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Farsight IT Solution: Leveraging leading-edge technology to gain sustainable competitive advantage

silicon-review-mukesh-kumar“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi.

In business since July 2009, Farsight IT Solutions have been enabling businesses to leverage leading-edge technology to gain sustainable competitive advantage in today’s market place across India.

A leading and globally accepted technology based HR & Payroll solutions provider for HR, Admin & Finance professionals across India, Farsight IT Solutions provides bespoke software development services using windows, web technologies.

The company widely works with Indian, offshore customers. They have a global client foot print with customers in India, U.S., etc. They commit themselves to achieve consistent reliability, efficiency and performance of their products & services related to Software products. They attempt to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through continuous feedback mechanism and continual improvement in Quality Management Systems.

The company has also been accredited ISO 9001: 2008 certification for observing international standards in a wide scope of activities like Design & Development of Software.

Why Farsight IT Solutions
At Farsight, great emphasis is given to efficient project management. Process-driven project management means that your project is handled carefully and professionally, with you in control at all times.

Quality – For all their Clients, software is core to their business where ‘value for money’ is more important than low cost and ‘time to market’ is absolutely critical. So for their clients, it is not about finding a software vendor, but about having a trusted automation partner who can build commercial-grade, industrial-strength software solution and help succeed.

People – Farsight’s strength and greatest asset lies in their people. Get access to individuals with proven accomplishments and considerable industry experience. Strategic staffing ensures to get the specialized experience required for project, and their staff retention rates are amongst the highest in the industry. Everyone at Team Farsight shares the common goal of delivering on our commitments.

Expertise – Finding the right information technology resources for an organization can be difficult. Experience, technical skills and cost all need to be factored into decision. Farsight is well qualified to help a client with their development and consulting needs from conception to final delivery of requirements.

Commitment – Farsight gives an instant access to a dynamic, scalable, dedicated and responsible development team – a team committed to meeting the highest standards, committed to delivering on promises, and committed to ensuring every project’s success.

Farsight’s ERP Integration Solution
The Human Resource Function plays a crucial role in the successful functioning of an organization.

Farsight’s HR Solution integrates all data and course of action of employees to unify the data systematically. It offers a variety of features that seamlessly integrates ERP with Human Resource. Farsight’s HR Solution offers access to employee’s data in HR database to enable transparency in functionality.

Farsight’s HR Solution is a tool for businesses that opt for best-of-breed software strategies require hi-end technology to finely blend workforce with optimal resources. It provides comprehensive information database that can integrate employee performance management, training & learning and payroll modeling with the ERP structure, making it easier for executives for efficient decision making.

Farsight’s Objective is to ensure:

  • Organization gaining the most benefit from its HR activities.
  • Activities must be aligned with organizational strategy and objectives.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of those activities.
  • HR policies, processes & practices compliant with statutory laws.
  • Company incurs maximum returns on investments.

Perks of opting for Farsight’s ERP system:

  • SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis of HRM including a proposal for improvement measures.
  • Integration of HR solutions with efficient ERP.
  •  Automated accurate processing of data.
  • Transparency of information within various departments.
  • Digitalization of data reduces human errors.
  • Eliminates the scope of duplication of data.

Human resource management is an upscale affair and proves to be the most productive in the business. Integrating HR effectiveness with ERP system ensures that human capital is strategically aligned with business objectives and effectively manages to increase returns on investment. Farsight’s HR Solution helps to have a closer look and monitor strategic planning that’ll ensure prosperity in business with healthy margins.

The company takes pride in having clients such as RELAXO, CASIO, KOBELCO, YKK, TATA, MENETA, policy Bazaar, AUDI Gurgaon, IFFDC, ARB BEARINGS, Moserbaer and etc.

Clients Testimonial
“Payroll Insights enabled us in attaining better performance with less effort and compliance through automation – Farsight migrated our earlier payroll data in the solution and we are able to generate Form-16, Form-5 etc. directly from the system. Web based Employee Self Service portal (ESS) has also increased the productivity of HR as well as of all employees.” – Senior General Manager – IT Relaxo Footwear Limited.

“Excellent work has been done by Farsight team on Form-16 A & it is working smoothly & reduced our valuable time on issuance.” – Manager Finance – Whirlpool.

“Farsight IT Solutions is an outstanding payroll implementation partner! We highly recommend them.” – Dy. Manager HR – Moserbaer.

“We see Farsight IT Solutions as a key strategic partner for the delivery of our business automation vision, in terms of providing the expertise, commitment of quality and the skilled resources that will allow us to deliver these solutions in the time frame that we need.”
– Head IT – Lifelong Group.

Knowing the Master Mind

Mukesh Kumar, Chief Executive Officer – A technology visionary with 15+ years of experience in leading the planning, design and delivery of business technology solutions in conformance with enterprise objectives, Mukesh is a Business growth enabler by delivering enterprise implementations and process improvements.

Mukesh carries extensive experience leading operations for Technology, Business Development and Application Development within a diverse range of situations, from HR, CRM as well as ERP.

A specialist in Process Streamlining, IT Solutions Architecture, Software Design & Development, HRM, Strategic business and technology development, Leadership, Execution, Business Development, he believes in simpler is better.