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Driving Better Business through Trusted Expertise in Back Office Services: Concentrus

thesiliconreview-amy-malmquist-president-concentrus-18We transform entrepreneurial companies into professionally run, values-driven productive businesses, resulting in delighted customers. With over 11 years of history, we provide the top-notch core NetSuite and training services.

Every company has its own unique business challenges, goals and requirements. To be successful, companies need to ensure that they have the right systems, people, and processes in place to overcome any existing challenges and help their reach their goals.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can help companies streamline their operations so they can accelerate growth and overcome any departmental silos that your company may be experiencing. It houses all of your company data in a centralized location so that there is a single truth across your company. Employees of all departments can access key information from the same system to eliminate data discrepancies and manual data entry, helping your company get a real-time view of your business performance. NetSuite, the number 1 cloud-based ERP solution, takes this one step further by allowing your employees to access company data anytime, anywhere so that your team can make faster, more informed business decisions to accelerate business growth.

Founded in 2012, Concentrus is a NetSuite solutions provider that guides businesses through how to use NetSuite to reach highly focused business goals and objectives. By providing NetSuite implementation, development, integration, and customization services, Concentrus ensures that its clients have a sustainable, long-term solution to reach their business goals.

How It All Started

In 2009, a nationwide distributor of Boost Mobile prepaid wireless phones, VHA Prepaid Wireless perceived that having multiple systems to run their business was not ineffective and time-consuming. After evaluating several business management solutions, VHA decided to implement NetSuite, a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to consolidate the core business functions and accelerate business growth.

The company quickly realized that even though NetSuite is a powerful tool, the out-the-box solution was not going to help them reach their ultimate business goals; they needed a customized solution to fit their unique business needs.

VHA Prepaid Wireless reached out to several partners to help them tailor the solution, but the partners turned out to be more interested in pushing their own agenda than understanding the true problems. VHA decided to take matters into its own hands by putting together a team with master listening skills to assess the business challenges and come up with a long-term, sustainable solution and ensure that VHA would get the most out of their NetSuite investment.

After helping VHA reach aggressive goals, it became clear that other companies could benefit from the same services that this team provided to VHA. And thus, Concentrus was born.

The Success of the First Project

Concentrus started its odyssey with a big project - a dealer portal for VHA Prepaid Wireless. It moved VHA’s order entry from 85% phone calls to 50% web orders in 90 days and now, 80% of the orders created for VHA are done via the web. The project was so successful that VHA has come back to Concentrus for several more projects since then.

It is not just VHA that appreciated Concentrus for its services, but other clients too. Concentrus customers appreciate that the team practices active listening to identify the root of the problem instead of just putting a Band-Aide over the symptoms like other NetSuite partners.

“We practice active listening because we really are in it for our customers. Because of our core values, we have developed relationships with a strong foundation of trust with every single one of our customers.” – John Martinez, Vice President

Commitment to Helping the Clients at All Levels

Success without struggle is a myth, and Concentrus understands that very well. During the initial days of the company, Concentrus struggled to get everyone in its organization aligned with the company goals and objectives. As time flew, the company became selective in its hiring to make sure the people coming into the organization are always open to learning and had the same core values that Concentrus builds its foundation off of.

Every team member in Concentrus has the client’s best interest at heart. They truly believe in the importance of being “in it” for the client. Every employee at Concentrus undergoes training to ensure that the company goals and values are reflected during every client interaction. By aligning everyone with the same goal, they ensure that every customer has a positive experience, no matter who they interact with in the company.

By sticking to these core values, Concentrus has built its trust and respect with every client to build long-term business relationships.

“We have been on this road for several years.  The key factor was getting clear on our mission and executing on solidifying our culture in every employee,” says Amy Malmquist, President.

The Future

Committed to the customers’ business success, Concentrus’ current focus is to continue to grow the client base. The company is developing new partnerships to provide additional value to its customers and get them the best solution for their business needs.

Concentrus strives to  provide all the NetSuite users a great experience to help them create the perfect blend of people, systems, and processes to reach their business goals and be successful.

Meet the Marvelous Duo

Amy Malmquist is the President of Concentrus. Joined in July 2015, as the President of Concentrus, Amy oversees all business service functions – Finance & Accounting, Marketing, IT, PMO, HR and Learning & Development/Training. Her career spans fifteen years of transforming entrepreneurial businesses into professionally run companies – sharpening business strategy, improving accountability, establishing standard operating procedures and streamlining operational processes.

John Martinez is the Vice President of Concentrus. John joined Concentrus as Vice President of Professional Services in 2012. He has over 35 years of experience in all aspects of technology and is responsible for various IT functions including infrastructure maintenance, international network, development, and eCommerce Websites for multiple companies.