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Gpayroll: Your Friendly Neighborhood Solutions – A Payroll Balm


Asia-Pacific has become the melting-pot for emerging businesses, ideas, and innovations. It is taking the lead to become a powerful influence on the rest of the world, and also a sort of an inspiration, given the amount of brain-power that is generated at the region.

As the economies constantly evolve and expand, corporations are required to adapt to the constant regulatory and statutory changes, and these changes affect the finance and payroll of a corporation. In such a diverse and complex economic environment, it becomes a monumental task to handle all the complications that come with managing payrolls, taxes and compliance. This is where Gpayroll comes into the picture, like how Batman comes to save the day when he sees the alarm light. Goodbye payroll stress, this is the tagline of Gpayroll. Sound off your alarm and Gpayroll will be here, but unlike Batman, Gpayroll comes with a price-tag, yeah, this is the part that separates fiction from reality.

Gpayroll is an extremely friendly system that set herself apart from complex enterprise system, it is designed to be an automated system that helps employers focus on their core business rather than breaking their heads about performing a tedious task like calculating payroll. Gpayroll has made the whole process of payroll as automated as possible, saving the companies from breaking their sweat.

Inception of the company

Gpayroll took its birth from its parent company – i-Admin (Asia’s leading Payroll and HR Company). The COO of i-Admin back then, Sean Kim handpicked a group of experts from within i-Admin and decided to begin a new project to support local small businesses.

In the year 2014, an important meeting took place, a scene that would resemble the meeting of Cersei and Khalesi from Game

of Thrones, and the decision of forming a brand new company was taken, that would tackle the problems of payroll for local, small businesses – called Gpayroll. The launch of Gpayroll in 2016 at  Singapore was an instant hit and it quickly led to its existence in four other countries – Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and China.

Gpayroll: A class apart

Gpayroll, if you’d have to accommodate it in one word, would be “unique”, now the word unique is so overused in the market that it has lost its purpose, but Gpayroll, is truly unique and there’s a reason to it. In all of Asia Pacific, which is a very vast area, about 7.6 million square kilometers vast, Gpayroll aims to capitalize at least 10 of the emerging economies by the year 2019. It plans to achieve this by carefully analyzing its market and providing solutions according to the local needs of its clients. Offering top-tier sophisticated, scalable and sturdy solutions, Gpayroll ensures that the components of simplicity and scalability remain in its solutions, as it conquers across the geographies.

It is one thing to be on top and it is another to inspire and set a standard to everyone else. Gpayroll has done exactly that, what it offers and the price at which it offers is simply exceptional, solidifying the grip in the market firmly in its claws. Their solutions promise a long-term continuity and scalability with their main focus on helping local and other SMEs across the borders of Asia-Pacific region. What Gpayroll does is, being one of the fastest growing software as a service companies, she leveraged technology like a multi-national, empowering her customers to run their businesses efficiently in this fast-paced environment.

Reinventing the payroll experience

Gpayroll takes care of the background back-alley business to save the headache of spending a ton of time spent on payroll administration of a company. The time can be used to work on improving employees benefits and engagement. This helps to maintain a very healthy relationship between the employee and the employer. With a peace of mind, customers do not need to worry about penalties due to late statutory filing or calculation because Gpayroll take care of these on the behalf of the business owners. More importantly, pay day are always on time, when employees are happy, they want to grow their company. Ultimately, the success of a company lies on its people, don’t you agree?

Gpayroll keeps in mind the complications related to accounting and payroll and its tie-up with Quickbooks and Xero is specially meant to deal with these complications. To complement with payroll, Gpayroll’s online tools like leave, expenses and timesheet management system help to keep everything in place without any hassle, thereby reducing the mountain of paperwork for the HR department and line managers.

“As an international company we work with a lot of online applications and platforms, Gpayroll has been by far the best customer service and support of any of them! Michelle specifically has been great! Over the past year, she has been supportive and always quick to answer any questions I have. Not only do they provide great service but the value and ease of use of the service is great. I highly recommend Gpayroll and would not consider using any other platform to handle our payroll.” - Andrew Crook, Chief Talent Officer – Emerging Asia (client since 2016).

“Gpayroll has been very meticulous and professional in their approach ever since I signed up with them. I am glad we made the Right choice of company to outsource our Payroll functions. It has been a pleasure working with them till now. We are happy that our Payroll is now in safe hands.” - Sujatha, Finance Director – Verve Technology Services Pte Ltd (client since 2016).



The roadmap ahead

Well obviously, Gpayroll aims to hit the major-players in Asia and expand itself to every nook and corner of the area. The concept of Payroll, especially in Asia is a very complicated assignment to take over because of all the different statutory regulations. Gpayroll states that “We grow together with our clients and this means that as our clients grow, they will need a more comprehensive solution to cater to their payroll & HR needs”.

Thus, Gpayroll is introducing new online HR modules that are integrated with the existing solutions. This provides a seamless payroll & HR experience in a single platform for its clients.

Majority of its clients are from the small and medium businesses. However, it is also targeting MNCs that need regional platform to support their payroll & HR needs. Gpayroll is present in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and China and is looking at expanding to other countries such as Taiwan and Japan in the near future.

Testimonials of success

“Gpayroll has been great for us as a small business! Our finance team spends about 1/4 as much time with data entry and payroll. In addition to this, we are looking forward to the new feature coming out for staff leave!” - Julius Sarabi, Managing Director - Aureus Group Pte. Ltd. (client since 2016).

“It is so easy and hassle free for me as a small business owner as I no longer need to bother about change of the government policy.” - Mi Suk Gil, Director - Colorwash Pte Ltd (client since 2015).

“Gpayroll is a reliable payroll partner for Falcon Mobility. Their expertise in the payroll industry has re-engineered what has been a tedious process to one that is hassle-free by adopting innovative technology for automation.” – Warren Chew, Director - Falcon Mobility Pte Ltd (client since 2015).

“Gpayroll has been giving very good support in terms of service or platform set up, I’m so glad that we had found such a good vendor to solve our payroll & CPF submission issue.” – Rachel Chan, Program Manager - Biofourmis Singapore Pte Ltd (client since 2016).

“We love Gpayroll Software. It is great value for money and is really easy to use and setup. It has saved us a lot of money on payroll and tax filings. The customer service is also excellent and would highly recommend this service to anyone.” - Rafael Nemet-Nejat, Blonde Boudoir (client since 2016).

Kudos to the Trailblazer

Sean Kim, CEO

Sean Kim is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the management, marketing, development and strategic planning of Internet technology driven businesses, from startups to listed enterprises in the US, Korea and Singapore. He graduated from Seoul National University in Korea and has an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

“We’re on a long-term mission to redefine and revolutionize the payroll industry by changing what ought to be a manual and complex task in a meaningful way.”