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10 Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Companies 2016

From a living room based business to a global business leader: Aqaba Technologies


Aqaba is a leading Internet Consulting and global Web Strategy leader. As a certified Google Analytics, Google Certified Partner Agency and Yahoo & Bing Ambassador, its Marketing Automation, Responsive Website Design, Online Marketing, Reputation Management, Mobile App Development, and Mobile Web Design services provide strategic analysis and insight to give businesses a competitive advantage in the complex and rapidly changing internet economy.

Meet Ramsey Sweis, a determined entrepreneur who dared to start off a company from his living room in 2004! At an age when Digital Advertising was in its infancy, the visionary began Aqaba Technologies as a search marketing company that partnered with six web design companies at that time. Over time, he fired all six partners and ventured out on a journey to build a proper website that aligned itself with Aqaba’s search marketing and SEO strategy providing opportunities for better control over strategic planning, placement of call-to-action, content and theme. And making the most out of this opportunity, he used this catalyst to steer the company towards growth as well as better defining its business model which would be consistent with operations strategies, optimal performances and consistent ROI. Founded in 2004, the company is now headquartered at Dequindre, Michigan with satellite sales office in Lexington Place, Irwin, Pennsylvania.

Value Added Services
Staying abreast of the latest technologies when it comes to digital advertising Aqaba’s key focus lies in facilitating data management transparently and securely. And thanks to cloud based SAAS services, there has been a tremendous increase in internet marketing platforms over the past year that Aqaba has been a part of. “We are also benchmarking and testing Google products whenever we are asked to participate by Google. Some are good and others not so good. What this proves is that there is a need for improvement in our space”, Ramsey added.

Today, Aqaba’s Online Search coverage area provides deep analysis, industry facts and actionable advice to achieve business goals using Internet Search. It assists marketers in building quality websites, mobile sites, marketing automation, business solutions, and optimizing their search marketing tactics within the context of their overall media mix not limited to Social Media Marketing, Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Management services. It also evaluates the economics and evolution of the Web-wide search industry using proprietary consumer data, executive surveys, and industry forecasts.

With its current focus on making it big in the Global Manufacturing and Start-up Tech prospects, Aqaba today serves clients across the Automotive, Manufacturing, HR & Staffing, Multi-Unit Franchise and Medical space. Some of its reputed clientele include Ziebart International, Malace HR, Dynamic HR and Utica International. “Our manufacturing clients mostly originate out of Michigan but much of our business comes from both domestic and international clientele. This is the beauty of the internet”, added Ramsey.

In conversation with the President

Q. Can you tell us about how your company is positioned in the recent Market scenario?
A. We are a force to be reckoned with here in the southeast Michigan area as a Google Certified Partner Agency with a stronghold on the manufacturing industry. Our name is synonymous with Automotive, Manufacturing, HR & Staffing, Multi-Unit Franchise and Healthcare marketing. Aqaba is a product of its own services. Dominance in organic rankings provides leads this year to date from organizations such as Ford-Lincoln brand, Detroit Medical Center and other prominent local brands. We do receive plenty of leads from outside of state and country as well.

Q. How do your innovative offerings benefit your clients?
A. Increasing our clients’ online presence is part of our daily role in driving traffic, leads and business by means of digital marketing plays a key role in our clients’ bottom line. With the boom of so many social media platforms, search engines and email marketing we find it hard for the average person to manage these efforts at a professional level. We call this Web strategy.

Q. What differentiates Aqaba from others in the domain?
A. We invest an abundant amount of time in training and understand business case studies for our clients. We find that taking a vested interest in truly understanding our clients business beneath the surface which is the greatest mistake we see performed by our competitors. This is just a lack of maturity in understanding basic business fundamentals.

Q. In recent times companies are facing different challenges from rising production costs, recession, etc. Does your productivity too face any threats from such challenges?
A. No, we have not. We provide value. Our company is not for everyone. But those that do understand the value of which we provide over the competition. I attribute this to controlled growth and knowledge based sharing of skill sets at our office. Our business process has not really changed much from day one. It just improved along with the tools and information we have in our arsonry. We are much more efficient with the help of advancement in project management utilities and the management of data.

Q. Can you share a client case study with us?
A. We have an enterprise client in the healthcare industry, medical weight loss department in particular that had us prepare an online strategy that was spending $2800 per booked procedure. Our efforts helped reduce their conversion cost from $2800 per conversion to $220. We were also able to reduce their overall ad spend, increase their online exposure, collect data, define predictive behavior, increase their online presence, establish retargeting strategies and most of all increase their revenue two-fold.

“From mobile platforms to innovative marketing strategies, our goal is always concrete and tangible: Serve the customer.”

“Aqaba has engineered multiple websites for us. We cannot put in words the effort, professionalism and support they put forth in building our online brand, user friendly design, professional, and ease of navigation. The education they provided us to supplement the team effort approach to build such sites has been a pleasant experience.”– Ed Vallis, Utica International

“ Aqaba Technologies enabled our company to effectively target new candidates & customers. They developed an in depth SEO strategy, website with mobile functionality & online marketing plan that increased our exposure throughout the country. Our partnership with Aqaba has provided exceptional value to Malace|HR, we will continue working with them in the future & highly recommend their services.” – Larry Malace of Malace|HR