2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

Delivering Expert IT Services to Organizations of all sizes: Ubisec Systems, Inc.

“From global enterprises to mom-and-pop shops, Ubisec has extensive experience in delivering valuable IT solutions and support to businesses, governments and non-profits, alike.”

Ubisec Systems, Inc. was born from the desire to see technology transform businesses through superior quality, service and expertise, thus allowing businesses to realize the full potential and value of their IT investments. “We began with this premise 10 years ago, as an early pioneer in the managed services industry, and have maintained a laser-focus of providing excellent and cutting-edge IT services and solutions to businesses of all sizes in order to accelerate their growth and revenue by leveraging the internet, the cloud, as well as strong partnerships,” says Edward Sohn, President/CTO.

The company motto is “Security
Everywhere.” Ubisec is a mashup of the two words, “Ubiquitous” and “Security.” That means every solution and service that the company provides has a security-centric element baked right in. In short, 3 things help to differentiate Ubisec: market/industry research, listening to customer needs and innovation. Two key company values also help make the company successful, and that is striving for excellence and customer service.

Rejuvenating the meaning of “Expertise in IT services”
In finding its niche, Ubisec single-handedly rejuvenated the meaning of “expertise in IT services”.
“Most of our competitors and partners do a little of everything, including end-point and end-user support. We, on the other hand, have maintained a laser focus around designing, building and supporting mission critical IT infrastructure. I would describe us as an organization with ‘inch wide, mile deep expertise versus those IT companies that try to be everything to everybody, or your ‘mile wide, inch deep’ types. In fact, many of our competitors have become our partners in looking to our deep expertise in order to help them with various infrastructure solutions for their customers while they focus on their core competencies,” elaborates Sohn.

In acting as subject matter experts, Ubisec’s knowledge goes deeper into IT services than most. The complex issues that require more than a thorough understanding of the industry are where it shines as a provider.

Reliable, Cutting-Edge Solutions
Ubisec has delivered cloud-based solutions for years despite acting primarily as a managed infrastructure services provider. It funded and commissioned a separate division of their company called NexCloud that focused strictly on those services. This is where Cloud UC&C—PBX technology that allows the expensive PBX equipment to be hosted in the cloud rather than being traditionally installed at your office—was born. Instead of opting for on-premise, which is purchasing multiple phone systems to have them installed in different places, clients can organize their entire business into a single line of communication through Ubisec’s CHUCS service.

However, the cloud, by itself, is a very risky option. That’s why CHUCS, a combination of the on-premise and cloud approaches, has been developed. CHUCS is meant to be a competitive, high-end voice/video/UC solution that allows clients to save money and still have a cloud consumption model that is in line with some of the more expensive technologies they might not want to invest in. Ubisec also offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) type services. “Our goal is to provide unique, transformative services, and not just compete with the likes of Amazon or Microsoft, who compete mostly for broad market share. Our services and solutions are custom-tailored for each and every customer, and being able to offer that is one of our key differentiators as well as why our customers love us,” explains Sohn.

Key Customers
For businesses in particular, Ubisec believes Cloud Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) will remain a significant growth market as the workplace continues to evolve into a more distributed landscape and companies strive to be more efficient while cutting costs. It is specifically in this space that Ubisec has invested in and driven innovation through a solution they believe has redefined the industry in its Cloud Hybrid Unified Communications Solution (CHUCS). Some of the company’s key customers are:

  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • USC Medical Center
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Brookfield Properties
  • LBA Realty
  • City of Seal Beach, CA
  • City of Placentia, CA
  • City of Yellowknife, CAN
  • The Tennis Channel
  • Historic Mission Inn
  • Burnham USA

Revitalizing the Network of City Campus to World-Class Standards
Ubisec designed the network infrastructure of City Campus completely from the ground up—all the buildings, facilities, down to the wiring infrastructure. The Ubisec team meticulously reviewed, assessed and vetted until they had a clear plan of attack. Then, based on the network admin’s requirements, they provided a step by step solution plan to bring the network to—not only a useable level again—but poised to grow and provide the world-class capabilities in being able to address current and future needs.

Looking at the Future
Ubisec spends significant amounts of time and money on innovation. The company will be continuing its focus on Cloud UC&C. This industry still has a lot of growth potential and Ubisec believes that it is well positioned to capture significant market share. Ubisec primarily services the western region of the US currently; over the next 3 years, the company plans to move into additional markets and develop into a strong national player.

Knowing the President/CTO – Edward Sohn

A 25+ year IT veteran delivering expert technology solutions to organizations of all sizes and shapes, Edward is a distinguished thought and business leader in today’s IT services industry. A sought after speaker, mentor and instructor, Edward’s reputation as an authority in IT infrastructure-based services and solutions precedes him. His creativity for solving complex problems coupled with his laser-focused drive to exceed customer requirements have resulted in unparalleled, high-quality IT solutions, time and again.

Edward’s imprint is felt no more strongly than in the company he co-founded: Ubisec Systems, Inc. ( Ubisec is dedicated to providing its customers with strategic and tangible value through transformative IT solutions. Under Edward’s leadership, Ubisec has grown into a powerhouse organization, highly sought-after for solving complex IT problems for businesses of all sizes and shapes, from local mom-and-pop shops, to global multi-billion dollar organizations.

Edward’s proficiency in being able to identify market transitions and trends in the IT services industry prompted him to commission a Cloud Services division within Ubisec, called NexCloud. NexCloud ( is dedicated to transforming how the world communicates through the cutting-edge Cloud solutions. In a short period of time, NexCloud has become a powerful and invaluable arm in Ubisec’s services portfolio. His ability to architect and execute is evidenced in Ubisec’s storied history of customer successes. Today, Ubisec and NexCloud lead the IT Cloud and Managed Services industry into the new millennium.

“Our mission is to provide the highest quality IT Solutions that deliver strategic and tangible value to our customers.”