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Top 20 Big Data Companies 2015

Enabling new technologies in the Big Data space : International Integrated Solutions

“Our ability to bring knowledge and expertise to our customers is the critical ingredient for our success.”

Adopting emerging technologies into business processes and applications along with hiring new talent are crucial for expanding a business. However what is most important is a vision that guides, encourages and helps the business to grow and meet today’s customer challenges. In a journey that spans across the revolution of client server technology and virtualization, International Integrated Solutions, headquartered in NY, has actively made the right investments and has the required vision to be a leader in Cloud and Big Data Solutions. Founded in March 1990, IIS has offices in Manhattan, Plainview, NY, Danbury, CT and Westborough, MA.

Value-added Services in the Big Data forefront
“Our team had the vision to see where the market was headed”, says IIS Founder and CEO John Iacone. With three major service offerings; Infrastructure Modernization (Which includes server, storage, networking, virtualization, and the management, platforms required to maintain a secure and reliable environment); Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions and Big Data Analytics, the company boasts a successful Big Data practice that includes consultation and implementation services by application experts and Data Scientists for leading data analytics platforms including HP Vertica, Hortonworks Hadoop and VoltDB.

IIS has cultivated a robust offering of Big Data Solutions and Analytical Technologies allowing business leaders to deliver a more personalized, relevant customer experience. IIS fully leverages these technologies both through unsurpassed expertise and close relationships with valued partners.

In 2014, CIO Review named IIS to its “100 Most Promising Big Data Companies list“, and with the additions of Chief Data Scientist Don Vilen and Data Analytics Expert Joel Rubinson, IIS is poised to offer even more value to its customers.

“This month, we are celebrating our 25 years in business. We began as two young professionals working out of a basement selling technology to a handful of customers. Over the years we built a world-class team, expanded our portfolio, foot print and our customer base.

However, who we were then, is who we are now. The values of our company, focusing on our customers and our people, remained”, adds Founder and CEO, John Iacone.

Plans for the days ahead
Boasting of a list of enviable clients, the company believes that its commitment to customer success and not giving up until the project is complete to the customer’s satisfaction is what differentiates IIS from competitors.

Having been recently recognized by HP at their Global Partner Conference, 2015 as the Americas Solution Partner of the Year for Big Data, IIS has kept pace with technology trends over 25 years. “In addition to our focus on infrastructure Modernization, Cloud and Big Data, we have started our initial investment in VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure and mobility”, adds John Iacone.

Knowing the key Executive
John Iacone, Founder and CEO

Having initially trained as an engineer, the Founder and CEO of IIS, John Iacone quickly took the path of entrepreneurship, as he realized his potential for developing innovative solutions to the most complicated problems. With the combination of technical, business and people skills, he has demonstrated his ability for developing successful, one-of a kind solution to solve his customer’s problems.

The entrepreneur wanted to build an organization that could implement technology strategies, solutions and integrations that aligned with customer’s goals and maximize business growth and the outcome was IIS.Today, customers choose the company for its customized strategies, extreme support, and an experienced team, that leverages technology solutions and services to improve their competitiveness in the market and grow their bottom line.

“Our people are our strongest asset. We‘re highly accomplished, creative and passionate. Together, as an IT community, we encourage, empower, and help each other to be even better and smarter- to produce superior results for you.

The confidence we have in ourselves and in each other enable our synergistic approach to removing obstacles and solving problems. Though these collaborations- fuelled by the deft interchange of experience, knowledge, and skills-challenges are met and expectations surpassed. At IIS, We do more than just capture the spirit of team, we embody it. Perhaps that’s why our people stay with us a very long time.

We also never forget the every human side of the equation. We understand that your job or your company is your mission. So when we install a solution, it’s not the end of our journey with you, it’s the beginning. We support you on every solution we deploy, starting on install day plus one. If a problem arises, everyone here is on deck for you. We support world class companies with world class solutions, but really it all comes down to this level: doing the right thing, always for the people who place their faith in us.”