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Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience: Virtual Hold Technology

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.” – Peter Drucker

For a long time, the customer journey has been frustrating. Twenty years ago, Ohio-based Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) pioneered a new approach to customer service that helps organizations eliminate customer wait times – creating a positive first impression of the brand and improving customer interactions, operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities. By simply offering customers a better journey – one that frees them from waiting, repeating information or transferring, customers feel empowered and valued. Customers can begin or continue interactions across multiple interaction channels, without starting over, and with the support of a well-informed agent.

Since its inception in 1995, VHT has been the innovator in enhancing the customer journey. Founder, Mark Williams, recognized the severity of customer frustration in relation to delivering exceptional customer service. This led to inventing a patented solution, VHT Callback, which eliminated wait time while increasing customer satisfaction.

Today, the company’s innovative approach has evolved and now helps organizations not only eliminate customer wait times but also creates a positive first impression of the brand and improves customer interactions, operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

Inspiring Customer Loyalty and Effortless Experience
Deployed seamlessly within any single or multivendor environment, VHT’s virtual queuing (Callback) and customer outcome management software (Navigator) are designed to empower customers, agents and brands.

“As we are focused on the customer experience space, and as companies have recognized the need to optimize interaction with their customers, our business has grown significantly,” said Wes Hayden, CEO.

Eliminating wait times and enabling the contact center agent to be informed about the customers issue before placing a callback has demonstrable, positive results on CSAT and NPS scores. The pursuit of the “effortless customer experience” among global enterprises is squarely aligned with VHT’s mission as a software and cloud solution provider.

“At VHT, we believe that delivering an exceptional customer experience doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, every customer interaction, regardless of channel, should enrich the brand and deepen the customer relationship,” added Wes.

Organizations using VHT benefit from its agility and simplicity. Brands can deploy, manage and customize offerings in a user-driven environment. This creates a singular, cohesive solution designed to improve the customer experience.

The VHT Product Suite
The VHT Solution Suite consists of five compatible solutions as
explained below:

VHT Callback™ – VHT Callback™ calculates and quotes the expected wait time. This gives customers the option to receive a callback in the same amount of time as if they had waited on hold, or to schedule a callback for a more convenient time. Callers given the choice of a callback have better experiences, more favorable views of agents, and are more likely to be brand promoters, sharing their positive experience with others. VHT customers have reduced their ASA by 46% by using Callback.

VHT Agent Assist™ – VHT Agent Assist™ provides agents with a view of real and virtual queue conditions and the ability to offer callbacks with agent groups available for callbacks. Agent Assist reduces customer effort to reach the right agent as soon as possible, delivering a positive customer experience.

VHT Conversation Bridge™ – VHT Conversation Bridge™ integrates non-voice interactions with existing intelligent call routing systems so that customers who start an interaction on the web or within a mobile app can quickly and conveniently schedule a callback with a knowledgeable agent.

VHT Navigator™ – Navigator enables organizations to deliver on the promise of omni-channel experiences with a customer outcome management solution that quickly overlays any existing environment and empowers business users to create ideal customer experience flows with a single, easy-to-use interface.

VHT’s Key Differentiators

  • The company’s platform agnostic solutions provide greater flexibility and investment protection.
  • VHT is the inventor and leader in virtual queuing technology.
  • Leading global brands rely on VHT-patented technology.
  • A leader and specialist in large-volume call-back solutions.
  • More comprehensive reporting and analytic tools.
  • Proven best-in-class practices for more successful deployment.
  • VHT’s patented customer-queuing solutions provide for a superior customer experience.
  • The company’s platform technology handles all channels, which enables easier call back on additional channels.
    Real-time, historical, and custom views of callback related data.

VHT serves clients in the United States, Latin America, APAC and EMEA. Some of its notable clientele are Comcast, Morgan Stanley, UnitedHealth Group, State Farm, Time Warner Cable, Bank of America, Microsoft, Delta, etc.

The Road Ahead
Virtual Hold Technology’s plan for the future is to focus on the following areas:

  • Technology that maps the customer journey and captures key insights.
  • Developing easier ways to initiate the connection between brands and their consumers.

Meet the CEO – Wes Hayden
Wes has spent over 30 years in the tech industry, focused on establishing successful go-to-market strategies that are backed by strong operational processes. Wes spent the majority of his career at Genesys, where he served as President and CEO. During his time there, Wes grew the company’s revenue significantly, established Genesys as the contact center platform market leader, and successfully engineered several acquisitions, which contributed to the stellar growth of the company. In addition, he has served as President of LiveOps, a North American based provider of cloud computing solutions for contact centers, and served as President of the Enterprise Division at Nuance Communications. Wes holds a BS degree from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. He sits on a number of non-profit boards, including the Glenkirk Foundation in Northbrook, Illinois and the International Women’s Democracy Center in Washington, D.C. Today, Wes’ leadership is propelling VHT’s surge to become leaders in delivering innovative solutions focused on providing amazing customer experiences and elevating net promoter scores for customer-centric organizations.

“ At VHT, we believe that delivering an exceptional customer experience doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, every customer interaction, regardless of channel, should enrich the brand and deepen the customer relationship.”