulation and global Anti Money Laundering risks.

Located in Israel, MitigateCRM is an international consulting firm that employs high level Compliance & Risk Management experts with broad experience in managing practical compliance work and building compliance processes, along with wide legal expertise in the fields of Regulatory compliance, Anti Money Laundering, Counter Terrorist Funding, Securities & Capital markets, Anti-Bribery, Data privacy and more. MITIGATE is providing wide ranged services to local & international companies whose operations are subject to regulatory registry, activity restrictions or obligations, and regulatory enforcement.

We have the CEO, Idan Levy with us. Let’s hear it from him

Can you brief us about the history of your company?

MITIGATE was founded 3 years ago in order to bring the banking compliance proficiency and methods into the new and exciting innovative Fin-tech arena. It started out as a small niche Banking-Law Firm and grew into a multi-solutions compliance consultancy firm that provides various services to clients worldwide. We perform comprehensive mapping of risks in most regulatory areas, build risk assessments and provide tailor made solutions to fit our clients’ measures & occupation. MITIGATE helps to create a “life-jacket” for stakeholders in regulated institutions against the regulatory expectation.

In addition, our firm is leading cross border inquiries at local and international banking cooperations for retrieval of customers’ lost funds or funds that are in dispute.

Coming from organizations, we understand the difficulties and complexities of ensuring compliance by the company and its employees to a large set of laws and activity restrictions that may affect different departments in the organization differently. Our team’s extensive Regulatory & Legal experience in large-scale business organizations enables us to better address compliance risks, finding the fastest and most efficient and effective way towards a successful implementation of new conduct or regulatory activity restrictions. We employ only legal experts with proven compliance experience from leading financial institutions. This is why in my view we are much more than a consulting firm.

Can you tell us what in your view differentiates MitigateCRM from other consultancy firms?

I think that the main differentiator lies within our team of real Compliance professionals that give ongoing advice and services to our clients. We need to understand that Financial Compliance is a relatively new field in Israel (the original AML law was published at year 2000). So most of the local practitioners in the field lack real time compliance experience and provide only the legal mapping part of the job, that if the work is being provided by attorneys. Our team of professionals is indeed our greatest resource of all and gives major added value to clients. We understand how organizations work and “speak” the financial and banking language. MITIGATE employs only high level attorneys with proven financial and regulatory proficiency. We do not employ interns or non-experienced lawyers/consultants and work in a ‘Hybrid’ formation, meaning that each Client receives the personal contact details of his appointed Consultant who is available at all reasonable time by phone or email, thus eliminating the need to ‘chase’ office secretaries to set personal appointments or even a status update on a case/project. This way our clients know that each consultancy hour is truly an expert’s hour, and not being overfilled with other administrative components. We may not be the cheapest solution in the market, but we strive to give the best possible value for our client’s money, every day a new.

Tell us about your main clients.

Among our international clients we have consultancy firms from India, Singapore & the UK that hire us as a local sub-contractor for various compliance projects, fin-tech companies at all stages, foreign financial institutions and global brands that wish to expand their business to Israel & Europe or perform a specific project/inquiry. Among our local clients are fin-tech companies & financial institutions, loan & credit companies, Bio-tech companies and more. We also advise the Committee of Sports-Gambling Regulation and Israel’s first cooperative bank.

Speaking of Fin-Tech, what do you think about the Money Laundering risks posed by the new disruptive financial ventures like virtual coins and Block-chain technology?

I actually think that Blockchain can be good news for the global war on Money Laundering, surely if we examine it as a substitute for cash. If you consider that all transactions are listed and checked to be authentic at real-time prior to execution, the Block-chain log, if embraced and regulated by nations, can actually serve the crime fighting agencies more efficiently than in today’s current status. We have to remember that when banks transfer money today all they do is send a SWIFT code message between them to debit or accredit the client’s account. Considering that this method has been around for decades, transferring actual value using Block-chain technology simply makes more sense, looking at the future. I think that we live in a very exciting time of technological change, and not just in the financial industry. Nobody has a clue what the market will look like five years from now.

“Our services encompass all aspects of a corporation’s legal and risk concerns. We help protect your company from unknowingly facilitating both local and international violations including money laundering, terrorist financing, securities fraud, cross border bribery and more, enabling it to preserve its good reputation and its stakeholders avoid potential criminal or administrative liability.”