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10 Fastest Growing Retail Companies 2018

Driven by the mission to provide exceptional clothing and consultation with an emphasis on sleek and modern presentation: BALANI Custom Clothiers

thesiliconreview-sonny-balani-ceo-balani-custom-clothiers-18“We are committed to truly collaborating with our clients and exceeding their expectations during each phase of the custom process.”

It has been told that “every man looks his best when wearing a suit,” and we couldn’t agree more. When dressed in a properly fitted custom suit, a man commands strength, respect, and power without having to say a word.

Most department stores cannot provide the design and sizing variety necessary for the average man. That’s where BALANI Custom Clothiers makes the biggest impact and tangible difference for their clients.

With a client base throughout the U.S., Chicago based BALANI Custom Clothiers specializes in impeccable custom-made men’s clothing while delivering a luxury customer experience.

BALANI: Two Generations of Excellence

Founded in 1961 by master tailor Peter Balani, BALANI Custom Clothiers is the country’s fastest-growing, family-owned, men’s custom clothing brand. Headquartered in Chicago, BALANI has successfully expanded into 14 markets including Houston, New York, and Los Angeles. For 57 years, BALANI has focused on providing custom tailored business wear, formal wear, and casual clothing all while creating a unique and personalized clothing experience for each client.

In 1953, Peter Balani set out to master the art of crafting custom clothing. For over 40 years, Peter Balani traveled the globe, establishing relationships with the top European fabric mills and catering to the nation’s elite businessmen.

When Peter’s son, Sonny, turned 16, he asked him to join the family business. Wanting to pursue a career in finance, Sonny declined the offer. Undeterred, 10 years later, Balani asked his son again. With years of corporate experience now behind him, Sonny finally recognized the significance of this opportunity—a chance to modernize custom clothing, enhance the customer experience, and expand nationwide.

Sonny Balani took over the family-run business in 2003 and re-imagined the custom clothing experience by designing a contemporary showroom, developing a collaborative selection process, and employing new technologies in the tailored clothing process. Every garment is always 100 percent customizable. In an effort to ensure a great fit, BALANI private consultations begin with taking over 30 measurements and all information is kept on file to streamline the client’s experience during future visits.

Quality and Superior Service is the Core of BALANI

Throughout their expansion over the last few years, BALANI has remarkably upheld 5-star ratings on Yelp, Google, and Trustpilot in every city they are located. BALANI passionately handcrafts each suit, taking pride in even the finest details, just as it has done for the last 57 years.

“As we continue to evolve and grow, it is paramount that we maintain a heightened focus on delivering a luxurious product coupled with a fun and relaxing ‘impact experience’ for each client,” said Sonny Balani. Since its founding, BALANI Custom has been catering to a loyal client base with a commitment to quality clothing and exceptional customer service.

Fabrics of the highest quality are sourced from Italy and the U.K. and include a large selection of fabrics suitable for any climate. During the consultation process, clients will select lapels, stitching, buttons, buttonholes, pockets, monograms, cuffs, collars, lining and more. When the handcrafted suit is complete, clients can then choose from a wide variety of neckties, bow-ties, shoes, socks, cufflinks, collar stays and pocket squares to complete their look. Custom suits start at $899, and the average turnaround time ranges from 6-8 weeks.

Distinguishing Factors

  • Developing a knowledgeable sales team and culture.
  • Creating a client order database to streamline the custom process.
  • Establishing quality control and striving to always deliver an exceptional product.
  • Continued extensive training to all team members.

Another contributor to BALANI’s success is its “BALANI Buddy” system. The company’s sales staff partner with each other, offer tips, share wins and losses, and help each other become better leaders. This strong shadowing and mentorship program allows employees to travel to different cities and learn the best practices of other employees they admire in the organization.

Keep in Touch

Web link: www.balanicustom.com

BALANI Holds All Aces

A quick glance at the accolades received by BALANI:

  • One of the Top 6 Tailors in the World – J.W. Marriott Magazine.
  • Best Custom Suit and Best High-End Tailor –Chicago Magazine.
  • 5 Star Ratings on Yelp, Google, and Trustpilot.
  • Ranked on the Inc. 5000 List in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.
  • As seen in GQ, CNN, WSJ, Fortune, Forbes.
  • Top Custom Shirt – Men’s Book Magazine.

Stitching an Exquisite Future

BALANI is excited to announce that they are now expanding to the East Coast. By spring, BALANI will be open in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Baltimore. In the years to come, BALANI will continue to grow its team and expand throughout the U.S., while consistently crafting suits at the highest quality.

Testament of BALANI’s Success

“The pinnacle of custom clothing companies! I had tried several custom shirt/suit makers in Chicago before being introduced to Balani, and now I have been a loyal customer for the last four years. I look forward to being a customer for much longer!”

- Justin, Trustpilot

“I’ve never had a custom suit made before, and I won’t buy another off the rack again.”

- Caleb G., Yelp

Carrying Forward the Legacy

Sonny Balani, CEO: In 2003, Sonny Balani, son of founder, Peter Balani, took over as CEO of BALANI Custom Clothiers. With a background in business and finance, Sonny restructured the company model and modernized BALANI Custom Clothiers as a sophisticated, luxury experience. He opened a modern showroom and created an environment where men could relax with a beverage, while customizing their new clothing.

“Our clients love having the ability to customize their garments while knowing the quality and fit will always be held to highest standards of craftsmanship.”