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Delivering innovative solutions to help organizations digitally transform their business: CEPTES Software Pvt. Ltd.

thesiliconreview-ceptes-software-pvt-ltd-2017Today’s business landscape is changing day by day and operating as a lean organization is critical for staying ahead of the competition. Forward-thinking organizations accomplish and sustain lean operations by continuously innovating and refining business processes. There must also be continuous improvement in technology to understand the customers in a better way and predict customer challenges to devise ceaselessly functional products and solutions. This, in turn, controls costs and enables these organizations to scale with negligible growing pains. On the other hand, organizations that can’t adjust to quickly changing conditions frequently find themselves outperformed by their competition.

Thus, CEPTES Software Pvt. Ltd. enables organizations to optimize their business processes by providing faster, more efficient ways to operate. CEPTES established as an IT service provider and is recognized globally as a technological expert. With offices in US and New Zealand spanning for few years, the customer retention rate stands at a whopping rate of 99% for customers from various parts of the globe. Starting its journey in the year 2010, CEPTES provides top-notch quality services, as a Salesforce partner with a particular focus on lightning-ready AppExchange development, building enterprise solutions, and third-party integration.

CEPTES - The leading firm in cloud services

Its passion compels CEPTES to look beyond the obvious and deliver transformative solutions, over the cloud technology niche. It tries to comprehend the emerging needs of the customers and provides them with best in class and novel consulting and implementation solutions. CEPTES as a pioneering leader in cloud technology has a diversified cloud footprint. It partners with the #1 CRM solutions and collaborates to deliver solutions across the verticals in the fastest and most valuable manner, spanning over complex systems, platforms and products.

Technological innovation with inquisitiveness is the root of CEPTES Software. It is clearly stated that when these two elements work in tandem, remarkable results can be derived. CEPTES is positioned in the current market scenario to create this change and promote the novel technological and consulting aspects. Working on the new areas of IOT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, CEPTES has created a niche market on the latest technology, thereby implementing a strong foundation for a better tomorrow for the community. CEPTES fosters growth at a collective level and has more than 200+ successfully executed projects in the last 7 years.

Reliable solutions with shortened time-to-market and reduced costs

CEPTES believes in bringing consulting solutions that drives transformation for its customers. CEPTES Software has 2 divisions, CEPTES Consulting and CEPTES Labs. CEPTES Consulting provides premium and tailor-made experience to its customers by comprehending the flexibility of resource and project execution as per customer business needs. Each customer is different and CEPTES’s proven and pervasive solutions patterns, domain expertise, demonstrated methodology together with experience assure the perfect solution. The company has embedded solutions developed in lesser time for each customer.

CEPTES Labs is an engineering division focusing on product development. Quality quadrupled CEPTES Labs features two cloud products: A file storage product named “XfilesPro” and data encryption solution named “Encryptik”. “Cohesive and persistent, our Labs excel by providing end-to-end services in real-time data and development. We enjoy the patronage of our customers and make our products function ceaselessly, for customer ease”, the company said. CEPTES Labs also created a Centre of Excellence dedicated to new technologies like IOT, Big Data and Machine Learning.

Building trust and credibility

Great Quality, Timely Deliverables & Unmatched Customer support are the three areas, CEPTES does not compromise on. A pioneer in consulting services, CEPTES is a trusted, strategic and long-term partner for many Fortune 500 companies under various industries. It collaboratively works with customers to deliver best solutions across the verticals.

CEPTES ensures that any point of time if the service quality is not met, customers gets a full refund. It unleashes various solutions through cloud and mobility to enable a seamless and effective platform for customers to interact with. The principles that we operate our business includes long-standing commitment to provide best customer experience; continually maintain a strong and lasting relationship, build and nurture positive, passionate and determined team.

Journey so far

CEPTES has always been into cloud technology. It is doing research and development in the cloud by bringing Artificial Intelligence, BlockChain, Big Data and Machine Learning that can be integrated with the cloud solutions. This integration would open more channels of business opportunities. AI, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, Wave Analytics and Business Intelligence are the periodical focus, to create a niche market for its solutions.

Its focus in the coming days is to build solutions that can comprehend the existing enterprise large data and provide various insights and recommendations depending on the past data, thereby helping them to deliver the right solution to its customers. “We strive to fulfill our customer requirements with real-time performance beyond the realm of advanced technology and hence deliver in a streamlined manner. Our passion manifests in whatever we do, thereby, creating a sustaining organization”, the company concluded.

Let’s meet the thought leaders behind CEPTES


Priya Ranjan Panigrahy, Founder, Director Priya 14+ years of experience in technology with domain expertise on Financial and HealthCare. He has always been an enthusiast to new technology and been an early adapter to cloud. He has pioneered in building technology and products for CEPTES that has been used by various customers across the globe. He heads the technology team in CEPTES and is currently focused on creating disruptive products by leveraging IOT and Blockchain.

Harish Kumar Poolakade, Founder, Director Harish Kumar has 17 years of experience in the IT technology industry. Having worked with several high profile financial clients in building their backend system, he comes with a great enterprise experience. He spearheads the CEPTES developments and plan for the company’s long-term strategy and execution of vision. He is involved in major corporate discussions and manages overall operation and resources of the company.

“We understand the need of today’s industrial sector to shrink their time-to-market, reduce costs and bring out innovative new products and solutions. CEPTES, hence, works in coherence to this.”