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Top 20 Big Data Companies 2015

Delivers ‘Leading Edge’ Solutions in the Big Data Space : Caserta Concepts

Caserta Concepts is a New York-based, award winning, innovation technology consulting and implementation firm, specializing in big data analytics, business intelligence, data warehousing and cloud-computing services.

Caserta Concepts, founded in 2001 by Joe Caserta, collaborates with CIOs and their IT organizations to build technical data solutions and provide analytics services to maximize data value. The company is headquartered in New York City and utilizes best practices developed by Joe Caserta that are based on a unique method of combined requirements of gathering and data modeling. This enables a simple approach to building data solutions centered on solving one problem at a time within a methodical framework that fits well into a total enterprise-wide solution.

In addition to being the Founder, Joe Caserta also serves as President of Caserta Concepts. The firm operates in the U.S., U.K., EU and other global locations where there is a client need. Caserta Concepts partners with a variety of technology vendors and provides tailored tools that address the clients’ exact needs within the big data space. The company is “product agnostic” offering an objective point of view to develop solutions that create the maximum business and technology impact for clients. “Each of our team members is an expert in his or her field, creating elegant solutions that will grow apace with our clients’ business needs,” adds Joe.

Starting in 2001 the firm had been initially focused on data warehousing. Later, in 2009, Joe recognized his clients’ growing requirements for storing, processing and analyzing big data for business benefit. Since then, Caserta Concepts has become a leader in the big data space.

Currently the company is recognized for outstanding experience and expertise in data warehousing and business intelligence, and enjoys a leadership position in big data analytics, data governance, information quality and master data management specialties. The organization functions across various industry sectors that include banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare, ecommerce, Adtech and higher education.

Noteworthy Service Offerings
“Caserta Concepts designs solutions with the intention to help our clients become self-sufficient as we move forward by providing education and training for seamless knowledge transfer to internal staff at the client site,” explains Joe. In addition, through the Caserta Concepts Innovation Lab, the company researches, tests, assesses and employs emerging technologies, staying ahead of the briskly evolving technology curve and on the cutting edge for clients.

Caserta Concepts takes a comprehensive and crucial view of client engagements and is recognized for its analytic approach. The company assesses the client’s business to maximize data value across the enterprise, supporting the bottom line and identifying new revenue opportunities.

There have been several challenges faced by the firm that include helping clients to identify and manage the explosion of data coming into the organization through a variety of sources, while also keeping ahead of the unprecedented evolving technology used to implement successful solutions. Going forward, the goal continues to be to truly maximize the value of data in any organization. These are challenges that Caserta Concepts embraces and confidently meets.

The company addresses the business needs of a diverse group of business sectors. For example, financial services firms harness the power of their untapped data by utilizing Caserta Concept’s Data Warehouse Solutions. “Our clients enjoy the benefits of our financial data analytics expertise to develop ways to increase profitability, boost their understanding of their customers and limit security problems,” adds Joe.

Realizing the value of data is also vital to the development and growth of healthcare organizations. Caserta’s end-to-end healthcare data warehouse service guides the clients to resolve challenges such as patient care management, improving clinical performance and meeting regulatory challenges.

The growing need in the ecommerce sector for data analytics is universal and clear for all online retailers who wish to remain competitive. Caserta Concepts offers customers a proven, business-driven data warehouse solution that helps ecommerce businesses serve their customer base more efficiently, while maintaining a strong focus on marketing and promotional campaigns that help cultivate repeat customers.

Higher education institutions are facing increased competition while needing to operate more cost-effectively. There is a strong opportunity to offer data accessibility solutions and this is where Caserta Concepts’ education solutions come into play. From planning, designing, architecting and implementing a total enterprise solution, Caserta offers proven methodologies that help to improve the integrity and accessibility of a college’s or universities’ data. “The solutions we design are future-oriented. Our experts have insight into the business challenges that the education sector faces and are able to ensure our clients’ data solutions are scalable, and flexible,” states Joe.

Looking Towards the Future
Caserta will continue to operate across its many focus industry sectors.

“We see that healthcare and ecommerce are experiencing explosive growth; we also see continued growth in the other industry sectors that we serve,” affirms Joe. Joe concludes by saying, “Continual innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage a company can have.”

“Continual innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage a company can have.”