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10 Fastest Growing Telecommunication Companies 2016

Ensuring Quality Standards of Telecommunication Networks: Telecommunications Technical Services

Telecommunications is one of the major contributors to a country’s economy. Telecom services have dramatically changed our lives by making things easy and hassle free, starting from booking tickets online to getting grocery delivered at our doorsteps. They have also bridged the gap between clients, families and friends sitting miles away and have helped conduct meetings, conferences and information dissemination on the go. From mobile communications and broadband services to new generation networks and satellites, telecommunication has made the world a better place to live in.

However, the telecom companies that exist today cannot function alone. They need telecom consultation and implementation to help them choose the right technology according to their budget and needs. Telecommunications Technical Services (TTS) is one such brand that ensures quality standards of existing, operational wireless networks by using latest and upgraded technology.

The Ride So Far

TTS was established in 2008 by Keith D. Marshall, an USAF Veteran, and Telecommunications industry expert. The company initially kick started as a technical niche in OEM programming and integration and later with time, diversified into several other services and verticals like Civil and Construction resources, Site Acquisition department, complete service offerings around constructing cell sites, building towers, updating 3G, 4G and LTE technologies and Microwave equipment as well as Fiber Optic cable installation. It also added DAS, Small Cell and RF Optimization to its portfolio. With respect to the market demand, TTS adds OEM and client certifications.

Creating its Own Platform
The company calls itself as a turnkey service provider as it is constantly engaged in evaluating and analyzing the present market and what they can expect in terms of demands from customers. It imparts quality training to its employees in such times to stay ahead of its competitors. Like any other organization, TTS also has to struggle to cope with challenges such as industry up and downs, quality resources and safety while dispatching services. But with the constant support and guidance of CEO Keith Marshall, TTS is always equipped with solutions and plans to stay ahead of constant evolution of cellular technologies.

The Road Ahead
TTS offers a full turnkey solution to its customers and clients handling each and every aspect of the roles that they have, starting from A–Z which would include Consulting, Engineering, Construction and Implementation in Cellular and Wireless technologies. Through these services clients can reduce its resource which in turn reduces the cost and concentrate on other projects where there are ample chances of increasing its revenue.

Focusing on its strength along with service, TTS has diversified its services to include Turnkey cellular and fiber activities and is looking forward to further enhancing these service offerings to their existing customer base across North America with their increased national footprint. TTS is now approved by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as a certified Veteran Owned Business.

In 2015 & 2016 TTS has extensively expanded its activities to the West Coast of the United States mostly in California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Utah. This growth brought additional team members that are key players to these new markets and allow TTS to perform to a high level of quality supporting the local flavors of the Industry on a Nationwide basis.

Clientele TTS caters to the
telecommunications industry, OEMs, Carriers and Tower Owners. In 2015 and 2016 TTS has made strides to further diversify their portfolio to include the private sector, utility and transportation industries and has seen major growth in this area. Its clients mainly opt for cellular facilities; primarily tower and rooftop sites as well as in-building and exterior DAS, Small Cell and Fiber deployments and are extremely satisfied with the performance and execution that TTS offers.

Office Locations
Headquartered in their new 20,000 square foot Alpharetta, GA facility with additional offices in Washington D.C.; Missoula, MT; Spokane, WA; Salt Lake City, UT; Charlotte, NC; Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL; Jackson, MS and Montreal, QC, Canada; allows TTS to support work across all of North America. In 2016, TTS opened new facilities in Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA to increase its support of the western United States.

Knowing the Key Executive

Keith Marshall, President & CEO
Mr. Keith Marshall possesses over 20 years of experience in the Telecommunications Engineering Industry and has been involved in network and product development with the Unites States Air Force as well as OEMs Nokia, Ericsson and several North American Carriers. Mr. Marshall and the entire team at TTS continue to lead the industry in a positive and definitive manner with the desire to understand all evolutions of new technology.

“Our focus is to provide industry leading project management, training services, network deployment and a level of technical expertise not frequently seen in the marketplace.”