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KENCloud: Helping healthcare organizations stay ahead with cloud-based solutions


The invention ECOSystem of KENCloud in the expanding domain of Cloud computing has perhaps been the biggest potential change brought about for healthcare industry since the usage of a computer. As the costs of healthcare services rise and healthcare professionals are becoming scarce and hard to find, it is imminent that healthcare organizations consider adopting cloud technology that can provide a strong infrastructure and streamline their processes backed by powerful real-time analytics generated from progressive artificial intelligence driven predictive algorithms. When it comes to providing access to hardware, software, IT knowledge and resources and services within an operating model that drives down costs and eases technology adoption, solution indexes in the KENCloud ECOSystem is the answer for enablement healthcare organizations to focus their efforts on clinically relevant services and improved patient outcomes with a 360d transparent solution. KENCloud’s solution offering for the industry vertical (KENMedics) not only integrates critical and complex systems of the healthcare industry but also takes the responsibility of the management and migration of legacy hardware, allowing hospitals to get back to their primary intent of business, i.e., patient care.

The KENCloud ECOSystem combines elements from multiple cloud resource functionalities as well as most continuously adds efficient and innovative technology tools as well as platforms to provide clients with more agile, update and robust solutions. The comprehensive suite of solutions offered by KENCloud is designed to address the unique business requirements framed and organized to cater to the virtual needs of the organization of any vertical. The ingenious cloud-based ECOSystem is so constructed and enabled that it helps in provisioning multi horizontal/vertical hybrid integrated solutions that help aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and growing enterprises to transform the way they manage their business goals and processes globally. At the same time KENCloud also adds value in their journey towards enhancing the enterprise productivity.

KENMedics: The one-point solution for the complete healthcare industry

KENMedics provides hospital decision-makers with access to real-time data &analytics across all departments with the indigenous inventive Business Intelligence dashboards and reports. Having all departmental forecasts in a common database, benchmarked against external resources, brings in great operational insights for all the stakeholders involved. KENMedics is feature loaded and is creatively curated to transform healthcare industry through innovation.

A cloud based ERP application that is scalable and offers flexibility in configuration means healthcare organizations can implement a cloud-based solution that can handle up to 90 percent of their business process and data needs without customization, which significantly helps in reducing the cost for deployment and ongoing maintenance.

In addition, KENMedics is highly scalable, which enables all the medical personnel to incorporate their own unique data that would be fully connected to the core system of the institution.

Comprehensive modules to address the increasing demands

  • Schedule Appointments with Ease - The details regarding scheduling of multiple doctors, slots available for individual physicians, tracking patient visits, arranging appointments for unregistered and emergency patients can be managed effortlessly through the Appointment Management System.
  • Amalgamate the Entire Functions of your OPD - The Out-Patient Management System offers an organized mechanism for handling a large number of patients to be attended by multiple physicians in an OPD.
  • Facilitate Holistic Healthcare with IPD Management - The In-Patient Management System facilitates various tasks like Patient Indoor Registrations, Admission Process, Bed allotment, Case History management to name among a few.
  • Accelerate Pharmacy Workflows - The Pharmacy Management System seamlessly manages key functions related to pharmacy like distribution of drugs, sales management, including the close monitoring of the damaged and expired drugs stock.
  • Multi-location Inventory Management with Analysis - The Inventory Management tracks and manages the entire inventory that includes the medical and non-medical items along with their sales and purchases.
  • Improve Patient Experiences with Pathology Management - The Pathology Management provides an extensive platform to monitor multiple laboratories within the healthcare organization.
  • Give Instantaneous Medical Support with Ambulance Management - The Ambulance Management System keeps track on the ambulance facilities provided by the hospitals, and manages both scheduled and emergency ambulance requirements.
  • Automate all HR processes with HRM software - The HR management system offers 360 degrees HR solutions by tracking employees’ performance, managing salaries and maintaining employees’ history within the healthcare organization.

KENMedics Features

  • Enhanced Patient Care

KENMedics arms doctors and physicians alike with sound and insightful data for the efficient running of department and facilities hence enhancing the overall patient care module. With data being made available in the electronic form, the patient’s overall experience with the hospital is enhanced. There is a lesser waiting time for patients and caregivers, whether it is to collect medications, reports or for a doctor consultation. Faster and more informed medical decisions enhance physician loyalty and grow referral resources.

  • Streamlining Healthcare Processes

KENMedics integrates and facilitates effective doctor-patient interaction, options for the patient to receive alerts via text messages and more. Healthcare industries can reduce their overheads through KENMedics ERP as it helps to integrate all functions namely Accounts, Finance, Human resources and brings these systems under one common database on the basis of ERP.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

Healthcare Industries effectively run on information of patient data, care providers, and the science of care. Patients, doctors and staff are creating data in a continuous manner that needs to be safely stored. This is where KENMedics can be your savior. With KENMedics at helm of affairs, you can now access files, generate reports, provide frontline staff and administrators with the tools they need to deliver holistic healthcare.

  • Reduced Operational Cost

Lacking an integrated system for managing operations and finance means waiting on reports and data generated at different times by people at different hierarchy, and make sense of information which doesn’t correlate. KENMedics centralizes a healthcare organization’s financial data, helps in planning and managing the budget that enables better visibility for improved and faster decision making processes across the board.

  • Integration of Multiple Units

KENMedics incorporates and unifies multiple units of a healthcare organization to function as a unified body. It integrates clinics, path labs, pharmaceutical units and other departments of a healthcare organization into one comprehensive system for enhanced administration efficiency and effective patient care delivery.


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Meet the Man behind the Success

Dr. Pritam Pal, CEO, Swash Convergence Technologies Ltd

Unique ideas emanate from a mind which thinks differently. And when the topic boils down to cloud computing, Dr. Pritam Pal is rightly called the flagbearer.  With his passion for inventive thinking and versatile knowledge of a plethora of software platforms including the cloud domain where he has published his research thesis “Legal Policy Adaption in Global Cloud Computing Environment” has made him one of the most successful Techno-Business visionaries in recent times. His notion of software solutions as a service as well as the product gamut is sweeping the tech world in and around India. In fact, that old idea of conducting business over a server sitting at the basement of your office is rapidly changing with Dr. Pal’s proposition on projecting cloud as a viable intelligent cost saving business platform. He is fully entitled to brag, and he does: “Alternate plan is the only substitute, not failure.”

His ardent passion towards a multitude of software platforms has earned him the tag of a technocrat. After achieving the advanced level diploma in software, Dr. Pritam Pal has designed and developed many software solutions for industries belonging to different domains.

His ingenious ideas coupled with an entrepreneurial mindset has made him establish the road map of SWASH in 2001. It is one of the most pioneering IT services and Technology research company that is changing the way organizations conduct their businesses. Phenomenally, he is guiding budding as well as reputed entrepreneurs to realize their enterprise goals with KENCloud.

“KENMedics is a cloud based Healthcare ERP designed with a keen focus to improve operational efficiencies and leverage open communication and information flow among various stake holders seamlessly, thus ensuring and reinstating perfected and timely patient care seamlessly.”