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Helping Organizations Improve the Quality of Patient Care: Streamline Healthcare Solutions

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”. – Damon Richards

Streamline Healthcare Solutions (Streamline) delivers web-based software for healthcare organization’s to provide and coordinate all service delivery processes. Streamline has been offering software in the behavioral health marketplace since 2003. It has built and maintained systems for some of the nation’s premier behavioral health organizations using the latest web-based technology. Its current client-base spans across fourteen states, and several organizations with more than 1,000 individual users.

The company has developed software to truly integrate all inpatient, outpatient and community based departments moving to a more holistic service approach. Streamline’s software solutions are well suited for organizations who wish to have one clinical management system that can map and incorporate entire business processes to a single solution and then continue to evolve as business needs develop. SmartCare, the web-based enterprise application, is built for the delivery, management and coordination of healthcare services of all types. The SmartCare application has attained 2014 Complete ONC Certification (Ambulatory and Inpatient) and is deployed in a live environment at all service levels.

From the ground up, SmartCare was built to be the most open and user-friendly application on the market. The company believes that any user should be able to sit down and get to the information they require without training. It also believes that, as the health and human services market changes, SmartCare needs to remain flexible. The application is built with an open-architecture framework which will allow clients the ability to update and build onto SmartCare without moving off the core upgrade path.

The all-inclusive behavioral health system
SmartCare is a web-based enterprise-wide application built for the delivery, management, coordination and reporting of healthcare services. It is the first completely web-based application that is Meaningful Use certified Stage 2 (2014) for Ambulatory and Inpatient services and is deployed in a live environment at all service levels. These include inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient and residential, as well as core functionality for managing third-party providers, e-prescribing, primary care services, point of service/batch scanning, and electronic communication with other providers via a standardized Continuity of Care Documents (CCD), HL7 and other non-standard communication methods.

It was developed to integrate all departments moving to a more holistic service approach. Streamline employs a Total Care Concept; this means within the SmartCare system, a continuum of care can not only be tracked, but provided by the organization. The SmartCare application is utilized by organizations with as little as 25 users and as large as 3,000 over multiple locations, service delivery lines and responsibilities. The core integrated functionality of the system includes:
SmartCare: An enterprise-wide electronic clinical and billing application for healthcare providers.

  • SmartCareRX: Integrated SureScripts Certified functionality for e-prescribing.
  • SmartCare Inpatient: Integrated functionality for an inpatient setting including a bed board, white board, and CPOE / eMAR.
  • SmartCare Residential: Integrated functionality for residential/home setting which includes a bed census/tracking module for monitoring and billing.
  • SmartCare Day Services: Integrated functionality for Day Services which includes check-in out attendance tracking module and bill appropriately. In addition, this module provides for quick access to the eMAR and other important documentation.
  • SmartCare Primary Care: Integrated functionality for Primary Care Services which includes modules designed specifically for scheduling, progress notes and billing of Primary Care.
  • SmartCare Managed Care Organization: Integrated functionality to manage, communicate and/or pay external contracted service providers.
  • SmartCare Mobile: Mobile Online/Offline application used to track and manage service activities in the community.
  • SmartCare Scanning: Integrated scanning functionality for both Point of Services (POS) and Batch Scanning.
  • Streamline Analytics: Built on the concepts set forth by Kimball and Ross and is designed to maximize reporting of large data over time efficiently.

Meet the Executive Duo

David Ryland, Co-CEO: David has spent over 20 years developing software solutions for the healthcare industry. His responsibilities have ranged from design and development, to sales and implementation. In 1993 he was co-founder of Askesis Development Group, Inc. where he was COO. Askesis was sold to a healthcare conglomerate in 2002. He co-founded Streamline Healthcare Solutions, LLC to provide innovative software solutions to behavioral healthcare payers and providers to improve the quality of care they provide to their clients. David is a graduate of Northwestern University (B.A.).

Javed Husain, Co-CEO: Javed has over 20 years of experience in software design and development. Javed was also one of the founders of Askesis Development Group Inc. At Askesis, Javed led the development of multiple software products for the behavioral healthcare market. Javed started his career working with consulting firms in the Chicago area. Javed has a Bachelor of Technology in Production Engineering and Management from National Institute of Technology, India and a Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from University of Florida.

“We strive to improve the quality of patient care, maximize clinical outcomes, and increase business efficiencies”.