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10 Fastest Growing SAP Companies 2016

Delivering Security Software Tools for SAP Environments: CSI tools

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.” – Jodi Rell

Every single day, successful companies are reinventing themselves, resulting in constantly assessing their risk exposure by finding inconsistencies in what people are allowed to do, can do, did and can almost do. Known as an independent software development company, CSI tools has developed dynamic analytics tools that deliver intelligence from and to decisions taken in identity and access governance for SAP environments.

CSI tools is a software company that delivers solutions for Access Governance for SAP environments. It is a Belgian company founded in 1997 and was earlier known as CSI Belgium. In the year 2007, CSI Belgium separated it software developments into a separate company – CSI tools. Nowadays, CSI is known as Common Sense &Innovation.

In 2013, CSI decided to make a huge jump towards the future with a New Management, New Products and a New License Structure, for more convenient user-project assignment offering solutions in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment. In 2014, the company kept pace with the evolving market, releasing an entirely new complete and mature GRC solution for SAP environments. CSI tools 2014 is designed to address all GRC needs: auditing and monitoring SAP authorizations, automated SAP role building, compliant user provisioning and emergency access. By checking multiple layers of SAP authorizations, CSI tools ensures that Segregation of Duty (SoD) conflicts through accumulation of access rights are discovered and gives insight how to mitigate the risks. CSI tools is also used to find and correct errors in GRC rule sets. The products are designed to help companies get and remain compliant in all areas.

With regard to Fraud Management, CSI tools uses a more preventive approach. By reporting “Who has almost access” CSI tools can detect different ways as to how fraud can be pledged and this information can then be used to optimize the SAP security or to improve the detective fraud management cycle. This is the main reason why CSI is number one in the audit & consultancy community and that the company is awarded for its approach by analysts and press.

Solutions Offered
The company’s solutions are being used by audit, consultancy firms and multi nationals. They are as follows:

  • CSI Authorization Auditor 2016- is the audit & monitoring application for the authorization and role setup in SAP environments.
  • CSI Role Build & Manage 2016- supports the SAP authorization processes with fully automated SAP role building. By documenting all security requirements the application can build all SAP roles automatically.
  • The CSI Automated Request Engine2016- is a middleware application that processes user access requests based on XML input and generates XML output with the SoD results.
  • CSI Emergency Request2016- is an ABAP4 based solution consisting of two components, to manage and control emergency activities and HR Infotype access.
  • CSI Integrate & Collaborate- enriches CSI Authorization Auditor 2016 Client/Server and CSI Role Build & Manage 2016 Client/Server with scheduling and automation of the tasks.
  • CSI Data Xtractor- is used to export tables from any SAP system and import SAP data into MS Access .mdb, MS Excel .xls and/or .xml files or to take data offline and examine them as an independent data viewing tool.

CSI serves any company that runs on SAP. Some of its clients are EY, KPMG, Deloitte, Saint-Gobain, TE Connectivity, etc.

Client Testimonial
“I had a conversation with Johan Herman just prior to this release and he simply said wait you don’t know what’s coming! I have no further words … in one word, this is not an evolution but revolution! There is so much more one can do with CSI2014.” – Charles Chavula, Manager at SizweNtsalubaGobodo, South Africa.

CSI tools provides companies easy-to-use and easy-to-implement security & audit applications for SAP to maintain and to monitor their SAP authorizations independently. CSI tools´ applications are being used worldwide.

Office Locations
CSI tools’ headquarters is located in Herent, Belgium. It also has a parent office in the Netherlands.

Focus Area
In 2016, CSI tools is focusing on its solutions as a SaaS solution. Doing this will take away the roadblock for companies to acquiring the software by themselves. Instead, the software will be ready for usage from day one.

Knowing the Key Executive

Johan Hermans, founder & CEO
Johan started his career as a Financial Auditor and evolved to IT Auditor in 1997 with the foundation of CSI Belgium which specialized in SAP authorizations, security and internal controls. He then specialized in internal controls and security for SAP environments. Later in 2007, it split into Axl&Trax – a service company providing SAP Access Governance services and CSI tools – an independent software company. Today, Johan is responsible for the general management of CSI tools and is a regular speaker at International conferences as well as a guest-professor at universities. His vision is reflected in the software applications of CSI tools which are recognized by numerous multinationals and research firms worldwide.

“We develop dynamic analytics tools that deliver intelligence from and to decisions taken in identity and access governance for SAP environments.”