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10 Fastest Growing Startup Companies 2016

AdPushup: Offering its customer a full-fledged online ad revenue optimization platform

thesiliconreview ankit oberoi adpushup

“With the right team, the right resources, and the right backers, we optimize ads, fight banner blindness and enhance user experience.”

An online ad revenue optimization platform, AdPushup uses a machine-learning backed patent pending algorithm to increase ad CTR along with improving visitor experience on a website. Currently working with more than 1000+ happy customers from around the globe, AdPushup is the one-stop solution for enterprise ad ops teams as well as large individual publishers. In the pursuit of creating the optimal returns for publishers, the company has created significant technical IP like custom geo-distributed CDN and Data Acquisition Layer, extensive first-party UX metrics layer, industry first Visual Editor (drag and drop ads, without hard-coding ad-code in HTML or server-side), ad click stream and view ability recording.

AdPushup always make sure to provide its customer a platform that finds the right balance of monetization and visitor experience. Their customers don't have to put up with the hassle of manually optimizing ad setups across their websites, managing multiple ad networks or taking revenue-impacting decisions retroactively instead of proactively.

AdPushup is a venture backed, U.S. incorporated company that creates platforms and solutions which enable enterprise publishers increase their ad revenues. They work on three fronts:

1) Ad Layout Optimisation - Automatically A/B testing different ad layouts (web page level), ad sizes, and networks and other attributes.
2) Demand Optimisation - Using optimised and segmented Header Bidding (both client-side and server to server).
3) AdBlock monetisation - Recovering adblocked revenues in a visitor-friendly manner.

All of the above gets implemented using AdPushup’s patent-pending Visual Editor which is integrated on the publisher's site through a single line javascript snippet. 
 To ensure that AdPushup creates sustainable revenue uplifts, user experience metrics like time on site, sessions per page view etc. are recorded and revenue optimization is balanced with it.

AdPushup’s most powerful features to help maximize Ad revenue

Ad Layout Optimization- Create ad layout experiments instantly. Automatically optimize ad sizes, placements, types and colors.

In-content Auto Optimization Technology- Save time and effort while In-content auto optimization scans and intelligently inserts ads in your content without affecting UX

Visual Ad Management- Use the unique and powerful point-and-select visual editor to control multiple ad properties and set up experiments. No coding required.

User Experience Optimization- Increase revenue without compromising your website’s visitor experience or modifying its design template.

Intelligent Continuous Optimization Engine- Machine learning enables the system to learn and adapt itself to changing visitor behavior to show the most appropriate ad layouts that attract their attention.

Segmentation & Personalization- Automatically create audiences and segments for personalizing the ad layouts to improve visitor experience.

Analytics & Reporting- Stay up-to-date with your account performance by tracking results via in-depth analytics, and custom reports.

Ad Delivery Optimization- Your optimized ads get delivered lightning fast through our Geo-distributed configuration delivery network which puts minimum load on your servers.

Integrations with Google AdSense/AdX- Seamless integration with Google AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) which allows you to get started with a single click.

Multiple Ad Server/Network Support-Combine ads from different ad networks/servers and easily conduct tests to see which combinations return higher profit.

Abiding by their vision

“Our vision is to help keep the world’s information free and accessible to everyone.”

AdPushup is a result of this vision.

Their ad revenue optimization tool can automatically and continuously optimize your website’s ad layout for higher view ability and number of clicks, thereby helping you save time and make more money.  Essentially they are helping web publishers and independent bloggers maximize their ad revenue so that they can continue doing what they do best- provide the world with amazing and freely accessible content.

They’re also...

  • Backed By Microsoft Ventures
  • Google AdSense Certified Partner
  • 100% Google AdSense Policy Compliant

Knowing the Founders

Ankit Oberoi, Co-founder- An entrepreneur, Ankit is a highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated person. He truly believes in getting things done. If given a goal, he never disappoints you! His top skill includes Network Security, Cloud Computing, Software Development, HTML, Penetration Testing and Information Security. An alumni of SPS Rohini, Ankit has worked in companies such as Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions Private Limited and Tamranda Web Solution before founding AdPushup.

Atul Agarwal, Co-CEO & Co-Founder – A very resourceful and insightful and Information Security Professional, Atul is praised for his honest behavior and sincerity. His top skill includes  Information Security, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Network Security, Security, Computer Security and Linux.

What their Customers say about them

  • “After integrating with AdPushup, we saw a definite upward trend in our ad revenue. We found what worked with our audience at any given point in time.” -Vikas Yogi, IndiaCarNews.com
  • “We were and we are quite happy with the performance. Before AdPushup we were spending quite a bit of time trying to analyze and determine why certain ad locations worked and others didn’t. But now that part is being taken care by AdPushup, so we are able to focus on our audience.”- Praveen Kumar, Owner, www.awesomecuisine.com
  • “At some point there were just too many different options, plugins and ad networks. AdPushup helped us organize all these by being a one stop solution.”- Pawel Gluza, Tech and Monetization Lead, www.truththeory.com
  • “Revenue is ultimately the lifeblood of any business. Growing revenue without materially changing any other aspect of the business is always huge and just grows the bottom line. If we hadn’t worked with AdPushup, we would have been leaving money on the table.”- Dan Laufer, CEO, www.rentlingo.com
  • “Their premise was simple – ‘automatic ad optimization based on user behavior on site’. We figured it had the best chance of keeping up with our site and content experiments.”- Vijay Kumar, Recruitment.guru

“Our mission is to help keep the world’s information free and accessible.”

“We help 1000+ publishers maximize their Ad revenue”