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30 Fastest Growing companies in Asia 2016

Enabling enterprises to take right decisions, as early as possible: Drutha Software Technologies


Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet” – Douglas Adams

Founded by software and IT professionals, with over two decades of experience in the IT Services industry & in depth exposure across Technology, Telecom, Auto & Retail domains, Drutha’s vision is to be a trusted IT & technology partner for the start-ups, small & medium enterprises globally with a mission to enable cost effective IT Services for these enterprises.

The Founders and Management Team of Drutha, have significant experience working with large multinational companies (i.e., Nokia, Wal-Mart, Ford etc) as well as start-ups & small enterprises (i.e., Open Market, Intervoice) and in depth experience in software development, Project Management & managing multi-site project teams for small & large projects.

The following are the key reasons why you, as a Start-Up or a Small & Medium Enterprise, should seriously consider Drutha as the preferred IT Partner:

  • Focus on Success: A team that is focused on success through an in depth understanding of customer needs and demonstrating the flexibility that is required to succeed. They truly believe that the success of Drutha lies in customer’s success.
  • Free Technology Consulting: Enabling to transform customer’s idea into action by not only asking the right questions but also helping you answer them to create the technology roadmap, architecture and implementation plan.
    Reduced Project Risks: Application of an Incremental & Iterative development strategy, such as Agile Development Model, that helps significantly reduces risks in Technology & Market& Requirements.
  • Significantly Lower Cost: A significantly lower development cost achieved by leveraging an offshore development team based in India.

Reliable Technology Solutions

Web Applications & E Commerce Solutions
Their Web Development & E Commerce Services can help you develop the next big web portal / application or launch dream Online Retail Store using industry standard E-Commerce platform like Magento. They have very strong experience in developing large scale Web Applications & E Commerce solutions. Raghu, the Founder and Director (Technology & Consulting) has been directly involved as an Architect & Technical Manager in delivering some very large, complex E-Commerce websites in the US and UK, including Sears.com, Kmart.com and Waitrose.com. They can help you to:

  • Architect and develop bespoke Web Application end to end using an appropriate Content Management System like Drupal or Joomla.
  • Build a customized E-Commerce solution on an industry standard E-Commerce platform like Magento.
  • Re-engineer the bespoke E Commerce Application on industry standard E Commerce Platform like Magento or WCS.

Mobile Applications
Leverage on their Mobile Applications & Solutions Services to develop the next killer / viral mobile app, be it cross platform or native (Android / iOS), ensuring high levels of scalability with emerging BaaS solutions like Parse, StackMob or Kinvey. They can help you:

  • Develop native applications on Android, iOS.
  • Develop Cross Platform Mobile Applications that work on Android & iOS.
  • End to End Solutions that include a standalone backend or a Cloud based Backend As A Service (BaaS) like Parse, StackMob or Kinvey.

Data Migration & Data Marts
Gain valuable insights into the business by creating data-marts and migrating valuable data onto them. They can help you develop and support this process through their expertise in ETL tools & scripts like Pentaho & multi-dimensional OLAP databases like Mondrian. With their experience in Data Migration and creating Data Marts using Mondrian or Microsoft Analysis Server they can help to:

  • Design & Develop data mart.
  • Develop ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) scripts to load the data being generated on a regular basis onto the datamart.
  • Develop applications – either web based or stand alone – to access the data-mart and provide reports back to the organization.

Application Support
Supporting Applications, whether they have been developed by customer’s in-house teams or outsourced to a third party vendor, can be a costly proposition. Effective support of the applications needs to be provided not only to the external customers (paying or otherwise) as well as internally to the development, marketing and other teams. Handing off the support activities to a different team, especially if the team is offshore based in India, not only reduces the costs of supporting the applications significantly, but also can help increase customer satisfaction due to the dedicated and focused attention on the support activities.

Meet the Key Executive

Raghu Ram Sathanapalli, Founder and CEO: A graduate from I.I.T Madras and an MBA from London School of Business, Raghu has over 16 years of professional experience in a spectrum of industries ranging from Power Plants, Automotive & Retail. It includes over 10 years of experience in architecting, implementing and program managing large IT programs in the Automotive industry (Companies like Ford in the US) and large complex WCS E-Commerce Website Implementations in Retail (Sears.com & KMART in the US & WaitRose in the UK) In addition, Raghu brings his extensive experiences in managing programs with large multi-site teams and managing the expectations of multiple stakeholders including business customers, infrastructure, client IT teams and client management.

“We are open to engage with you through a variety of engagement models to suite your requirements & need”.