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10 Fastest Growing Startup Companies 2016

Exotel: Meet One of Southeast Asia’s Largest Cloud Telephony Company

thesiliconreview shivku exote

“Our mission is to build the best-in-class voice products that power the companies of today and tomorrow.”

Established with an aim to help large businesses streamline and bring efficiency to their voice communication, Exotel is one of Southeast Asia's largest cloud telephony companies. The company take away some of the biggest pain points of traditional systems like EPABX and PBX and allow businesses to use world-class APIs to build a reliable communication system.

Started by 3 techies in 2011, Exotel today is home to over 100 folks from different walks of life. The one common thread they are bound by is the desire to see voice communication change the way businesses function.

The Management team

Shivku, CEO

Shivku, a computer science graduate from BITS, Pilani, started his career at Yahoo! where he worked on Jobs and Maps. After being a (Yahoo!) superstar there, he left to start Roopit, a C2C marketplace that eventually pivoted to Exotel. He is usually found cracking PJs in the office and not letting people do their job. A self-proclaimed foodie, he is the best person to get the local food scene advice from, irrespective of where you are travelling to.

Ishwar, COO

Ishwar is the ultimate multi-tasker. You’ll see him doling out advice, firefighting and generally being awesome. Shivku’s colleague at Yahoo!, Ishwar worked on maps and has a couple of patents to his name. When Shivku pivoted to Exotel, he roped in Ishwar. If you see him lost in thought at the office, he’s either working on something critical or figuring out the location for his next diving holiday.

Sid, CTO

Sid has one big love in his life building distributed systems at scale. This love story started during his stint with the Bing team at Microsoft. The only things that ruffle his cool demeanour are bad code, bad design, migraine and apps that are not compatible with a Windows phone.

Anand Kumar, CFO

Anand is the latest addition to the BITS-Yahoo! mafia at Exotel. He’s the in-house professor at Exotel. He was awarded this honorary position because he has an opinion on everything under the sun and that opinion is accompanied by a book recommendation. As the CFO, he’s the terror of the core team. He analyses balance sheets and P&L statements the way a detective looks at a crime scene! Nothing escapes his keen eye.

Karthik, Chief Revenue Officer

Karthik was the first MBA and the first product manager at Exotel! He was also the first addition to the BITS – Yahoo! mafia. Before joining Exotel, he was a product manager at eBay. He’s the core team’s devil’s advocate. In his free time, he’s also a #Thuglife evangelist at Exotel.

Why Exotel

thesiliconreview shivku exotel

The most popular features

Multi-level IVR

 These help customers to avail a seamless experience every time. No more wasting time on IVR prompts that are not helpful.

Personalization- Have a personalised IVR prompt that greets your customers and route their calls to the relevant team. Get your customers to choose who they’d like to speak to with “Press 1 for sales, 2 for support” etc.

Sound professional- Upload a recording or get a message recorded by professional voice over artist. You can even record a message using your mobile phone.

Customize- Customise the IVR menu according to your business needs. No need to wait for IT assistance or a 3rd party to make changes.

Real-time Notifications

 Missing a call means losing a potential customer or missing the opportunity to solve a customer’s problem. Stay informed about your business calls and serves customers better.

Get notified at the right time- This will notify you when you or your agent misses a call changes their activity state on Exotel, changes your call flows and more

Set your preference- One can customize the kind of notifications you’d like to receive to ensure that we don’t flood your inbox.

Unlimited Channels-When Exotel started, the team decided never to let a customer miss even a single call due to channel capacity constraints.

No limits on concurrent calls Exotel is the only cloud telephony company in India that offers unlimited channels.

Freedom Unlimited channel capacity on all plans.

Call Recording

 Call monitoring allows you to make better business decisions, train agents right as well as resolve customer disputes.

Better business decision- With Exotel, all your calls, both incoming and outgoing, are recorded and will be available on your dashboard.

Training and evaluation- Give your agents the opportunity to learn with real call recordings. No need to create dummy scenarios when they can understand from the best agents on how to handle customers.

Dispute resolution- Use call recordings to resolve customer complaints. While is it natural for misunderstandings to occur, having the conversation recorded is the best way to address these issues.

Daily Email Reports

 Know exactly how your team is performing over phone calls. Get a detailed daily report with call statistics for your company and individual agents as well as groups.

Direct email updates- Get a detailed daily reports with call statistics for your company, individual agents as well as groups that you create.

Know your call stats- Call stats include the number of calls answered, dialled, missed, the average duration of calls and a lot more.

Track productivity- Through your call stats, you’ll now be able to keep a close on agent productivity and suggest improvements wherever necessary.


“Exotel was a great plug n play system which took less than 2 days to setup and helped us manage all our call center needs.”- Richa Kar, Founder and CEO, Zivame

“We have worked across cloud telephony players and with other vendors,but the fact is Exotel is dependable.”- Shashank ND, Co-founder & CEO, Practo

“Due to the fact that Exotel is a cloud telephony solution we spent zero on developing an infrastructure and even with a large variety of solutions that Exotel has to offer, it was pretty easy to configure.”- Bharath Devanathan, COO, Nearbuy

“We are a bunch of smart, focussed and fun-loving people on the brink of something big.”

“Not just in India but across the world. Awards and Recognition  we have earned over the last 5 years.”