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10 Fastest Growing Startup Companies 2016

HackerEarth: A one-stop solution provider to improve programming skills

thesiliconreview sachin gupta hackerearth

“Our story is continually changing, as the people at HackerEarth keep writing new ones, everyday.”

One of the fastest growing startup HackerEarth is building the largest hub of programmers to help programmers practice and improve programming skills. Programmers come to them to solve problems in various computer science domains like Algorithms, Data structures, Machine Learning, IoT, AI etc and participate in coding contests & hackathons.

HackerEarth’s was born out of the minds of  two college friends who willed an idea to reality, to the people who put their faith into the aim of the startup and took it as their own, HackerEarth is many stories, of the people who make it. Overall, HackerEarth’s story has been about perseverance and focus towards one goal - making technical recruitment simple and efficient. And this journey has been no walk in the park - they have had their share of challenges and they know there are more to come in the future. 

Offering amazing work culture and a feel like home

As with any growing startup, there is no restriction to the work that you should be doing at HackerEarth.  Developers teaching marketers programming and sales people providing design inputs is a common sight. At HackerEarth everyone is an owner of the company and they are always open to hearing people who can help them become better. 

Every employee will not be assigned tasks; they will be entrusted with them. How every team member performs, is directly consequential to the company’s growth, and they will be expected to do work as if they were the founder of the company.

And they have loads of fun ….

At HackerEarth the team believes that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Team outings, movie nights with the founders, impromptu guitar and singing during office hours, hours of loud music, to team gaming face offs (AOE, counter strike, need for speed and the works!). 

If you’re a foodie, consider HackerEarth heaven. Not only will you spoilt with an unlimited (these limits are often tested) supply food, you will also be surrounded by people who know and love food. There are strong opinions about just about everything here and there are often fights about it. But at the end of the day, you will make friends for life here.

Solutions Offered

To Businesses, HackerEarth provides the most effective mechanism to engage with the developer ecosystem and effectively evaluate technical skills. The company provides two solutions to its customers

Recruit: HackerEarth Recruit is online software that allows you to objectively evaluate programming skills of candidates. Recruit easily fits into your technical hiring process, eliminates subjective biases from hiring process, reduces your time to hire engineers, and allows you to scale up your technical hiring process.

Sprint: HackerEarth Sprint is online software to manage and host hackathons. Hackathons are used for building developer relations and engaging with the developer ecosystem.

Business conduct hackathons for

Product Marketing - Evangelizing technology solutions and APIs

Employer Branding - Engaging with the developer ecosystem to create an employer brand

Crowdsourcing - Through open innovation in developer communities

Employee engagement - Building positive workplace dynamics & creating a culture of innovation to drive organization success

Fostering innovation - Encouraging disruptive ideas and rewarding innovation for a larger cause

Why HackerEarth

Developer Sourcing- Only 3% of all candidates get hired. With HackerEarth, build a pipeline of pre-screened candidates who have active intent. Hire faster and quicker.

Technical Assessment- 85% of all candidates drops out during further stages of hiring process. Identify the best developers in your talent pipeline quickly by using a highly sophisticated technical-assessment tool.

Objective Reporting- Unconscious bias is the bane of the recruitment process and is widespread. The purpose of their objective reporting is to ensure that human bias is completely eliminated from the recruitment and especially the shortlisting process.

Meet the Leaders

Sachin Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO- An IIT Roorkee grad, ex-Googler and now heads Sales/Marketing/Operations at HackerEarth. Being a developer by skill he continues to code in small amount.  He is deeply passionate about his work and is a fitness freak.

Vivek Prakash, Co-Founder- A programmer at heart, Vivek has co-founded in the dorm rooms of IIT Roorkee. He’s obsessed with building products which create a better developer ecosystem. He loves reading books, solving Rubik’s cube, and you can always catch up with him over a few drinks and good food.

Why biggies prefers HackerEarth….

“With the traditional hiring approaches, our success ratio was 20:1 (out of the 20 engineers we interviewed, we were able to identify one suitable engineer). However, with HackerEarth Recruit, the success ratio was 4:1 (out of the 4 engineers we interviewed, we were able to identify one suitable engineer). This not only saved time but also saved a lot of effort of existing Intel security company resources in identifying potential candidates. Overall, I highly recommend the HackerEarth team for their great abilities of sourcing very relevant talent within a short time.” - Dilip Gudimetla, Senior Manager, Software Development at McAfee, Part of Intel Security.

“Phenomenal platform for a start up to hire the best talent in the country while competing with other brands. Professional team to help you with the process. As against conventional platforms, the success ratio is very high and you can even save a dime or two. I highly recommend this platform for hiring the best in the industry.”- Avitha Duraiswamy, HR Manager at SysCloud.

“We partnered with HackerEarth to conduct an internal coding event at Wipro, earlier this year. Titled Wipro Code Storm, the week-long initiative saw participating Wipro employees navigate their way through eight diverse challenges, each set at different levels of complexity. 4000 employees from across 22 countries participated in the event. HackerEarth provides a very useful solution which makes the task of conducting such codeathons very simple and allows us to scale it across thousands of users.”-  G S nathan, GM - Open Innovation, CTO Office at Wipro Ltd.

“We respect hard workers, quick learners, passionate people, perfectionists and intrinsically curious people.”