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Got a new app idea? We will bring it to reality Twig Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

thesiliconreview-kadir-mujawar-ceo-cofounder-twig-software-solutions-pvt-ltd-2017The inception of iPhone in 2007 brought a massive change in the entire mobile phone industry. The so-called ‘smartphones’ and their associated mobile software ‘applications’ or ‘apps’ were becoming increasingly ubiquitous in every individual’s daily life.

With every passing year the popularity of mobile apps were reaching sheer heights. By 2015, the mobile application industry witnessed an unprecedented level of growth. Today, there are countless number of mobile applications available in the market and the competition is really a tough one.

The tale a young firm

Inspired by the advancements in the mobile app industry and to be an integral part of it, in 2015, Twig Software Solutions was established. Based out of Pune, India, Twig Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is a young company with over 30 years of man experience. Twig provides mobile and web solutions for enterprise businesses as well as for Startups belonging to various sectors, to both domestic as well as international clients.

This very young company holds a satisfactory position in the market. Its unique working strategy has allowed the company to ‘stand out’ since its inception. In a very short period the company has got some of the important names to its clientele.

Just after 2 months of establishment of Twig, the young company bagged its first international client ‘BrandScape-Online’, from Germany in Dec 2015, with their exciting & challenging Mobile-App ‘UrbanX’, a Social Media App for sports community in Germany. UrbanX APP was launched in Dec-2016 & won ‘Startup-Slam’ award in March 2017 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Today, Twig Software Solutions have established itself well in the dynamic IT industry. The company’s solutions serve best-in-class services to its clients. The company provides design and development services for mobile apps for both Android and iOS, ERP, customized software application, e-commerce portals and a lot more.

Apart from these services, Twig’s prime focus is currently on the upcoming product which will be launched in the social media domain. Twig is creating a unique social platform that targets the youth. The company is aiming to enroll over 34.6 million students in India from over 39,071 colleges and 11,923 stand-alone institutes. Developed with some innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology, this new amazing platform is going to change the entire face of social media in India. Twig is nearing the end of the development and initiate marketing activities in couple of months and the company is all set to launch its first unique social media product that is going to hit the markets by early 2018.

A client centric firm

Twig Software Solutions is totally a client centric company. Twig always stands by its clients every time and fulfills the requirements. The company helps its clients by translating their requirements into tangible functionalities. With the passionate & dedicated team of experienced developers, designers and QA Testers, Twig Software Solutions provides deliverable outputs quicker and better.

Twig’s experience as a company and as individual has helped the company to work with different sectors. And that is why the young firm understands them all very well. Because of the client centric attitude and superior work quality, the young firm has a bag full of big clients including;

  • The Urban Experience UG
  • All Transport India
  • Hunt Partners
  • Asian Power
  • Brandscape Creative Consultancy


Happy clients

“Twig Software, has been with us from the days of inception of our UrbanX app, they have unique programming experience that complements the conceptual work we like to concentrate on, Twig is equipped to handle the task, quickly and efficiently. We are very satisfied and happy to have found Twig as our development partner. During our relationship, Twig has developed a good understanding of our own vision and work flows with 100% satisfactory result.” - Mahesh Iyer CEO - The Urban Experience UG (LL - Germany).

“Twig Software Solutions took our concepts to be rendered to an entirely different level of creativity and excellence. Whatever we imagined, visually, it turned out to be exactly what we wanted. Kudos to the fantastic team!” - Mr. Dhumal CEO-Asian Power- Pune, India.

The future sight

Dynamism is both, the boon and the curse of the IT industry. Like any other startup or a new to the market company, Twig also faced some serious hurdles in its initial days in keeping pace with the ever-evolving world. But the passionate team at Twig didn’t back out and manage to work things out.

Today, Twig Software is a one stop solution provider for mobile, web, and enterprise wide application needs. Twig is aspiring in making its clientele happy and working on its new product. But with time, the company wishes to make its clientele further elaborate. Its solutions have treasured some really good ideas which will help the company to grow amazingly in the coming years.

Meet the key executives

Mr. Kadir Mujawar is the CEO and co-founder of Twig Software Solutions. Working with some of the finest MNCs, he comes with more than 17 years of rich experience in the techno-commercial industry. He is a strategy-driven person who sees through every situation to find analytical solutions. From initial strategizing to brand promotion and client acquisition, Mr. Mujawar handles every managerial aspect for Twig Software Solutions.

Mr. Tushar Kshirsagar is the Director and CTO at Twig Software Solutions. His 7+ years of extensive experience have been focused on core technical work. Working with a variety of platforms and organizations has given him a comprehensive experience arena. It has helped him develop critical requirement gathering skills and practical application skills which he uses for the development of Twig Software Solutions.


"We value our employees and in return, they deliver great results to our clients with passion. At Twig, we focus on developing the most beneficial and personalized services for all our clients."