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Helping Customers Integrate their Marketing Objectives: SCORCH


“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is- it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook

SCORCH is a collective of strategists, designers, illustrators, writers, directors, editors, and developers, all working in concert to exceed the expectations of the clients. It creates the fuel for the content marketing strategy that demands attention, ignites action and builds measurable results. It works with some of the most interesting brands, as well as the most followed, thought-leading influencers in the world. This combination allows it to bring unique perspective, knowledge and insight to every campaign it does.

The Digital Marketing Services

Brand Activation: SCORCH designs and delivers customized engagement plans and compelling integrated marketing campaigns to identify, attract and activate the target audience in a measurable and manageable way. With the most progressive brands in B2B tech, it delivers the latest in marketing automation and lead generation strategies in step with the marketing goals and KPIs.

Interactive: Using the cross-disciplinary approach, it designs landing pages, websites, interactive infographics, SlideShares, presentations and eBooks in a way that will entertain and fire-up the audience to take action and convert.

Content Marketing: It creates on brand (or occasionally intentionally off brand) ebooks, infographics, SlideShare, or full campaigns. The Scorch team constantly develops a customized and relevant treasure trove of content. The specialists at Scorch have created content for some of the most interesting and recognized brands in the world.

Engagement: In sophisticated modern marketing, engagement is the sonic boom of services that amplifies public relations, social, earned, owned and paid media.

Some of the Company’s Best Work
With Microsoft: Microsoft tasked SCORCH with creating a content campaign to sell their 7” and 8” tablets to business decision makers, with the notion that if the cost is low (under $100), then it can get in the hands of everyone in the organization. SCORCH created The Modern Manual to Brand Affinity to show decision makers how these tablets can be given away to incentivize employees, boost morale, spark engagement and promote deeper employee advocacy – thus convincing executives that these low-cost branded tablets provide exceptional motivating value. A SlideShare and infographic drove traffic back to the gated content while social bundles and an introductory blog announced the manual. Within a week of launching the campaign, Microsoft sold thousands of tablets.

With LinkedIn: Alongside, the company developed a 60-page eBook and campaign that introduced the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to the world. The campaign included a series of infographics, SlideShares, podcasts and social images that together netted an 18,000% ROI. Since then, SMG has become its own media empire, expanding into multiple editions including the Sophisticated Guide to Thought Leadership and the Sophisticated Marketer’s Crash Course series.

With GE: In today’s mobile-first, device-driven world, it can be tricky to coordinate the myriad of devices and individuals that make up a business. To simplify the process, GE developed Predix, a cloud-based platform for Industrial Internet applications that allows for seamless communication between machines, devices and the people who use them. Just in time for the Minds + Machines trade show, SCORCH developed an eBook, video and presentation to introduce Predix. Highlighted by the engaging Consumer vs. Industrial Internet infographic, this campaign used advanced data visualization to demonstrate the differences between the Consumer Internet and the Industrial Internet to help readers grasp the importance of GE’s platform.

With Marketo: Marketo came to SCORCH knowing that understanding the customer’s mind is the key to understanding their buying behaviors. By leveraging psychology principles, marketers can acquire a deeper understanding of their customer’s habits and the psychological “anchors” that trigger decisions. Using powerful and recognizable Rorschach-type imagery, SCORCH created an eBook that ties Marketo’s marketing automation techniques to various psychological theories and encouraged incorporating them into cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Meet the Master Duo

Chris Buehler, Founder and CEO: Chris leads the business vision and leadership for the agency. When he is not connecting dots and figuring out the next three chess moves for growing SCORCH globally, he rolls up the sleeves and digs into a kick-off or SME call with the creative and content team. Prior to founding Scorch, Chris worked as an Art director at XD-Ad and Zipatoni. Chris has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Maryville University of Saint Louis.

Mike Putnam, COO: At SCORCH, Mike’s main role is to facilitate the development of service offerings and operations. He has spent much of the last few years helping SCORCH evolve into the agency it is today. Most of this has been accomplished by careful planning and through the agreeable nature of my fellow employees.

“Our brand activation strategies help build strong connections with your customers and deliver fully integrated campaigns that fuel success.”