2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

Improving the Quality of Businesses Worldwide: Omnex Systems

“ Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, Omnex Systems provides software, training, implementation, staffing, projects and support to improve the quality of businesses worldwide and help achieve certification requirements.”

Founded in 1986 by Chad Kymal, Omnex Systems is a leading provider of quality and integrated management software solutions to the world’s top organizations. Omnex specializes in providing expert end-to-end software solutions that focus on quality and business improvement. The Omnex software products and services are specifically designed for ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO TS 16949, and AS 9100. The services division handles outsourcing and staffing for quality engineers, managers, and executives on loan to businesses in need of expert professionals. As a leading provider of APQP documentation software, Omnex has helped raise the quality system levels of clients by its “high-tech, high-touch” service and remains in continuous contact with them to help maintain their quality systems.

Omnex provides leading- edge software and services, advancing excellence in clients’ products and processes. “Our personal commitment to business and the quality of services provided distinguishes us from our competitors,” said Chad. The company imparts detailed software training, executive education, online data input workshops, and concrete software solutions to alleviate business problems. “It is important to us that the software product is understood, accepted, and up-and-running, and the Omnex specialized implementation services assure that your investment is a success,” added Chad.

Combining Latest Technology with Business Objectives
Omnex combines the latest technology with business objectives. Omnex software products are the result of extensive consulting and training engagements with customers looking to solve problems and meet business objectives. The Omnex R&D process involves active participation in global development and improvements to industry standards. The Omnex software technology is driven by marketplace demands for simple solutions to complex problems, like ISO 26262 implementations and compliance.

Omnex is the only global supplier that can provide multi-lingual software and on-site training solutions to assist a global organization implement best in class business improvement. Omnex is uniquely qualified in the QMS space. It helps write the standards, teach the auditors, educate your employees, and then automate the processes. Finally, if short or long term resources are needed, Omnex provides staffing of multi-lingual resources around the globe.

Leading Edge Software & Services
Omnex Systems supports multiple sites, multiple languages, and multiple dates. The Enterprise-wide Quality and Integrated Management System (EwQIMS) modules are offered in an integrated environment featuring a recently revamped Web-based UI. Expanded mobile options are in development. While it is primarily deployed on premises, single-tenant private Cloud deployments are also possible.

The company provides dashboards and analytics, as well as advanced capabilities in its BOSS Continual Improvement module. The BOSS Continual Improvement module can mash up data from multiple data streams to provide broad insights into health of quality execution. Omnex provides APIs for integration and is working on a full integration layer. LDAP is supported.

It is a great option for companies with deep APQP/PPAP needs (internal and/or supply chain) that are looking to expand into a full EwQIMS that supports an integrated management system across Operational Excellence. Omnex Systems’ software has been recently updated to support the newly released ISO 9001:2015 revisions – with the following modules: APQP/PPAP, Document Control, Issue Management, Audit Management, Calibration and Gage R&R, Equipment Management, Training and HR Management, and Continuous Improvement software.

Key Clientele
For its clientele, Omnex focuses on Aerospace, Automotive, Medical Devices, High Technology, Transportation, Semi-Conductor, and Manufacturing industries. Omnex works with many large global OEMs and Tier One suppliers from numerous industries across multiple industry standards.

Client Feedback
“O’Sullivan Films prefers using Omnex Systems for its ease of integration between modules. Our favorite being the AquaPro module. Their software allows us to work on the importance of a particular program. We can build process segments making the specific pFMEA a fairly quick process, thus allowing us to focus on the value added specifics to that program.”–Jennifer Williams, O’Sullivan Films

“Omnex – Doc Pro implementation in CUMI has gone through without a problem, since it has both a training database and a production database. All the testing was done in a test environment and any issues were resolved then and there. We rolled out this software solution in all our factory locations without any issue. Entire credit goes to our TQM, CUMI System and Omnex Systems implementation team.” – Suresh K, CUMI

With its global presence and capabilities, Omnex is able to effectively help any company in the world no matter their location or language.The company has offices in the USA, India, China, UAE, Germany, Thailand and Singapore.

Future Road Map
The ISO standards require that management integrate their requirements into the “organization’s business process,” creating the immediate need for an Integrated Management System (IMS). Omnex sees an IMS as an important future focus area for many reasons. The IMS concept has immediate application with the adoption of High Level Structure (HLS) across multiple ISO standards. This change will challenge top management to re-engineer their current business processes to follow a common structure and that common structure can be implemented with the Omnex Systems software suite.Omnex R&D is creating a family of software products that leverages the ongoing importance of APQP/PPAP with their AQuA Pro document authoring software. The company has recently announced an APQP/PPAP Managed Service offering that provides it all – consulting, training, software, and staffing to solve global supplier problems with new product launches.

“Clients select Omnex as their solutions provider largely on the basis of our experience, integrity, proficiency in execution and distinct insight of the various industry verticals.”

Knowing the Key Executive

Chad Kymal, Founder and CEO
After graduating from Kettering University (General Motors Institute, GMI), Chad spent a number of years working at General Motors and KPMG before founding Omnex in 1986. Over the course of Chad’s successful career, he has served on the Malcolm Baldrige Board of Examiners and has received numerous quality achievement awards, including the Quality Professional of the Year award by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Automotive Division in 2005. Chad is the founder of AQSR, a global registrar that routinely provided integrated audits in QMS, EMS, and OHSMS. In addition to his bachelor’s degree from Kettering University (General Motors Institute, GMI) Chad holds both a Master’s degree in Industrial and Operations Engineering and an MBA from the University of Michigan.