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Driving Workplace Happiness & Employee Engagement Through Innovative Technology Platform: Peoplecart Private Limited


Ready Built-in Integrations & Single Sign On with most of major HR systems

Peoplecart started-up as a simpler Rewards, Recognition and Redemption platform in 2014. The company had re-pivoted into an end-to-end tech platform that enables organizations to engage, recognize and innovate in a social and gamified format. Together with its affiliate firm, PossibleWorks, Peoplecart automates, intelligently, entire Talent management cycle from employee engagement to performance & potential management. Its geographic reach is fast expanding, currently accessed by more than 70,000 employees across the globe from varied industries such as Retail, BFSI, IT/ ITES, Pharmaceutical, etc and all across the globe that include the Middle East, USA/ North America, India, South East Asia.

The Company’s Beliefs and Solutions

Workforce engagement used to be a good-to-have tool for organizations to improve retention. It has now evolved to need-to-have technology intervention, driven by trends of leaner, distributed and freelancing teams. Employee Engagement now encompasses overall work place happiness, covering various employee needs from appreciation to innovation and lastly, self-actualization. What supports this, shall be a cutting-edge platform that is social, mobile, and driven by content and analytics. User adoption has been an important hurdle in the segment, which Peoplecart addressed effectively through gamification and proprietary Minimum Normative Engagement Path (“MNEP”). Most of our clients leverage the platform for driving work place innovation, through crowd sourcing, automated process management, and agile implementation goals around identified path breakers.

The Present and Future Focus Areas of Employee Engagement space

Organizations spend around 1-2% of the payroll cost on employee recognition according to industry standards, on an average. In specific talent driven industries, such as BFSI, Retail, Media, Product/ Tech enabled business, this average could be double such estimate. Traditional focus areas for employee engagement space have been automation of rewards, redemption, enabling social recognition and to some extent proliferation of organization culture and values. Peoplecart is witnessing this focus to shift to nurturing of ideation and innovation to implement, linkage to competency models, and a pre-defined normative path of engagement along employee’s journey with the organization. Gamification is playing an important role in end-user adoption.

Peoplecart believes that in the next few years, millennial employees will seek and get more empowerment and self-actualization at work, replacing their primary motivation of reward. The company will continue to focus on areas that empower employees, help employers engage their employees better and ultimately help employees to achieve their potential. Peoplecart is confident in its ability to leverage technology to provide real-time and agile inputs to its clients and their employees. Some of the projects such as InnoMentor leverage AI technologies for Innovation and Performance mentoring through sequential machine learning.

Its team aligns and strives towards organizational goal of enabling (client & its own) employees in accomplishing possibilities, and in turn improve global workplace happiness. The company fulfills this promise through the following Tracks.


Recognize Values, Behaviours, Engage, Reward Outcomes


Innovation as Competency


Reinforce Competencies, Drive Performance, Potential

  • Employee Recognition
  • Nomination Driven Awards - Individual, Teams
  • Milestone Awards, Contests, PeopleBuzz & Happiness Culture
  • Pulse Polls, Surveys, Quizzes
  • Employee Referrals
  • Appreciation by Customers
  • Employee Health & Wellness Trackers
  • Credits, Wallet & Redemption
  • Game Scores & Clubs (WIP)
  • On-boarding & Values (WIP)
  • Engagement Surveys (WIP)
  • Crowd sourcing ideas
  • Expert validation of crowd sourced ideas
  • Implementation by timelines
  • Innovation Process Management
  • Complete Talent Mgmt
  • OKR based PMS for Sales & Agile teams
  • Dynamic Goal Periods
  • Holacracy / Tribes
  • Quick Check-Ins
  • 360 Feedback (WIP)
  • IDP Management(C)
  • Productivity & Sales Metrics Gamification
  • Competency Percentiles & Maps (WIP)
  • Artificially Intelligent Virtual Mentor (WIP)




Vamsi Ram Maddimsetti, Founder & CEO

Vamsi is the founder of two of the leading HR Technology platforms for Workplace Innovation & Employee Engagement ( and Performance Management ( He has 17+ yrs of experience in leading large global engagements in areas of organizational excellence, business transformation, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Prior to starting-up, Vamsi worked for CRISIL Limited (Energy Advisory) and Ernst & Young (Investment Banking).

Vamsi co-founded in 2012 and subsequently, moved on to start up Peoplecart (2014) and PossibleWorks (2017). Vamsi is a Mechanical Graduate from Andhra University with PGP, Finance from International Management Institute – IMI, Delhi. He enjoys farming and is currently figuring out more ard workplace happiness!

“Our platform enables organizations to inculcate values and drive appreciation, innovation, and high performance behaviours through automation of a variety of Engagement programs.”