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10 Best Mobility Companies 2018

Helping organizations adapt to the tectonic technology shift with the right balance of experience and expertise UnfoldLabs Inc.

thesiliconreview-asokan-ashok-ceo-unfoldlabs-inc-2018Regardless of the industry a company works in, it cannot survive without technology and innovation. These days, organizations and employees are well aware that technology goes way beyond computers and networks. There’s a plethora of technological advancements happening every day that can be tracked and used to an organization’s advantage. In order to stay competitive, organizations need to realize the most important technology trends that are molding their business and then develop innovative ways to profit from.

As technology trends are changing at a tremendous rate, organizations need to re-focus and align with the new waves to keep pace with the changing trends and technology. The professionals at UnfoldLabs can help to capture these changes through innovation and reach new heights. In this new world of ever changing market dynamics, having products or new product ideas is not sufficient to capitalize. The team at UnfoldLabs has the right expertise to help the companies to take their ideas to fruition through tough marketing strategies and business plans.

UnfoldLabs is an Innovative Products and Services Company based in Sunny San Diego, California. With disruptive technologies coming out each day, it is crucial to get ideas out in the market on time with right user-experience and innovation in products to capture the imagination of the consumers. UnfoldLabs is well equipped to partner with you and your team to identify and taking the new challenges and converting them into right opportunities for you.

Genesis of UnfoldLabs

UnfoldLabs was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating advanced, novel and strategic products for the technology industry. It has always been a step ahead in the design and development of creative solutions and bringing them in a unique combination of technology, ideation, and user experience. UnfoldLabs is active in the creation of its proprietary products. It has already launched a few products in the market while many more are getting designed in its labs.

“We are strategists and architects who can drive ideas to products/solutions”, says UnfoldLabs. It is in the business of creating next-generation technology products and solutions, and is the leader in innovating and productizing ideas for real-world solutions. “Whether it is a slowdown issue of your device, or an urge to have your personal data protected, or to capture some precious moments of your lives forever, UnfoldLabs has an innovative product/solution for you with its unparalleled set of innovative products”, the company added.

Commitment to excellence

UnfoldLabs brings in next-generation technology solutions that solve day to day issues for regular consumers and B2B clients. After winning several technology and innovation awards, the company still has a zeal for bringing in something disruptive to the market. The products and solutions of UnfoldLabs are architected and delivered to overcome real-world problems that are faced by its consumers or clients. The technology products and solutions it develops are all focused on enhancing customer experience.

RedGreen, MobileSwitch, UnfoldPrints, 2020Wallet, and 2020AppLock are a few of its solutions available in the market today. RedGreen addresses mobile device performance, privacy and applications management, while UnfoldPrints lets users print their pictures to memories and store them. MobileSwitch helps users to migrate user-generated content across devices in a user-friendly fashion. RedGreen won the CTIA Finalist Awards in 2016, and MobileSwitch won the Fierce Innovation Awards in 2017, and that puts UnfoldLabs on the radar for the most innovative companies to watch for. Though the products are consumer faced, the long-term strategy is to white label and deeply integrate them into mobile devices and products from OEMs around the world.

UnfoldLabs: A class apart

UnfoldLab is headquartered in USA, and its offshore development team resides in Hyderabad and New Delhi, India. With the help of these geographically distributed offices, it covers the need of 24/7 availability and efficiency in development of products. Its management, solution architects, and development team are all focused on bringing out the best products with excellent customer experience. The team has gathered quite a few nuggets of wisdom based on their different backgrounds and cultures that help in creating its high-quality and unparalleled products.

Its technological solutions are very different from the others due to a few vital factors such as ease of usage, user experience, feedback considerations, regular update releases, and the inclusion of more and more features over the period. In the near future, the company will focus on creating more products on innovative and revolutionary solutions in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Automotive, Machine Learning, Precision Agriculture and Smart Cities. UnfoldLabs sees a real need for innovative products and solutions in these untapped areas.

Knowing the man behind UnfoldLabs, Inc. 

Asokan Ashok, CEO

Ashok is an innovation veteran who believes in making the world a better place with futuristic technology products. With over 25 years of experience in the hi-tech sector, he is proficient in thought leadership, ideation and innovation of products and services. A serial entrepreneur and pioneering high tech inventor with a couple of patents, Ashok is well known for his expertise in building technology solutions and services with innovative user experience.

Before UnfoldLabs, Ashok held a variety of senior technology management positions in brand name high-tech companies like Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Compaq (HP) and several startups as well. He has built a lot of award-winning products and brings in a unique blend of experience in technology, management, marketing, and operations. Ashok is on the Board of Advisors of SoftClouds, Enterpret Communications, neXva, Rewind, and is also on the board of consortiums like TiE and ASEI. His passion for new technologies, ideation, innovation, products and his predictions of future technology trends makes him a real visionary.

“We are an agile team specializing in mobile, cloud and new product development/innovation, who can take you from pure ideation to complete product development and marketing, ensuring a high level of success in the US market.”