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Delivering unified omni-channel experience and scalability for increased sales and business growth: ETP Group

thesiliconreview-naresh-ahuja-ceo-etp-international-pvt-ltd-2018Retailers are going through a time where competition is intensifying, profits are declining and customers are getting pickier. These unprecedented changes in the global retail sector along with the broad set of emerging technologies influence the social and economic trends making it imperative for retailers to use more effective channels to do business. They have to provide a seamless experience to customers across all channels through more interactive channels for engagement. In addition to that, with the rapid shifts in customer demands, competitors’ capabilities and available technologies, the importance to move to omni-channel transformation has become paramount. This is where ETP Group comes in to help retailers adopt the omni-channel path for their brand and find the right mix of stores, mobile, digital marketing and CRM capabilities.

Founded in 1988, ETP is a leading software company headquartered in Singapore that delivers omni-channel retail solutions to market leaders across more than 22 countries in Asia Pacific, India and the Middle East. ETP’s omni-channel solutions include POS, Mobility, CRM, Merchandise and Assortment Planning, Marketing and Promotion campaigns, Supply Chain Management and Order Management Systems. ETP helps its customers get it right in retail.

Driving operational excellence and profitable growth

ETP’s omni-channel retail software solutions are focused on helping retailers create the right customer experience across channels and deliver the right products at the right price, location, quantity and at the right time. ETP’s software solution, ETP V5, is an enterprise class, scalable and secure platform for large to mid-sized retailers. It has strong features incorporating store operations and online channels, marketing campaigns and CRM, supply chain management and warehousing, merchandise and assortment planning with powerful analytics solutions. With a simple and user friendly interface and a range of mobile, social media and online apps, it is tuned to the new generation of retail employees. ETP’s 25 years in the retail space has enabled the company to build powerful domain expertise demonstrable through its best practices templates, which are used during the implementation of the ETP V5 solutions. ETP V5 is the change agent for brick and mortar retailers to be able to become omni-channel retailers and work with their customers in all channels, times and places.

A unique approach to omni-channel retail

Not only does ETP deliver a modern technology, innovative and a highly scalable product, but also has deep domain expertise in the retail industry. This domain expertise empowers it to bring global best practices to the customers through well documented templates that address their strategy and vision for growth. In this fast changing retail landscape, ETP is nimble and flexible to provide consulting and modifications to its customers’ software so that they can be a step ahead of market changes.

Its biggest strength lies with its people – ETP has one of the largest on-ground implementation team among retail product providers in India with over 250 consultants. Its R&D grows by 40% annually, ensuring that each project implementation and product development is vetted through rigorous quality checks. This has made it possible for ETP to complete more than 500 enterprise retail projects across more than 25,000 stores and over 100 warehouses in 22+ countries.

Developing forward-looking and innovative solutions

ETP’s solutions are adopted by market leaders from various fashion and lifestyle segments such as apparel, fashion footwear, sports goods, luggage and hand bags, timepieces, luxury goods, mobile phones and accessories, electronics and multimedia communications, furniture and home furnishings, jewelry, health and beauty, books and stationery, convenience stores. Companies looking for advanced technology to improve their business efficiencies and a long term, stable partner find value in ETP.

ETP has the ability to create innovative software products and deliver retail domain expertise through its consultants and partners. It runs a CoE (Centre of Excellence) in retail that studies the latest trends in consumer behavior, technology and omni-channel retail and acts as an input to the R&D for innovation and its customers for their projects. ETP is also presently doing extensive work in the development of AI based promotions, analytics and CRM, hybrid cloud solutions, mobile payments, and more. Its future product roadmap will include advanced AI in CRM, merchandising, omni-channel and mobility.

Testimonials of success

“Thank you Team ETP for your support with implementing the GST project at our company. I am sure it must have been a herculean task to garner resources, schedule developments and resolve issues. Your dedication and commitment to go live on time is commendable.” – Head IT, Global Timepieces company.

 “Thanks for all your support to rollout GST readiness across our stores in India. Our business is complicated with our own stores and franchisees, and ETP took care of all the scenarios to deliver this special service to us. Special thanks for providing support on off days and at late hours.” – Director IT, Globally Renowned Apparel and Accessories Group.

Meet the man behind ETP Group

Mr. Naresh Ahuja, CEO

Naresh, as the founder, Chairman and CEO of the ETP Group leads the company with a clear focus on bringing enduring value to customers through best practices mirrored in software applications. Naresh first studied science at Bombay University and then joined the National Institute of Information Technology, after which he worked for a while with the family home furnishing & retail business. With his experience in retail and distribution operations and passion for technology, he founded ETP Group, an IT organisation that was focussed on retail and distribution.

“Our software solutions are easy to use and deploy which allows retailers to manage customers, inventory and sales across channels seamlessly and effectively integrate their demand and supply chains across channels to improve bottom line.”