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Top 20 Big Data Companies 2015

Delivering Big Insights by Unlocking the true Potential of Big Data: Trianz

Leveraging its Management Consulting, and Technology Services, Trianz provides turnkey execution services and solutions to its clients across various industries globally. Trianz practices include Analytics & Information Management, Digital Solutions, Infrastructure Management, ERP Solutions, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Enterprise (DevOps, IoT) and Independent Verification & Validation. For more information, please visit www.trianz.com.

The business execution challenge for leadership is to deliver results predictably in a highly unpredictable environment. On one hand there are uncertainties created by economic variables, rapid regulatory changes and global competition and on the other hand there are new opportunities created by new paradigm shifts in technologies. Founded in 2001, Trianz has dedicated itself to developing perspectives backed by experience and research to help leaders solve this very challenge. With its unique philosophy and technique towards execution, trained teams and a deep partnership commitment, Trianz always delivers results in the form of measurable business outcomes as expected by leadership.

Bringing latest technology and business objectives together Trianz helps clients visualize the execution cycle of an initiative and anticipate rather than react to contingencies that arise from external dynamics and drive until targeted results are achieved. Specifically within the Big Data space, Trianz believes that for Business leaders, it is not so much about Big Data, but it is more about achieving Big Insights. So the journey to Big Insights begins with asking the right, and relevant questions, implementing and configuring Big Data technologies and analysing massive data correctly; and to achieve this, Trianz Business & Technology professionals and clients collaborate to produce the following:

• Company and Business function specific Big Intel Frameworks and Execution Roadmaps to capitalize on Big Data in a scalable manner.
• Emerging Technology Solutions and IP at a Proof of Concept and Full Solution levels spanning a Big Insight solution and required technology infrastructure.
• Pools of Trianz and Client professionals trained and deployed in client engagements.

The Genesis
Sri Manchala, President and CEO, founded Trianz with a vision to enable clients achieve success through a unique philosophy of business execution and a relentless commitment towards excellence. Trianz has grown both organically and inorganically, and has developed unique industry-specific perspectives across select industries and provides turnkey execution services to its clients across, high tech, insurance, financial services, retail, life sciences, public sector, healthcare, and logistics industries. In the Big Data space, Trianz has witnessed more action in the Insurance industry where Big Data impacts strategies for actuarial, claims, underwriting, customer intelligence and fraud. As an example, analytics derived from Big Data and from traditional sources can help Life insurers in these 4 areas:

• Actively identifying and targeting underpenetrated markets.
• Micro-segmentation and better penetration of the cultural, diversity and middle markets.
• Identifying retention risks and cross-selling opportunities.
• Moving from a transaction model to a true relationship.
Trianz brings a unique blend of talent and frameworks to Client initiatives to ensure the desired benefits and best possible ROI and partners with clients on initiatives from setting of business objectives to rollout of new business and technology capabilities, facilitated by a clear execution roadmap, resulting in the Trianz Execution Value Proposition.

A class apart
Trianz believes in delivering measurable results and is passionate about the business impact it generates and the predictability with which it executes, consistently across multiple initiatives for Clients that has resulted in long-term partnerships. “Specifically within our Big Data practice our key differentiations are:

• A Business Point of View driven approach to Big Data-It’s not about Big Data, its about Big-Insights
• Full-life cycle/Turnkey Execution methodology developed by Business experienced consultants
• A shared, running Lab infrastructure with trained manpower to prove the value and power of Big Data & Big Insights, eliminating client investments and risks in early stages , adds the team at Trianz.

Solutions for one and all
“Big Data will help us survive and grow in the crowded marketplace. We just needed to figure out how, and Trianz helped us to do so”, says the VP of one of Trianz’s client companies.
Trianz focuses on the following four areas as a part of the Big Data services portfolio:
1. Big Data Big Insight Use Cases, Business Function/Enterprise level Big Data Intel Frameworks & Execution Roadmaps
2. Big Data Infrastructure Planning and Deployment leveraging years of knowledge, Certified architectures and partnerships with the Hadoop eco-system
3. Big Data Proofs of Concepts and Full Life Cycle Implementations
4. Big Data & Big Insights Training Services for Client personnel working on Big-Data engagements
Today, Trianz serves business and technology leaders from emerging companies to Fortune 100 organizations, and Governments globally, ensuring client success in the form of business impact and a differentiated relationship experience.

Knowing the Key Executives
Sri Manchala, the Founder & CEO of Trianz has more than 25 years of experience in strategy and operations. Sri joined the National Defence Academy in India and later graduated from the Indian Military Academy as an officer in the Indian Army. He served in various parts of India in units of the Infantry and the Parachute Regiment-Special Forces. He joined the industry in 1994, had a short stint at Asian Paints and then worked with KPMG Consulting in the Silicon Valley office in the firm’s high-technology consulting practice. Subsequently, he joined Cisco Systems at the company’s headquarters in the IT division and later founded Trianz during a time of radical change driven by remarkable technology breakthroughs and industry shift. He carries over his passion and military learning in successful execution, along with strong leadership skills that help execute successful solutions.