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Top 20 Big Data Companies 2015

Guiding Governance and Control in the Big Data Regime: Adaptive

Adaptive provides context, provenance and governance to Big Data and enables data governance processes with its robust technology platform allowing organizations the opportunity to fully understand their data throughout the enterprise.

Organizations have made investments in managing traditional data silos for years and many understand the critical need for proper data governance, or at least how to work with the relatively small number of technologies in play. However today, as they are embracing the promise of Big Data, they find themselves adrift from those familiar technologies and practices.

In a data lake, large volumes of data are “thrown” into the lake, with little contextual information; and nobody knows what the files contain, how they can be used, who’s responsible for them, etc. Likewise, any “marts” formed out of the data lake need to have a detailed level of provenance back to the original data source such as what analysts already have for traditional ETL tools. For any serious decisions made from the analysis, that same level of provenance is again needed – and in fact legally required by regulators. Adding a context/governance layer can provide benefits and answer critical questions pertaining to governance, catalog and context/impact.

The Adaptive product suite enables these organizations to build the necessary foundation to enable governance and control over the data flowing into traditional data warehouses and Big Data environments to drive big data analytics.

Cutting Edge Solutions for One and All

Having provided software and professional services to many of the Fortune 500 organizations in the banking, pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail, government, and energy sectors, Adaptive believes that the complementary nature of its offerings with existing technology ecosystems, coupled with its expertise, enable a transformation to “Smart Data”, promoting best practices and enhanced governance on one of the most strategic assets of a company – its Data.

Built on industry standards, Adaptive’s software solution helps prepare organizations for Big Data initiatives by providing easy interoperability with different types of technologies and support for three critical capabilities:

1) Business Glossary – A cloud-based enterprise-wide glossary of an organization’s terms, definitions and ontologies, providing a single point of truth for governance and knowledge transfer. Users can add stewardship and govern changes to the repository items.
2) Metadata Capture – Using Adaptive’s 100+ bridges, users can extract metadata from databases, data modeling tools, ETL tools, BI tools and Hadoop ecosystems, that can be versioned and audited, allowing users to document the full history of an object for regulatory reporting.
3) Alignment – A comprehensive capability to support traceability and lineage analytics. Even if a piece of data is stored in 42 databases and is being processed 2000 times, the solution can be used to follow the thread and understand the impact, change and use of data throughout the enterprise.

Company Background
Adaptive has been 100% focused on metadata management since its inception in 2002 and has offices in CA, NY and India. With experience and expertise in providing data governance, metadata management and enterprise architecture solutions in the presence of varying business drivers, Adaptive helps clients across the vertical spectrum capture their landscape in a sustainable way, with a special focus on financial services due to their intense focus on data governance and compliance.

Today, Adaptive supports the growing needs of the market by partnering with consulting and integration firms with coverage in North America, Europe and Asia; expanding into Latin and South America later in 2015. The company plans to continue focusing on providing data governance enablement for Big Data initiatives working with the major technology vendors in the market.

“With thousands of data attributes, delivered by hundreds of internal and external sources and stored in dozens of unconnected databases, we decided to work exclusively with Adaptive who has helped us migrate our Semantics Repository to their standards-based Metadata Manager, that was capable of integrating multiple business and technical tools currently in use by financial organizations”-Mike Atkin – MD, Enterprise Data Management Council

“No-one has better expertise in metadata management, and I wholeheartedly support their application to become part of an organization’s portfolio of capabilities.” – Richard Soley – President, Object Management Group

Knowing the Key Executive
Jeff Goins- CEO
The CEO of Adaptive, Jeff Goins, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University, has been responsible for developing alliances with firms on an international basis, and has established subsidiaries for the company around the world. In his twenty-five year career in the technology industry, he has led companies to a high level of success in developing quality software solutions.